Puritans, part 2: New England Pharisees

“Religion, taking every mortal form
But that pure and Christian faith makes warm,
Where not to vile fanatic passion urged,
Or not in vague philosophies submerged,
Repulsive with all Pharisaic leaven,
And making laws to stay the laws of Heaven!”
— From “Ethnogenesis,” by Henry Timrod

South Carolinian Henry Timrod penned these words in February 1861 at the meeting of the First Confederate Congress at Montgomery, Alabama. Many regarded Timrod as the “poet laureate” of the Confederacy because his evocative works potently blended lyrical composition with patriotism for his nation, the South.

In “Ethnogenesis,” this teacher, tutor, and devout Anglican boldly describes a people who self-proclaim superior sanctity and feel divinely ordained to impose their will by force, drawing the comparison of the ancient Pharisees to Yankees. But just exactly how did they get there? I began heading down this historical rabbit hole in Puritans, part 1: Coming to America, so let’s dig a little deeper, shall we?

“The Hebrew Republic”

Just as the Pharisees were once “separated ones,” New England Pilgrims cloistered themselves in an effort to promote and protect their stringent definitions of piety. The Pharisees were preservers of pure Mosaic law, the Puritans too were steeped in strict rules and draconian enforcement thereof. In fact, instead of embracing the New Covenant of Jesus fulfilling the Law, the Pilgrims were steeped in legalism while trying to institute a “Christian Israel” in Massachusetts.

According to Jewish scholar Dr. David Ariel, “the early New England Puritans saw … King Charles I as Pharaoh, the Atlantic Ocean as the Red Sea, America as the Promised Land, and Boston as the new Jerusalem.” With its roots in Renaissance humanism, this Christian Hebraism was seen as the cornerstone for creating a new society based upon social and economic ideals of the Hebrew Bible.

In fact in 1636, John Cotton, the central theologian and minister of Massachusetts Bay Colony, drafted “Moses, His Judicials” at the behest of colony magistrates. His writings became the basis for Massachusetts’ first legal code and modeled its provisions solely on Hebrew Scripture’s vision for a faith-based polity and society.

John Cotton’s grandson Cotton Mather, who was a dominant Puritan minister and author in his own right, “quoted widely from the entire canon of Hebrew literature including the Hebrew Bible, Talmud, Midrash, Rashi, Maimonides, Nachmanides, and Zohar,” wrote Ariel. Mather “was even reported to have started wearing a skullcap at home and calling himself ‘rabbi.’”

John Bunyan’s influential “Pilgrim’s Progress” was filled with the Scriptural hermeneutics of abandoning the formality, liturgy, and confessionalism of high-church Christianity, and promoting works and salvation through sincerity and what the Pilgrims called a new “pure” faith. Yet, the Puritans weren’t really progressing or reforming.

Rather, they were recycling – trading 1,600-year-old Christian history and traditions for those of the ancient Hebrews. It’s almost as if the Puritans were just reinventing themselves as Judaizers to whom the Apostle Paul wrote the entire New Testament book of “Galatians” as a way to correct this heresy of the early Church.

A sectional divide only deepened

Thirty-five years after the English settled in Jamestown and 22 years after the Pilgrims landed in Plymouth, the English Civil Wars were unfolding in back across the Atlantic. It was a complicated series of battles between Parliamentarians (a.k.a. “Roundheads”) and Royalists (“Cavaliers”).

These wars were chiefly over the form and function of how the kingdoms of England, Ireland, and Scotland should be governed. And with the grueling 11-year power struggles obviously came religious clashes, most notably for England an intense face-off between the pro-crown Anglicans and pro-parliament Puritans.

In fact, some historians call the English Civil Wars the “Puritan Revolution.And Oliver Cromwell – the Roundhead political and military leader who became “1st Lord Protector of the Commonwealth” during the short-lived republican governance of the British Isles – came to be known as the Puritan Moses.

Obviously, these English conflicts had ripple effects for the colonies in America. The New England Puritans were staunch parliamentarians, while Virginians were solidly royalists, further widening the manifest ideological and religious divide that already existed between Northern and Southern colonists.

