Paul Denied to see ACA Replacement Bill… What Happened Next Will Shock You

The swamp that was supposed to be drained is back at it again! Of course, not all of this can fall on Donald Trump’s shoulders as most Republican incumbents won their seat back in the 2016 election. Yes, in America we’re so focused on what the potential president might say or do that we pay little to no attention to the members of Congress. Sure, Trump can shrink some of the bureaucracy, but if you really want change to happen, you need to vote differently for your members of Congress.

This is a career for them, and if they were operating in the private sector they would be out of a job so fast their neck would break. These people provide no value to you or any of their constituents most of the time. They spend about half their time in Congress just raising money for the next election.

They have an incentive to make government more and more bureaucratic, and as a result, confuse their constituency so that they have no idea what is actually going on. Then, they use this confusion to prey on your mind, slyly grant themselves even more power, prestige, and money, and then win your vote with the prettiest rhetoric for that given year. Then the cycle repeats. Everyone just votes down the party line without doing any research on the men and women they are voting for.

They try to fast track enormously long bills (are you aware the ACA is over 20,000 pages long?!) through Congress, so the public, and even the Congress themselves don’t have time to read it yet must issue a yay or a nay vote. They have zero interest in helping you, and 100% interest in helping themselves and their own careers. Republican or Democrat it makes no difference. This is their career and they have a vested interest in protecting their career.

Members of Congress don’t serve the people, they serve themselves.

The House committee for replacing Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act, has recently locked the draft of the bill in private, under “lock and key” in a “secure location”. The bill is not open to the public, or even other parts of Congress. Rand Paul, a patriot, and one of the few honest people in Congress, is upset.


Having already drafted a bill to replace Obamacare, Paul, as well as other members of Congress, and the public should be allowed to read it. When he tried to enter the House committee, he was denied access.

So Paul did what any honest person would do (note that nobody else in Congress did this), he brought a copy machine outside of the committee meeting to try to copy the replacement bill, so the American people could see and read the replacement bill for themselves.

Any honest person would give the draft of the new bill to Paul, and let him copy it so the American people could have access to it. But as was already stated, Congress is filled with the worst types of people who have zero interest in helping Americans and 100% interest in furthering their own careers. You see, if they let the public see the bill, the people might become upset with it, and change their vote next time their representatives’ seats are up.

If you haven’t guessed, they still haven’t let Paul, a fellow Republican, see the bill. He continues his search for it on behalf of the American people.



This is the underlying problem with a big bureaucratic federal government who gets to dictate the laws for the rest of the land. When they aren’t fighting with the opposite party, they are fighting with their own party, and the only common theme is that the American public get screwed every time, while the government grows, and their careers become more secure.

This is the major flaw in believing that “we the people” are the government. We are not the government. The members we elect to protect their own careers at the expense of all the American people are the government. This is just one of the many reasons I do not believe in government.

Source: Gimme Liberty

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