Special Offer for Readitfor.me Lifetime Membership

In my whole life, I have known no wise people (over a broad subject matter area) who didn’t read all the time—none, zero.

Those are the words of Charlie Munger – Warren Buffet’s right hand man, and one of the most successful business people in the world.

But who has the time to read these days? Most people have a stack of business and personal development books somewhere collecting dust, waiting to be read…someday.


Readitfor.me lifetime offer

That’s why we at Readitfor.me, one of the best business book summary services, are bringing Actual Anarchy/Read Rothbard readers an exclusive offer.

For only $250, you get a Lifetime Membership to their service (regularly $1,499), and 10 one-year memberships to gift to the VIPs in your life (regularly $299 each).

There’s a reason that some of the world’s most successful business people (including people on the Forbes billionaires list) and thought leaders use Readitfor.me— You get golden nuggets from the world’s best business and personal development books in less time than it takes to drink your morning coffee.

Even better, you’ll get access to every audio and video summary in the Readitfor.me library — past, present, and future — and they release a new book summary every day!

This deal ends this Friday at 11:59pm EST, so grab it fast.

If you want to kick the tires first, click here for a free one-month trial so you can get in and take a look.  Just remember this lifetime offer is limited until this Friday.

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