Ozark: The Anti-Sitcom

By The Professional Asshole

I just started watching the show Ozark [on Netflix], and I love it! The premise is a money launderer for a Mexican cartel from Chicago is suddenly forced to make up for his partner’s pilfering. In a moment of brilliance, the money launderer comes up with a scheme to launder money through the Lake of the Ozarks (a St. Louis/Chicago summer lake spot in Missouri).

Jason Bateman, instead of being a comedian, is a somber, worried, straight-man who is much more brilliant than he initially lets on.

Laura Linney is the former spoiled upper-class housewife who has to become a useful accomplice for a change, and quick.

Both are excellent.

The show is the opposite of a sitcom, and possibly the next Breaking Bad.

Sitcoms have long been written and produced by the undermining powers of the Hollywood left. Usually in sitcoms, the dad is a selfish, boorish, moron, while the kids are snide, but otherwise brilliant, and humble while abiding their father’s stupidity and ruinous behavior. The wife is flawless, humble, self-effacing, and patient.

She’s a saint, while he a sinner.

The father knows nothing about his kids and is waited upon hand and foot while barely providing. In other words, a complete lie intended to undermine the seminal role of fathers to society and the family.

Ozark is something different. Maybe not quite correct, with correct being “most families and marriages are happy where the dad provides strength and support, and mom comfort and care.”

In Ozark, the wife is a letch while the husband sacrificially goes to risky, boring work every single day. The kids are bratty, spoiled, and whiny, just like real teenagers. The dad, while a launderer for the mafia, has taken on every risk, all the struggle, and provided well while continuing to be completely unappreciated, undermined, and betrayed, yet continued to do so because, despite his profession, he is more moral than his family. He is willing to kill himself to save his family. He holds them together, like all fathers do. He even compliments and morally supports his wretched family who do not deserve him.

Perhaps not quite honest, but more honest than the sitcom.

Ozark – “A Good Old Fashioned Run On This Bank” (Rothbard Style)

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