Many Royalist gentry flocked to Virginia during the Cromwell Protectorate in an effort to escape “entail and primogeniture” (a system in which only the first-born son gets all the land of the father), growing the cavalier population and strengthening the colony’s already distinct culture. Virginia was so devoted to the crown that when the English monarchy was restored in 1660, King Charles II called her the “Old Dominion” as thanks.

Massachusetts domination

By this time, New Sweden, the Swedish Colony along the Delaware Valley, had been defeated by the Dutch Republic. And by 1674, the First Anglo-Dutch War had come to an end with the English finally triumphing over New Netherland, the Dutch colony along the Hudson River Valley, putting the Puritans in a powerful position.

Yet, the Puritans could barely get along with one another. Their New England Confederation was formed in 1643 to strengthen the military alliances between the Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay, New Haven, and Connecticut colonies in order to defend against Native Americans in the Pequot War, as well as against the the Dutch and the French.

But it was a contentious and short-lived compact, brimming with infighting and power struggles, proving Pilgrims’ intolerance of even their fellow Puritans. “The sense that one had special instructions from God made individuals less amenable to moderation and compromise, or to reason itself,” explained historian Dr. Ned Landsman.

Still, Puritanism was winning big, especially for Massachusetts. It’s legal code and Hebraic ethos was spreading throughout great expenses of the North, while Cavalier culture was simultaneously flourishing in the Southern colonies of Virginia and now Carolina. The seeds of sectional discontent and puritanical progressivism were already being sewn.

Moreover, “The experience of the Puritan colonies in the joint aggression against the Pequots added to the continuing drive of Massachusetts Bay for domination over its neighbors,” wrote economist and historian Dr. Murray N. Rothbard in “Conceived In Liberty.” And this arrogant vision would only continue to grow despite its rootlessness and chaotic nature.

Theocracy unbound

February 1692-May 1693 brought on the the Antinomian Controversy and its subsequent Salem Witch Trials. Pilgrims like Anne Hutchinson believed that the doctrine of predestination offered Christians “Free Grace,” so the rigid enforcement of proper Puritan conduct wasn’t necessary.

“If God has predetermined for me salvation or damnation, how could any behavior of mine change my fate?” she asked. The allegedly anti-authoritarian Church authorities weren’t too keen on such disunity and dissenting views on Puritanism.

The trials took place under the direction of Cotton Mather. Because of the clergy’s dominance in these small, church-centered enclaves that comprised Massachusetts, ministers held the power of arresting people and administering their trials, and Hutchinson found herself banished from the colony.

Then-governor of Massachusetts, Sir William Phips, created the Court of Oyer and Terminer to handle the trials since their was no high court yet in the colony. Only a year before in 1691 had the colony even gotten a renewed charter from William and Mary, creating the Province of Massachusetts. King James II had revoked the colony’s previous royal charter due in large part to Massachusetts’ harsh intolerance of Anglicans.

It wasn’t until Phips’ wife was accused of witchcraft that the legal hysteria ceased, but that wasn’t before about 20 people and two dogs had been executed and some folks like Hutchinson had been cast out from the colony. Some historians claim that the conclusion of these religiously extreme trials marked an end to theocracrtic Puritan rule.

But I would argue that this was just the beginning. Just like the Pharisees, whose influence became only second to that of the Roman governor, the legalistic roots of the Puritans easily transitioned these once God-focused outsiders founding a ‘Christian Israel’ into godless and powerful insiders hellbent on creating an irreligious Promised Land.

More Orwellian than Christian

This once “pure” faith bent to the world, instead of holding it at bay. However, it was precisely the Puritans’ religious asceticism that led them to this place.

They sought Hebraic emulation, yet they were hostile to ritual discipline, and void of tradition and history. Thus, Puritanism was innately defenseless against schism, much less humanism, secularism, and modernity. It was hardwired to fail, but only in a religious sense.

