Will the Libertarian Party Sue Caucuses with "Libertarian Party" in their Name?


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The Libertarian Party is going to attempt to sue caucuses that have the words “libertarian party” in the name next year if it is not voted down by the delegates at the convention.

This would affect the 2 biggest caucuses in the party that also happen to be more philosophically based: the Radical Caucus and the Mises Caucus.

It is my belief that there are interests in the party who have a desire to lock up the identity of the party away from a principled position so that when they likely gain debate access next time around, they will have full control of the party moving forward. They want to make this the Bill Weld party. This is a strong arm tactic.  Looking into it, the R and D caucuses sometimes have the word Republican or Democrat in the name, but never the word Party.

This affects all of us whether you like it or not, that party will color the view on what libertarianism is moving forward. Why is the LP, who got 3% during their biggest opportunity, doing this? Why is the chairman, Nicholas Sarwark, going on The Jason Stapleton Program and telling him his audience isn’t who the LP wants? Why is he baselessly painting the thought leaders such as Tom Woods and Jeff Deist as racists? Why are they adopting the losing tactics of the left (such as Identity Politics, Virtue Signaling, etc)? Don’t you think that rousing the Libertarian base to join the party to manage the growth of the party should be a priority? Why are they acting like straight up politicians? It’s almost as if they are paid to torpedo the party.

Whether you are into the Radical Caucus or the Mises Caucus, if you are one of those people who didn’t get in the LP because Gary Johnson and Bill Weld were a joke to you, we NEED your help, we need you to become delegates to stop this and to vote out this hostile beltway takeover that wants to neuter the message and embarrass and misrepresent us to the world. Get some pride in your beliefs and join the fight!

Here are the two largest Caucuses:
Libertarian Party Mises Caucus (LPMC)
LP Radical Caucus

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Liberty Weekly Plays DOOM Chapters 1 & 2

Hey everybody, as part of an effort to appeal to a wider audience and drive more traffic to the podcast (and because it is really fun), I have started doing some “Let’s Plays” of my favorite video games!

Because the style allows me to create videos without doing any editing, I am able to create what would otherwise be entire episodes of the podcast, without any extra effort!

If you are a fan of the show, I think you might enjoy them! I talk about of lot of familiar topics and I am even joined from time to time by a very special guest (Ms. MacFarlane)!

Check out my very first Let’s Play below: DOOM Chapters 1 & 2

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Episode 41 – IT (1:48:55)

We all float down here, talking Stephen King’s IT with super-libertarian-librarian Doc Brown.

It’s a compare and contrast affair tackling the book, the 1990 miniseries (television event) and the current “in a theater near you” version.

Doc also brings the knowledge on the King multi-verse showing us how IT serves as a nucleus for many other stories familiar to King fans: Salem’s Lot, Carrie, the Shining, the Dark Tower series, Christine, and many more…you’ll float too.

The new IT movie is one of the most anticipated horror movies of 2017.

Google Description:

Seven young outcasts in Derry, Maine, are about to face their worst nightmare — an ancient, shape-shifting evil that emerges from the sewer every 27 years to prey on the town’s children. Banding together over the course of one horrifying summer, the friends must overcome their own personal fears to battle the murderous, bloodthirsty clown known as Pennywise.

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Surplus Value

It’s still a very prevalent view that employers are somehow exploiting the people who work for them when they draw a profit from their business, despite the fact that a person’s employer is clearly doing more for that person’s finances than all of the people who are not employing them. I must add, perhaps somewhat facetiously, including those keyboard-warriors who claiming that entering someone into employment is exploiting them.

It is true that workers do get paid less than the total value of what they produce, but that is because what they produce is made with other resources which have to be bought, and in a factory or work place which has a price and requires overheads to operate. The capitalist is responsible for paying for marketing and advertising to link the product to potential buyers – and at the end of the day, if the product doesn’t sell, everyone else has already been paid but the capitalist walks away with the loss.

