What’s the Best Time To Have Coffee?

It’s the way countless people around the world start their day.

But did you know that when you drink your coffee has an impact on how you function?

FEMAIL spoke to the Sydney-based dietitian and nutritionist, Lyndi Cohen, for her tips on when to drink your caffeine, when to avoid it and how much you should – in an ideal world – be consuming.

According to Ms Cohen, while you might reach for a cup of coffee pretty much as soon as you wake up, it’s a better idea to save your coffee consumption for a bit later:

‘When you first wake up, your cortisol levels are at their peak,’ she told Daily Mail Australia.

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‘Caffeine impacts on your body’s production of cortisol levels. When you drink coffee first thing in the morning, your body produces less cortisol and you become dependent on caffeine for your energy kick.

‘This may explain why you feel addicted or a need to drink it first thing in the morning.’

Ms Cohen said it’s a far better idea to save your cup for mid morning – or between 10am and 12pm, when your cortisol levels have come down again.

She added that you should ideally have finished with coffee by lunchtime, however, switching to herbal teas or de-caf options throughout the afternoon:

‘Every person has a different tolerance for caffeine, but as a general rule of thumb and for a quality night of rest, don’t have a cup at least six hours before you go to sleep,’ she said.

‘I’d recommend 2pm as the latest time for a coffee.’

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