Politically and socially, Puritans came to realize that a progressive heaven on earth could more easily be attained through imposing man’s laws on everyone everywhere, using urgent moralistic talk void of Jesus but done with all the “vile fanatic passion” of Cotton Mather. Totalitarianism and emotion indeed comprise the Northern zeitgeist.

Moralizing busybody. Meddlesome. Irksome. Intolerant. Coercive. Holier than thou. The Yankee was born of such Puritan stock and sensibility. And as Christianity was cast to the periphery of society, the self-righteous Puritan ideals remained internalized within the Yankee people and became embedded in the body politic.

Progressive secularism became their new religion, and resistance is futile, they say. All will convert or submit, or suffer their wrath.

The Pharisees called Jesus a deceiver, a blasphemer, and a friend to the prince of demons. Likewise, anyone who wasn’t (or isn’t) fully in line with their ever-changing but always stringent Puritanical rules might be castigated a witch, sub-human Southern scum, a traitor, or a Nazi. You might even get jailed … or killed.

But hey, you gotta break a few eggs to make a omelet. The ignorant masses need saving after all, and the religious “reformers” and social transformers are up to the task. You might call it dystopian cultural hegemony, but the New England Pharisees call it the “greater good.”

Please stay tuned for part 3 of my Puritan series, “Yankee Sanctification.”

Source: Dissident Mama – Puritans, part 2: New England Pharisees

What’s your testing point?

I know Christopher Cantwell is called the “crying Nazi,” and that he is everyone’s favorite bad guy. Well, he was infamous for a while after the Charlottesville melee in August.

Now it’s like he never existed at all. But really, he’s still rotting away in a Virginia jail for using pepper-spray on violent leftists in self-defense. A ridiculous charge and punishment by any rational person’s standards.

I’m not writing about Cantwell to defend his words, promote his remedies for saving the republic, or endorse his worldview. I am bringing him up to illustrate a point that scary precedents are being set. That because some people hold unpopular opinions, they simply aren’t worthy of due process.

The scales of justice lean heavy left. It’s the new reality. Or maybe it’s just recycled history. Regardless, these Bolshevik tactics should worry all decent citizens.

Remember H.L. Mencken’s prescient warning from my last blog: “The trouble with fighting for human freedom is that one spends most of one’s time defending scoundrels. For it is against scoundrels that oppressive laws are first aimed, and oppression must be stopped at the beginning if it is to be stopped at all.”

Originally, Cantwell had been given the ludicrously steep bond of $25,000. Interestingly, he was even denied that due to his being a supposed “flight risk” (even though he turned himself in to authorities).

He has since been denied bail repeatedly for the unthinkable act of using a “caustic weapon,” which is otherwise known and accepted as “oh, just part of the leftist’s go-to arsenal” in their brave fight to smash the fash.

Kinda proves why he was crying in the first place, doesn’t it?! Double standards and unequal justice under the law on full, hideous display.

Yet, a lunatic liberal can assault Rand Paul at his home, breaking five of the Republican senator’s ribs, but is only given a meager $5,000 bond and a pass from the mainstream press. Hell, the victim and libertarianism are being castigated as the is crime downplayed, and the attacker was even celebrated in many degenerate circles.

It’s abundantly clear that anyone who opposes the status quo of leftist dogma is not worthy of constitutional protections, the right to speak his mind, make a living or even live as he sees fit. It really doesn’t matter who you are.

You can lock up an alt-right shock jock and throw away the key. Meh. You can beat up a libertarian politician. Gosh darn it, that’s weird.

You can threaten the livelihood of the near-extinct species of conservative professors, even the ones who have tenure. Well, ain’t that a shame.

Conservatives are not only backwards hicks, clinging to their guns and their Bibles, they’re domestic terrorists a la Ruby Ridge or Waco or Oklahoma City. But the John Brown Gun Club is fine and dandy.

Ross Ulbricht, creator and operator of the the darknet maretplace the Silk Road, gets a double life sentence for nonviolent crimes. But lawless leftists like Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Donna Brazile, Bob Menendez, and the Clintons are always too big to jail, much less indict.