The capitalist lays out a vision of what he thinks will meet people’s needs better than they are being met at present. This requires a particular expertise which is in itself a labour contribution over and above that of the other employees which is unique to the entrepreneur. If his vision is clear, indeed he will make a profit. If it is faulty he will make a loss. This is not a necessary risk, absent the profit motive a rich person is more likely to buy a bigger house or go on a cruise. But the capitalist takes a risk now, and foregoes consumption, in hope that he will reap the benefit later. That is part of what he is being paid for.

Another part of what he is being paid for is the time between making the investment and getting paid for that investment. We would all rather have resources in the here-and-now than some time in the future, because the future is uncertain, that is why lenders can charge interest on money that they borrow. They are choosing to forgo a smaller amount of consumption now for a larger one in future. The workers get paid now, the capitalist gets paid later only after the product has sold, and only IF it is sold, after everyone else has been paid. Austrian Economist, Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk explained that far from exploiting labour, the capitalist removes the burden of waiting for income from the workers. If they wanted to produce the goods themselves they would also have to wait until they could find a buyer before gaining a stable wage, and first save or borrow in order to accumulate the resources to buy a factory or workshop without the help of the capitalist.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the capitalist is increasing the value of the workers labour! If a man decides to try out the same manoeuvres which might get them somewhere in a factory out in a field it will not produce much of value to anyone else. Clearly workers can earn more working for their employer than for themselves otherwise they would simply declare themselves self-employed and get on with making a higher income. Perhaps some of them can earn more working for themselves but do not want to take on the responsibilities entailed which are currently met by the firm which employs them. This too is evidence that capitalists are providing value.

Marxists hold that capitalists simply skim their profits off the top while providing no value of their own. That they are “extracting surplus value” from their workers. But if that was true, non-profit organisations would just swoop in and undercut profit-making firms by eliminating the “dead weight” costs of paying a capitalist. They do not because they cannot. Capitalists are clearly providing some competence or vision which benefits their workers. Each benefits from the mutual exchange, as evidence by the fact that if the worker could get a better deal s/he would take it, and if the employer could find a better worker s/he would hire them instead.

Ultimately, wages are not an arbitrary figure but a reflection of how much value an employee is able to provide to a customer. If a person wants to do away with an employer they can do so by learning skills, either on the job or on the side, which will allow them to work for themselves. Likewise, profits are not arbitrary but a reflection of how much value a company is providing on the marketplace. Provided – of course – that they are drawing their profits from serving the market place rather than lobbying or appealing to the state, but that is another article.

“In order to show that it is a half-truth, we must have recourse to long and dry dissertations.”
– Frederic Bastiat

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2017 Art Contest Winner – Youth Category!

The team here at libertopia (which consists of Lewis and Julie) are proud to announce the Youth Category winner of our 2017 libertarian Art Contest Winner (the Adult Winner will be announced soon)! Find the details of the 2017 Art Contest right here.

star wars, fan art, libertarian, ancap, voluntaryist, artwork, youth, art contest

J117 says about his art, “I made it to symbolize how the Empire from Star Wars has Stormtroopers, which are kind of like a police force that claims to keep order in that galaxy. Except they are murdering and killing people they don’t like. And then the police (in real life) are also saying they’re about keeping order, but are sometimes murdering and killing people who haven’t done anything wrong too. Plus they are like a military, wearing masks and having powerful weapons against normal people.”

J117 wins a congratulatory certificate featuring his art (which we will mail to him), an icon to use on his portfolio site, and a $5 gift certificate!

If you missed out this year, don’t worry – we’re planning on hosting another libertarian / voluntaryist / ancap art contest next year! Also, a big “THANK YOU” goes out to those individuals who contributed their unique libertarian art and writing for this contest!

Curious to learn more? Want to get in on the fun? Let us know if you’re an artist or creative who would like to be featured in an interview, or have your artwork displayed on our site! Also, be sure to check out our libertarian artists page for our artist interviews and artwork from a variety of different artists in our community! You can also check out Libertopia’s own artwork page here, download our 60 page art ebook at Libertopia: Collection One (which is on sale for 99 cents) or check out our unique t-shirts, coffee cups and so much more over at the libertopia store!

