Episode 55 – Trading Places (1:33:25)

We discuss yet another Christmas classic from the 80’s, Trading Places, starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd in a modern-day (progressive) interpretation of the Prince and the Pauper.

We are joined by Trey Weaver of the Subversion Webcast (the newest member of the Libertarian Union, and all around good guy) to discuss this nature vs. nurture, social engineering, comedy that has perhaps even more relevance today than it did in 1983.

Listen to Trey’s show here at the Libertarian Union and at:


Trey on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/intaxic8ed

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FPF #131 – Putin!

On FPF #131, I address several claims of Russian Aggression. I refute a tweet from Mitt Romney. I explain how the Crimea crisis started with a US coup. I detail how Russia was welcomed into Syria, and the US continues to stay in the country without an invitation. I talk about Putin’s trip to the Muslim world. I also update Yemen and North Korea. 


  • US Amb. to the UN Nikki Haley claims to have proof Iran is supplying the Houthi with missiles. [Link] Trista Parsi responds. [Link] Iran issues a statement claiming the US evidence is fabricated. [Link]
  • The House is looking at a sanctions bill against Iran for their alleged role in the Yemen Civil War. [Link]
  • Doctors Without Borders finds the Myanmar military’s ethnic cleansing campaign against the Rohingya killed 6,700 people. [Link]
  • The US government will provide additional weapons to the Lebanese Army. [Link]
  • IS was armed with weapons the US gave to Syrian rebels. [Link]
  • Two US F-22s intercepted two Russian fighter jets over Syria. [Link] 
  • The White House walks back Tillerson’s statement that the US is ready for talks with North Korea. The White House reaffirmed that Trump sees talks with North Korea as pointless. [Link]
  • The US Ambassador to Yemen prevented critical humanitarian infrastructure from reaching Yemen. The ambassador has also been unwilling to present the Houthi with an acceptable offer. [Link] 
  • A Saudi airstrike killed at least 39 people in Yemen. The airstrike hit a police building and prison. [Link] 
  • The Houthi and factions loyal to the deceased former president Saleh are close to making a deal. The Houthi have released several journalists who were loyal to Saleh. [Link]

Source: Foreign Policy Focus – FPF #131 – Putin!

Free Speech and Alabama Voting – ABS031

FANS OF THE ANCAP BARBER SHOP, THIS JUST IN, WE ARE 3% OF THE WAY TOWARDS OUR GOAL OF $100 PER EPISODE THANKS TO OUR NEW PATRONS DAVID AND ACTUAL ANARCHY!!!   We’ve got a banger of an episode for you tonight, or today or whatever! We start off thanking our new patrons as well as congratulating Scott for his first year off booze down the tube! Don’t forget to check out our Patreon and considering donating. We recorded a Patreon episode just prior to recording this one. Panelist Dave Hester’s daughter scratched her cornea (shudder) and he and Scott recount a story from the early days of their friendship. We bring up the Alabama band “Pine Hill Haints”, Which you can check out here. We start right in on free speech, trying to distinguish the line between “mean words” and threats of violence that may legitimately justify violence. At what point is it morally OK to hit someone over words? What if they use a racial slur? What if someone tells you they are going to get their gun and shoot you? What do you guys think? We’d love to hear your opinion, so send it feedback@ancapbarbershop.com. Tanner brings up fallibilism, (He’s too smart for this show).   We recorded this during the Alabama senate election between kid-friendly conservative Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones. What was the result? Does anybody really fucking care? In the words of the great Rodger Paxton, regarding voting “My time would be better spent washing my fucking hair!” Have you ever seen what he looks like?Hint hint, he’s bald.    There were a few shows that got brought up in this episode that are more than worth checking out:   Actual Anarchy  They review and discuss movies from a Rothbardian, libertarian perspective.   Read Rothbard They, well they read Rothbard, and discuss things and what not.   Uncivil Liberty These are some more libertarians from Alabama who have been having all kinds of fun discussing politics and prodding the LPA.   For those of you that are listening, we love and appreciate you! ESPECIALLY our patrons. If you are unable or unwilling to donate via Patreon, please consider sharing our content or leaving us a review and 5 star rating on your podcatcher. Worms!    Oh yeah,  we briefly discussed some dumb politics article from AL.commie about destroying voting records. You can check it out here.
Source: The AnCap Barbershop – Free Speech and Alabama Voting – ABS031

FPF #130 – Yemen & Israel with Will Porter

On FPF #130, Will Porter returns to the show to discuss his new article on Yemen and the situation in Israel. Will’s article explains how deaths in Yemen have been undercounted during the Saudi/US war against Yemen. Will talked with several sources to gain a better understanding of the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen. Will also discussed the NY subway terror attack and how that it was blowback from Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. 