The chill enveloping liberty grows thicker and more impenetrable with each great leap forward into the nihilistic abyss. Yet, the left remains truly untouchable. Noble and virtuous. Just fighting the white supremacists, don’t ya know?

Of course, the one exception is the groping, sexual harassment, and/or rape allegations currently being hurled at every liberal to the left of George H.W. Bush – including “read my lips, no new taxes” Bush himself! You can’t tell a chick a dirty joke, but you can lie, cheat, steal, assault, and kill. No big whoop.

The statists and their leftist foot soldiers are merely keeping us safe from the real bad guys. Nothing to see hear, folks. Move along.

During Ulbricht’s trial, Judge Katherine B. Forrest said, “There must be no doubt that no one is above the law, no matter the education or the privileges.” But the truth is #AnarchoTyranny and #MarxistPrivilege.

Now, I understand that to varying degrees throughout history and in certain places more so than others, statist elites and their useful idiots have been immune to man’s justice. I fully grasp the evil we’re up against.

Presently, my kids and I are learning more about Bishop Nicholas (i.e., St. Nicholas) and what he endured under Roman Emperor Diocletian. Because of his heavenly faith and earthly works, he was exiled and imprisoned. Yep, Santa was deemed a scoundrel.

Interestingly, during his age of intense and deadly persecution of Christ followers in the 3rd and 4th centuries, jails were brimming with bishops, priests, and deacons, so there was little room for the thieves and murderers. Real criminality okay. Freedom of conscience bad. Sound familiar?

Let’s stop history form repeating itself, shall we? So, I’m wondering at what point will principled people say #ItsPitchForkTime. That enough is enough, scoundrel or not, especially since “scoundrel” can mean virtually anyone, including you.

This is a real matter of inequality, not the faux kind the leftists fabricate, write dissertations and then work everyone into a liberal lather about. But what can be done?

What’s your line in the sand? When you or your loved-one is the scoundrel in question? When your perpetrator is given a slap on the wrist and even glorified? When you unduly receive a harsh punishment, while the legitimate evil-doer goes scot-free?

These are trying times indeed. As C.S. Lewis once wrote, “Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point, which means at the point of highest reality.” What’s your testing point?

Source: Dissident Mama – What’s your testing point?

The perils of parroting propaganda

I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed. I’d say I’m your average-smarts kinda girl. No super genius by any means. So, how come I understand that not only is virtue signaling not virtuous, as explained in part 1 of this series, but that it’s also downright dangerous?

Really, clear-thinking people need to smash this repellent practice when they see it by unapologetically confronting the negative signalers and their grievous deeds. Virtue signaling must become socially unacceptable if we are to hold on to the fruits of our civilization.

Let’s retain logos in order to smash the current chaos under which we live. The veil of ignorance must be thrown off.

One of the reasons virtue signaling is so sinister is due to its sheer simplicity. It’s easy to conform. It’s easy to echo popular opinion. And since when was anything that was worthwhile and noble easy?

“Our culture replaces ‘goodness’ as the summit of virtues with ‘tolerance’ — a tolerance always subject to the whims of fashion and standing within a world which knows no unchanging moral compass,” writes Father Lawrence Farley.

“Those whims might dictate almost anything. One season eating meat is declared unethical, and the next the wearing of fur. But apart from these arbitrary declarations of fashion, pretty much everything is tolerated — except, paradoxically, true goodness.”

“Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions.”
— G.K. Chesterton

Seeking truth is hard, putting in the effort to uncover it is even harder, and then championing it is the hardest of all. Fighting against deception and for principle has always had high costs, and virtue signaling only intensifies the risks.

Virtue signaling is lazy and emotional. It relies on people consuming status-quo soundbites of misinformation and regurgitating them in a self-congratulatory manner. It discourages research and deep introspection. Why do your homework if making hysterical proclamations and giving histrionic ultimatums can propel you among the saints?