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Why Price Gouging Is Good

When a natural disaster strikes, it is almost guaranteed that there will be yet another uproar about price gouging. Media pundits will take to the airwaves to virtue signal against people who would dare to exploit disaster victims. Government officials will use the crisis to score political points by portraying themselves as defenders of the common people against greedy capitalists. But how accurately does this reflect reality? Let us explore the nature of price gouging to see the economics of such a situation and explain the behavior of journalists and state agents. Economic Forces In order to intelligently approach the concept of price gouging, one must first define it. Price gouging is a sudden, sharp increase in prices that occurs in response to a disaster or other civil emergency. Though this defines the act well, it does not explain the mechanisms behind it. When a disaster approaches, there are certain goods that people wish to acquire in greater quantities than normal, such as clean drinking water, non-perishable foods, wooden boards for protecting windows, and so on. If supply is held constant, then this sudden increase in demand for such goods will produce a sudden increase in their prices. If left unhindered by the state, this upward pressure on prices will produce important benefits. First, it serves as a signal to producers and distributors of those goods that more supply is needed. The producers and distributors thus learn where their goods are most urgently in demand, allowing them to engage in mutually beneficial transactions with disaster victims. This is how free markets are supposed to function in order to meet the needs of customers. Second, price gouging encourages proactive preparations. A potential business model for a firm is to invest in equipment that allows it to operate when a disaster would otherwise force it to close, and use the proceeds from price gouging to amortize the cost of the equipment. This helps consumers by allowing them to purchase goods at higher prices rather than be left without essential items during a crisis. Third, price gouging provides an important benefit by conserving the fixed amount of resources which are present before more deliveries can be made to the disaster area. The higher cost of scarce goods disincentivizes people from buying up supplies that other people need, thus helping to keep the items in stock. This keeps scarce resources from being wasted on marginal uses, directing them toward their most valued uses and the people who most need them instead. Read the entire article at ZerothPosition.com

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Abrams and Star Wars Ep. 9? Sigh. I miss George Lucas.

JJ Abrams, Star Wars Episode 9, lulz, meme, obi-wan, George Lucas

Disclaimer: The following post doesn’t have much to do with libertarianism, voluntaryism or anarcho-capitalism, but it has a lot to do with creativity, artistry and just having fun. Which is what this site is also all about. Plus, it’s Star Wars. 

It was a long shot, but after Disney dumped Colin Trevorrow, I honestly hoped the notorious G.L. (George Lucas) would make a grand return to direct Star Wars Episode 9. It would have been such a poetic way to tie up the whole saga, but with Disney running the show – who knows if it will actually end at 9. Maybe more like 29. But now we’ve got JJ Abrams in the director’s seat again. Sigh. Yes, I miss George Lucas.

Star Wars 9: J.J. Abrams will Direct (from The Independent: Sept 12, 2017)

It’s no secret, but I wasn’t much of a fan of Episode 7. I don’t know if that makes me a grumpy old Gen Xer at this point, but in a lot of ways I think I enjoyed the Prequels even better than the New Hope retread that was The Force Awakens. I mean, at least the Prequels were George’s story, and they added a lot to the universe – even if I didn’t love all the acting within them. But it was a lot more than that. Episode 7 under JJ Abrams felt off to me. The story pacing, the missing Han, Luke and Leia reunion, the death of Han, the lack of visual depth (in architecture, art and technology), a lack of diverse alien creatures, the lack of interesting planetary environments, a poorly told political story, laughable villains and a derpy Starkiller Base that I STILL don’t get how it works. I wasn’t a fan of Mary Sue Rey, and I wasn’t especially thrilled with temper tantrum hair-boy Kylo Ren either. However, in all fairness, Poe and Finn were cool, and Han was pretty great until he died (grumble). And the starship graveyard on Jakku was perhaps the most visually interesting portion of the movie, with Maz Kanata ’s castle a feeble second.

