The 80’s Save Society

By The Professional Asshole

In the last 20 years society in the developed world has come down with an illness called feminism. This illness has basically taken to bucking 5,000 years of received wisdom—that the sexes are drastically different.

They are different psychologically, genetically, physically, athletically, economically, academically, and in every other conceivable category. One is not less morally or personally significant, only different.

This received wisdom is now called “sexism.”

I believe we, as libertarians, have a duty to society. A duty to recognize freedom of association and differing cultures, much in contradiction to the SJW, totalitarian left.

Before modern feminism much culture existed that is still available to us to persue and enjoy celebrating the world as it is, and not some genderless zhe/zhim/zher utopia where all distinctions are “racism.”

One of the most effective ways to do this is to have people watch old comedies. They are irreverent and demonstrative of reality (by making fun of it).

Take for example Police Academy: The opening line recognizes some people are too fat, dumb, or female to be cops (a point made repeatedly).

The fat and dumb seem to be standard now. Ideally, law enforcement should be fit enough to need limited force.

There are at least four jokes about gay guys (including an entire scene at a gay BDSM club, and a anonymous sex-act).

The Blue Oyster

Stereotypes may not always be true, but they don’t exist in a vacuum. You’re saying gay guys are kinda (very) promiscuous? No way!

There is a sweet, little black girl who doesn’t have it in her to be a cop. That is until she uncharacteristically bellows “Freeze, sucker!” at the end.


It’s funny because it’s not possible. She also can’t drive.

There’s a racist who gets beat up by a huge black-guy for making a racist comment.

Hightower v. Ox

Said large black guy learns to drive in a 1970s Honda Accord with a Confederate Flag license plate.


There’s a former Army guy with PTSD. That’s standard for police now. Back then it was comically unwise.


Kim Catrall’s character presents herself (herself!) as a prize for Steve Guttenberg to win for accomplishing the goal of the film.

Ugh, how could she demean herself by accepting the role women have played for society for thousands of years: the impetus for male accomplishment and success as a wedding gift? Be damned, Greeks all the way back to Aristophanes’ Lysistrata. No! I say sexism for the win. Win the damsel!

What do I prefer? Young singles who party-it-up naked and hope to fall in love and get married, instead of do slam poetry at a coffee house, or young singles who aren’t able to define gender at all, or have so few children lesbians have more kids than straights. I guess if I had to pick one I’d pick the first.

Cops are always seen as barely competent. Very true.

A couple of wild and crazy guys

The point is this movie makes fun of reality. It doesn’t try to invent a reality and then pretend that’s normal. You couldn’t make half the jokes in an old Mel Brooks comedy, or Police Academy, or a Naked Gun these days. You’d be roasted alive.

Bigot! Racism! Sexist! Misogynist! Screw ‘em all; they’re more true than not.

Save society: watch 80s comedies!

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