Aspiring Dictator John McCain Asserts Trump is Becoming a Dictator

By Kirk D.

Yesterday on Meet the Press, Never Trumper, John McCain took another dig at President Trump asserting that Trump is trying to become a dictator because of his recent attacks on the press.

McCain also defended the need for an “adversarial press” and that without it Americans will lose many of their “individual liberties.” The most ironic part about this entire interview is the fact that in 2008 McCain himself admitted on video that he aspires to be a dictator.

In his own words:

Additionally, McCain’s sudden interest in protecting “individual liberties” is laughable considering his voting record. McCain voted in favor of the 2001 USA Patriot Act and voted for its reauthorization in 2006. The USA Patriot Act included a slew of individual liberty killing sections including the language that U.S. citizens can be detained without legal representation and without cause should the government deem them an ‘enemy combatant.’

One such case was that of Jose Padilla who was an American citizen accused of being a terrorist and was held as an enemy combatant. Not to suggest that Padilla is innocent or should not be punished, but shouldn’t that be for the courts to decide, following a fair and impartial trial where evidence is seen and testimonies heard?

Where was McCain on that one?


And what about the Military Commissions Act of 2006 that McCain voted for and defended? That bill allowed the C.I.A. to engage in ‘advanced interrogation techniques’ (aka torture) legally on the very people the Patriot Act can call enemy combatants? Again, where was McCain on that one? You can see all the other liberty killing bills McCain voted for here.

McCain has a habit of claiming some moral high ground but forgets that he tells the truth sometimes and it gets caught on video and when the truth resurfaces his faux moral high ground immediately gets brought low. Thankfully we have these resources to hold these politicians accountable for the stupid things they say and lies they tell.

This is how McCain and so many others like him get exposed for the lying hypocrites they are.

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