Rogue One on the other hand I absolutely LOVED, and it restored quite a lot of faith in Disney captaining this ship. The entire cast of Rogue One was amazing, and Jyn Erso is a favorite. There was TONS of visual depth, interesting planetary locations, lots of neat aliens, cool tech and a great story that clicked perfectly with Episode 4. Plus, it added a whole new layer of awesome-sauce to Darth Vader, the greatest movie villain of my child-hood, as well as some amazing scenes with Grand Moff Tarkin and the Death Star.

I’ve been optimistic about Episode 8, hoping that perhaps it will bring some level of depth to the weak-sauce story dribbled out to us in Episode 7. There does appear to be more visual dimension and scale in 8, so who knows. Maybe Disney is starting to figure this whole Star Wars thing out, and Abrams will actually be able to tell a story that doesn’t end up like Episode 7, Star Trek or Lost. At this point, we’re kind of like the Rebellion in the Empire Strikes Back. It may look awfully dark when faced with the might of the Empire, but we still have hope. So hope my friends. Hope.

Thoughts about Star Wars, EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 (which was disappointing in lacking proper couch co-op), or the upcoming release of Battlefront 3? Let us know! Also, be sure to check out the rest of what we’ve got right here in Libertopia! There’s a great illustrated book for 99 cents, an awesome store full of unique shirts and other cool stuff you won’t find ANYWHERE else, and great libertarian artist interviews, cartoons and so much more!

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Save $20 on Republic Wireless

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Libertopia talks Equilibrium at Actual Anarchy Podcast!

Equilibrium, Actual Anarchy, Libertopia, fan art, graphic design, orwellian, poster, science fiction, sci-fi, awesome artwork, libertarian, voluntaryism, ancap

The team at Libertopia (which consists of myself Lewis Liberman, and Julie Wilder), once again had the honor of appearing on Actual Anarchy to talk with the show-hosts about the AWESOME 2002 sci-fi movie Equilibrium! We had a ton of fun chatting about this movie, which is perhaps even more relevant NOW than it was when it came out 15 years ago… especially with all that censorship of art and free speech that seems to be happening everywhere these days. And of course, since art is kind of our thing here at Libertopia, I created the above piece of Equilibrium fan art incorporating some themes from the movie.

So what is Equilibrium? Just in case you’ve never seen it, here’s a brief summary: In a fascist future where all forms of feeling are illegal, a man in charge of enforcing the law rises to overthrow the system. Emotion is outlawed and human behavior is controlled by a drug, Prozium, that hinders emotion. A government official is in charge of going around and eliminating potential threats to the regime. When the official forgets to take his dose of Prozium, a whole new world is opened up to him and he takes on the establishment that he’s supposed to be working for. Sounds pretty cool, right?

This was a really fun episode, and we had a great time talking about it. If you’ve ever missed just sitting around and talking with your friends about movies or other stuff in our world today, you’ll definitely want to check out this amazing podcast at Episode 40 – Equilibrium (you can also find it on itunes and a bunch of other places too).

Also, be sure to check out the Actual Anarchy page and podcast. There’s a TON of great content on their site, which looks at movies and society in general from a Rothbardian / Anarcho-Capitalist perspective. Don’t miss it! And if you’re a fan of cool graphic design or libertarian / voluntaryist artwork, be sure to check out the rest of what we’ve got right here in Libertopia! There’s a great illustrated book for 99 cents, an awesome store full of unique shirts and other cool stuff you won’t find ANYWHERE else, and great libertarian artist interviews, cartoons and so much more! Check them out before they branded as EC-10 (for emotional content) and forbidden by the State! (that’s an Equilibrium joke)

Also, don’t miss our prior appearance on Actual Anarchy, where we compare and contrast the differences between the 2016 and 1984 Ghostbusters! See it HERE.

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