“The activist ethos” and its bastard cousin virtue signaling are “an abdication of responsibility with the mask of social virtue,” remarks psychologist Jordan Peterson. Recklessness cloaked as altruism should not be celebrated nor condoned by civilized people.

It’s effortless to go off on nice people who question the popular narrative. People of good faith who want to engage and debate. Mannerly people who believe you should know what you’re talking about before you engage in the marketplace of ideas. Decent folk who abhor sophistry and high-time preference.

And it’s even easier to pile on against the detestable du jour. Punch a Nazi, right?

Journalist H.L. Mencken once said, “The trouble with fighting for human freedom is that one spends most of one’s time defending scoundrels. For it is against scoundrels that oppressive laws are first aimed, and oppression must be stopped at the beginning if it is to be stopped at all.”

Yes, advancing liberty often requires you to advocate for those the totalitarian mob discredits as “untouchable,” some of whom may even stand in opposition to particulars of your own belief system. But these days, nearly anyone can become a social pariah if he doesn’t fully ascribe to the tenets of political correctness.

Legit bad dude or not, a person who challenges the precepts, the data, the intentions, the logic, the tactics, the conclusion, or the remedy for whatever is the supposed ill or injustice is immediately maligned and marginalized as an ill-redemptive sinner, not worthy of human dignity, much less freedom of conscience.

Denounce or be deemed a scoundrel. Applaud the shallow public pronouncements or become a pariah. Bear false witness or be castigated a hater. Post, like, and share  inflammatory and “contextualized” Tweets, or be called a racist. White supremacists use nuance and all the cool kids gaslight, don’t ya know?

Virtue signaling encourages this charade. The purveyors of “acceptable opinion” who run academic, corporate, media, and government institutions invent fallacies that perpetuate progressivism. By pushing false narratives completely void of real context and fact, lies become “truth” and legitimate truth becomes intolerable.

It’s like a secular progressive version of Islam’s doctrine of taqiyya: lie to gain trust, advance your cause, and then smash the enemy. It emboldens the unfolding of deception in the public square, in the workplace, in education, and in lawmaking. It’s malevolence masquerading as benevolence, and it’s not nice.

The loud and knee-jerk virtue signalers serve as the propaganda foot soldiers of statism. They drown out counter voices and help to create the illusion that dissent or even any modicum of evaluation on the purported societal good is outrageous. Unthinkable. Hateful.

Virtue signaling is a poisonous paradigm that doesn’t require mass public approval, but rather only requires mass public passivity. It’s a sick social regimentation, exalting  group-think and the hive-mind of leftist identity politics over the individual, civilized behavior, and common damn sense.

It promotes a culture that positively reinforces the sophists, and negatively reinforces those who use reason, research, data, and dialog. But virtue signaling is not just morally tone deaf and intellectually comprising, it’s also physically and spiritually menacing.

“I hate silence, when it is time to speak.”
— Saint Kassiani

By twisting words, holding language hostage, and creating an atmosphere of trepidation among citizens, virtue signaling impedes the free and open exchange of ideas. In other words, it normalizes censorship.

And not just the kind in which people are legislated or coerced in the workplace or on campus into silence. “Speech codes,” “hate speech,” and “mandatory diversity and sensitivity” training are dire enough.

Virtue signaling and the climate of intolerant “tolerance” it undergirds often scare people into self-censoring. Some people go so far as to actively work against their self-interest. You see it all the time, do-gooders conceding for the sake of “unity” and “healing,” yet propping up the very ideas that increase division and spread lies.

For instance, the R.E. Lee Memorial Episcopal Church in Lexington, Va., recently stripped Lee from its name. In an effort to not be “misunderstood” or “divisive,” they caved to the mob, although church leaders admire Lee as a reconciler and a man of honor. So unprincipled and weak. Sounds a lot more like vice than virtue to me.

By limiting ideas and impeding critical thinking, sophistry creates a kind of “rhetorical paralysis,” as philosopher Stefan Molyneux stated in an interview about his book, “The Art of the Argument.” While discourse is supposed to improve culture and “catapult society through darkness and into light,” censorship casts a lifeless shadow on truth.