Source: Foreign Policy Focus – FPF #130 – Yemen & Israel with Will Porter

FPF #129 – Q & A Show

On FPF #129, I take questions for the first Q and A show. I answer questions on Yemen, Trump, and Israel. I explain Trump’s possible reasons for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. I also discuss CNN’s fake bombshell report on a connection between Wikileaks and the Trump Campaign. 

Source: Foreign Policy Focus – FPF #129 – Q & A Show

Ep. 20 – Sex Work And The Age Of Consent

itunes pic

Today we are joined by fellow Libertarian Union members: Patrick, Daniel, and Robert.  This is a snippet from a much longer recording session in which we discussed the age of consent and sex work laws.  This is a quick introduciton into a topic that we will have much more to say on in the future.  Enjoy!

Recorded – 11/17/17


John Stossel on Who Owns Your Body? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bb1Bp7wxePk&feature=youtu.be

Ray Allen Gets Catfished http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/21503707/ray-allen-tells-orlando-court-was-catfished

Actual Anarchy Discuss The Greatest Porn Audition Of All Time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fN3eyijZ6Ew&feature=youtu.be

Seattle Man Tricks Women Into Sex By Pretending He Was A Porn Recruiter https://jezebel.com/six-women-claim-a-seattle-man-posed-as-a-fake-female-po-1781506270

Source: Don’t Waste Your Hate Podcast – Ep. 20 – Sex Work And The Age Of Consent

Episode 54 – Die Hard (1:16:46)

Yippee-ki-yay motherfuckers!

We are joined by Shaheen to discuss the Christmas-action flick starring Bruce Willis, Die Hard! It’s a John McClane Christmas, and now we’ve got a machine gun, ho-ho-ho.

Welcome to the party pals.

Here are Shaheen’s previous appearances:

Episode 28 – The Dark Knight Part 1 (1:09:40)

Episode 29 – The Dark Knight Part 2 (1:38:02)

Episode 42 – The Dark Knight Rises (1:05:40)

And here is a link to find all of his articles here at Actual Anarchy:  https://www.actualanarchy.com/category/author/shaheen-the-anarcap/

Shaheen on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/ElcoAlFares

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FPF #128 – The Execution of Daniel Shaver

On FPF #128, I discuss the execution of Daniel Shaver by police officer Phillip Brailsford. The shooting occurred in January 2016 and Brailsford has been acquitted by a jury of all charges. A judge finally allowed the body cam footage to the public. I react to the video and give some analysis. I also explain how America’s are not holding out military and police to a high enough moral standard. 

Link to video

Source: Foreign Policy Focus – FPF #128 – The Execution of Daniel Shaver

This is your security force

It was announced this morning that Ex-Mesa, AZ police officer Philip Brailsford was acquitted of second degree murder and reckless manslaughter.

This will come to no surprise to anyone familiar with criminal justice reform, being as the thin blue line of legal protection benefits the monopoly security forces throughout America.  Police are all but trained to shoot first and ask questions later, and there is no better case than the deadly encounter which ended the life of Daniel Shaver.  Warning, this video is very graphic, but is important to observe the near execution style tactic officer Brailsford coldly employed.  

Here are the facts.  Daniel Shaver (a pest control worker) was showing off his pellet gun in his hotel room, when some busybody saw the gun through a window.  These guests told the hotel management, who called police, then the video linked above ensued.  Panicking and obviously confused, Daniel frantically attempts to obey every single command the officer screams at him while a gun is pointed at him while begging for his life.  He is told to crawl with his left ankle wrapped around his right ankle.  Daniel is wearing what looks like ill fitting gym pants and pauses at one moment to pull up his pants (as a result of the commands officers were giving him), causing the officers to shoot him in response to him reaching for his waistband.

Nowhere in the video is it apparent that Mr Shaver was armed.  Nowhere in the video is it apparent that this person is criminally insane.  The video shows a scared young man who was gunned down in cold blood.  What is apparent to me is that we have a very real problem with police violence that people have put up with for far too long.

Please consider donating to Daniels Memorial Fund, to help Daniel’s family recover from this unjust killing.

Source: Subversion – This is your security force

Libertarianism vs. Conservatism vs. Progressivism Debate Feat. Keith Knight Ep. 47

I hopped on Keith Knight’s “Don’t Tread on Anyone” for a mock debate. Keith played devil’s advocate and threw pretty much every statist argument at me. I didn’t know the questions beforehand, but I’ve heard them all before. Hopefully my impromptu answers will help others in their own debates!

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