This One Secret Life Hack will Improve your Productivity

Don’t you just love clickbait? Well, since I have you here, instead of inundating you with ad spam, I figured I should let you in on the secret life hack that I’ve been using to boost my productivity this past week. I know, I haven’t had the longest test run, but I am already seeing improvements in my life. The secret is meditation.

It’s true, not everything from this new age mentality is hogwash. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t know a thing about you from your horoscope, but meditation is a powerful mental exercise that has boosted my energy, productivity, and drive the past week.

I have two main daily goals in the month of March, the first is to blog every day (if you haven’t noticed), the second is to meditate every day. The problem with meditation is it is often written off as some form of drivel, especially by people on the right, and that there is no way it can do anything productive for your mind, body, or spirit.

However, from my experience this past week, waking up every day and meditating has been a great service to my productivity. After meditating, I feel more energetic, more at ease with my emotions, and better equipped to have a productive day.

My sessions don’t last long, usually only 10 minutes, but sometimes up to 20 minutes. I have been using a couple guided meditation podcasts, such as Meditation Oasis and Your Daily 10 Minute Meditation Podcast with Adrian Cooke. I would highly recommend using some form of guided meditations, as it helps you transition into the meditation mindset.

You’re probably wondering right now, this blog is usually about Liberty, what in the world does meditation have to do with Liberty? It actually has quite a bit to do with Liberty, if you get past the surface level of what meditation is. You can’t have Liberty without emotional Liberty.

Meditation is a way to deal with your emotions. The political climate we have right now is based entirely off of emotion, mostly from progressives, but conservatives and libertarians fall victim to this too. They feel a certain way, such as there are as many genders as they feel actually exist, or that anyone who even slightly disagrees with them is evil and needs to be silenced. The theme of both of these extreme positions is one entirely based in emotion, and conversely, not reason or logic. This is why many progressives will refuse to debate your actual stances, and instead launch an onslaught of ad hominem attacks on your character.

I suggest they meditate more. Meditation allows you to feel and embrace your emotions, so you can begin to understand them. If you are unable to understand your emotions, you have no ability in controlling them. This could lead to dangerous emotions such as anger and outrage, or sadness and depression, engulfing you. If you don’t want to be a slave to your own emotions, you must understand them.

Furthermore, when you aren’t being consumed by your emotions, you are able to focus on your life goals. You are in control of your emotions rather than the other way around. It funnels your harmful emotions to the back of your brain and allows you to focus on the things that really matter.

Meditation gives you mental clarity. It helps you battle Resistance, your own worst enemy, who is always there telling you that you aren’t good enough. Resistance is always creating ways for you to justify your own procrastination of your life goals. Capturing you in an emotional paralysis.

Meditation alleviates all of this, grants you emotional freedom, and allows you to become the best version of yourself.

Source: Gimme Liberty

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