Humans possess the God-given ability and yearning to learn (grammar), contemplate (logic), and discuss (rhetoric). In classical education, this is known as the Trivium. And when you deny people that natural inclination, disastrous things can happen. Like Molyneux says, “You just can’t get beauty with discordant notes.”

“A society in which provocative speech could be punished would be a society without controversial politics, or art, or ideas.”
— Ben Wizner, ACLU director

It’s telling that the people who scream about “progress,” “reform,” “change,” and “moving forward” are the same ones who retard society by undercutting the very thing that defines civilization: “our willingness and ability to use words instead of fists,” explained Molyneux. And “in the absence of reason, violence rules.”

Civility is under attack. Dishonest signalers use selfish and gratuitous displays of post-modern piety to subvert the entire population by buttressing the state and the mob’s anarcho-tyranny. Add the irrational activists (who believe speech is violence) with government (which is force), and that’s bad news for a free and prosperous people.

Indeed, free expression is often used as the pretext for the PC oppressors’ brutal tactics. They can promote Soviet communism, raise Antifa flags at city hall, assault people in the streets, lawlessly topple statues, even attack cops all without resistance. I like to call it #MarxistPrivilege, and it is by design.

“Therefore pride is their necklace; they clothe themselves with violence.”
— Psalm 73:16

They have faux-PTSD conniptions over trolled-up grievances, like alleged “fashy” haircuts, “Nazi” hand gestures, white-supremacist frogs, and racist “It’s okay to be white” signs. And when they’re not being duped and shown to be fools by 4chan and /pol/, they’ll just fabricate bogus “hate crimes” as a way to try to silence non-leftists.

“But one girl died in Charlottesville,” they angrily retort, red-faced and bulging-eyed. Yet they ignore (with the mainstream media’s help) two-plus years of Antifa and BLM violence, shootings at the Family Research Council and the Republican softball practice.

Now apparently libertarian senators being assaulted at their homes. (Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs motives are still unknown, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the shooters were indeed good comrades carrying out Marxism to its terminal end: violence.) The lunatics are running the asylum, folks.

Virtue signaling upholds an environment that roundly assaults people’s freedom of conscience. This platform denial to citizens who wish to air their beliefs, question the status quo, and debate important issues of the day will have negative consequences for everyone. There is no “safe space” in which to hide from truth.

“Truth crushed to earth is truth still and like a seed will rise again.”
— Jefferson Davis

Let’s work together to make discourse celebrated and safe again. Let’s galvanize around truth, and shed ourselves of this perilous parroting of propaganda.

Virtue signaling not only has its unwitting adherents, but it also has its defenders, who claim that people critical of the collectivist practice are the ones hijacking public discourse and that “such cynicism is dangerous.” This progressive is half right.

Challenging a practice that bolsters lies is dangerous for the liars. Fighting a system that encourages censorship is dangerous for the censors. Resisting an ritual that foments hate and violence is dangerous for the violent haters. Using the Trivium increases virtue and supports civilization, so yes, it’s dangerous for the cult of incivility.

“You have to push as hard as the age that pushes against you.”
— Flannery O’Connor

As Robert E. Lee wrote in a letter to his son, “Hold on to your purity and virtue. They will proudly sustain you in all the trials and difficulties, and cheer you on in every calamity.” And that, my friends, is some advice worth taking and a battle worth fighting. Virtue is good, virtue signaling is bad, m’kay?

Source: Dissident Mama – The perils of parroting propaganda

If anyone should be taking a knee, it should be …

… people like me. And not for the social-justice reasons that black supremacists and their “woke” owners in the NFL, virtue-signaling scientists, or Hollywood liberals do.

Or leftist faculty in America’s law schools, brainwashed high-school students, or any other groups claiming to be for “equality” and against “racial injustice” do. Not even for the condescending and spiritually void reasons of allegedly resisting “supremacy” and “unapologetic [white] racism” that evangeleftists do.

