Leftists are Above Arguments [podcast]

I frequently talk about the irrationality of those on the left. This past week I thought I would have my first chance to have a real debate with a smug leftist in real life. I’m tired of Facebook arguments. Not only do they waste my time, but they accomplish nothing in terms of expanding my brand or the libertarian cause. Instead, I have been challenging them to a real debate – one where you cannot hide behind keyboards. I would like to put these on my YouTube channel, so more people become familiar with me and hopefully to convince more people to our cause. I have yet to find a leftist up for the challenge.

Most recently, one of the bozos I went to high school with thought he could criticize my views and my debating style. He implied that my views and debates were forcing political discourse to new lows. So, like any rational person actually interested in having better political discourse would do, I challenged him to a debate we could air on YouTube. You already know his answer.

Again, I’m forced to touch on how leftists are done with arguments and how that presents a scary situation to our generation. Millennials are the hero generation, meaning we should face some existential crises in our life – be it economical, political, or social – and we are expected to conquer it. Much like the generation who won WWII. I ponder if a second civil war, WWIII, or an economic collapse will be the catalyst to turn us snowflakes into heroes.

Lastly, I touch on hot topics from the past week in the news.


20 – Leftists are Above Arguments

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