“Liberty Schmiberty”…Does Republican Senator Bob Dixon Voice What’s on the Hearts of Many Public Servants?

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Liberty, schmiberty… I’ve heard enough about people’s liberty being taken away… I am tired of hearing these arguments over and over again, they just don’t hold any water for me.” – Spoken by Republican state Senator Bob Dixon from Missouri recently while defending a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program bill on the floor of the Missouri Senate. Dixon, like many so-called “public servants”, has been building a career out of flexing the power of the State over those he claims to work for. Formerly working in the House of Representatives, he also attempted a run for governor. His wikipedia page additionally lists how he “likes the idea of a more limited government”.

Of course, this one senator was honest enough to say what was on his heart – but those politicians who vote to strip away the rights of the people are pretty much saying the same thing. Democrats, Republicans, Neo-Conservatives, Progressives, the Establishment, big “L” Libertarians…whatever. This is a problem with “public servants” throughout America – and perhaps the rest of the world. They say one thing to get elected, and then do another once they get a little taste of seductive power and bloated importance. Sure, government in Missouri and many other states may have started with high aims to secure liberty for the people, but it’s fairly obvious that at this point it’s failing miserably. Liberty, schmiberty.

Source: Libertopia Cartoon

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