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The Merch Mom joins us for a conversation about striking out in the entrepreneurial spirit both in career and location.

You Boys Like Mexico?

She moved her family down to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico seeking more freedom and a more comfortable lifestyle. She also has a burgeoning online business via Amazon Merch that allows her to take her income with her wherever she goes.

I recommend that you listen at 1.5x or 2x speed….makes it flow better because with all of our rambling regular speed feels like it drags….hahah

Follow her on her recently launched new podcast chronicling her journeys that you can find at  It’s about parenting while working from home, productivity etc.

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We cover a wide range of questions like:

Why did you first consider moving abroad and what were you hoping to achieve?

What went into building up the inertia to make the move, how much prep did you have to accomplish before you made the jump?

Do you ever really feel ready?

Do you need to have it all figured out first?

How do you earn a living? How do you find a place to live?

Do you need an income that travels with you?

Any mistakes you have learned from that others can avoid as a result of your experience?

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Here is a link to FreeeUp the outsource service she uses for virtual assistant help with her Merch Empire:

This is Elaine Henney’s Course which she took to get started doing March on Amazon:

Crime stats comparison we discussed:

Greta also suggested a number of other podcasts and resources to check out if you are looking to work from anywhere in the world:

We touched on CPS and the bill paying states to “protect” children by taking them into the custody.  Of course this makes a perverse incentive and a moral hazard where the taking of children from parents becomes subsidized.  Which is how you get more of a thing.

The CPS whistle-blower:

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