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And what else?

Those are the 3 magic words I wish I was smart enough to say 10 years ago.

At that point I was running a small manufacturing company, and in meetings with my staff I had a habit of asking them “Is that everything?”

In my head, I was asking them if there was anything else they wanted to cover. In their head, I was trying to wrap up the meeting and get on with more important things.

Small change, big difference.

“And what else?” is just one of the Seven Essential Questions you’ll put in your tool kit from:

The Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay Stanier.

The best coaching question in the world is this: “And what else?”

It may seem simple, but it has magical properties. When you ask, “And what else?” you’ll get more options and often better options. Better options lead to better decisions, which will lead to greater success. Often as a coach, it’s tempting to give advice rather than ask a question. “And what else?” breaks the cycle. It tames the Advice Monster. And, in a situation where you’re not entirely sure what’s going on and you need just a moment to figure things out, it buys you some time.

That’s just one of the insights you’ll learn from this book, and I’d like to invite you to take 10 minutes at some point today to learn the other 6. Don’t wait 10 years like I did.

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