No, it should be people like me, who understand that what this #TakeAKnee movement really represents is special rights for aggrieved minorities, second-class citizenship for non-leftists, and buttressing the conspiracy theory of white privilege. It’s an emotional ploy void of careful study aimed at promoting radical egalitarianism, racial parity, and Marxism through the cultural norms and force of law.

It should be intellectually curious people like me, who understand that “The National Anthem” was written by Francis Scott Key during the War of 1812 when the sovereigns comprising “These United States of America” unified in order to fight a common enemy.

Amateur historians like me, who get that the flag hasn’t represented freedom since 1861, when central authority became status quo. (Even Key’s grandson understood that the stars and stripes came to represent oppression during the War of Northern Aggression.)

Southerners like me, who are resistors to the federal government’s continued siege on Dixie, from invasion during the “civil war,” to the ongoing cultural genocide and colonization of our home, to the post-modern assault on our history and symbols.

States’ righters like me, who resent the constant usurpation of smaller, more localized government by the oligarchs and Deep State in Washington, and the fact that we’re then castigated as the bad guys in this battle for self-determination.

Secessionists like me, who abhor the one-size-fits-all “indivisibility” that has been foisted upon and accepted by the masses as the norm, and who yearn for a “nation” that allows the unique Southern people to exist in a world without the constant assault of puritanical progressivism.

unReconstructed folks like me, who are still Jeffersonian and Confederate and proud of it, yet are classified as “domestic terrorists” by our homeland security overlords and as “Nazis” by the profiteers of perjury in the mainstream media.

Unaffiliated voters like me, who grasp that the Republicans and Democrats in Congress and the bureaucratic shadow government are a league of selfish and power-hungry tyrants, not “public servants.”

Americans like me, who know that professional sports have long been used by the military-industrial complex as a tool of increasing nationalist fervor and that these “paid patriotism” ceremonies are meant to promote America’s never-ending thirst for foreign adventurism and the people’s support of it. 

Intellectually consistent gals like me, who hate the double standard of political, cultural, and media fawning over #TakeAKnee as being morally right and just, but disallowing other “solidarity” displays at the NFL, and even calling those who choose to stand supporters of “white supremacy.”

Voters like me, who see the hypocrisy of Congress passing a resolution condemning “white supremacy,” yet not offering a peep about BLM supporters depicting the lynching of a white boy.

Media literate chicks like me, who are sick of the lying press constantly whipping up a frenzied “Nazi” narrative, painting violent thugs as victims, and offering no Dylann-Roof-level outrage but only utter silence when churches are shot up by radicalized “people of color.”

GenXers like me, who are expected to pay for Millennial’s useless college degrees and their subsequent indoctrination, as well as the Baby Boomers’ overpriced Medicare, while we struggle to stay out of debt in this hyper-inflated world built upon a fiat-currency house of cards.

Anarcho-capitalists like me, who know that central banking and the progressive tax system are both tools used to perpetuate the federal leviathan and keep the people in the vulnerable position of “subject,” not “citizen.”

Good stewards like me, who are enraged that the EPA cracks down on people catching rainwater, creates a fictional global-warming crisis, and uses crony capitalism to fund expensive and inefficient “green” energies that aren’t as capable as coal or natural gas.

Healthy eaters like me, who know the FDA and USDA make natural food more expensive and less accessible in order to bolster the mega corporate farms that do their bidding.

Concerned parents like me, who aren’t necessarily anti-vaxxers, but know that hardcore rounds of shots the CDC recommends to very young and developing children probably isn’t the best course of action and that parents have the right to research, refuse, or reschedule the concerning regiment.

Law-abiding folks like me, who are worried by the militarization of local law enforcement, the federal government’s buying up stockpiles of ammunition, arming non-law-enforcement agencies, and creating a tyranny of law with more than 4,000 federal statutes on the books.

Gun owners like me, who constantly see the 2nd Amendment trampled upon by illogical and expensive regulations aimed at disarming citizens and preventing a peaceful populace from utilizing arms in self-defense.

Private citizens like me, who abhor the increasing police state, the very existence of the TSA, and the NSA’s spying and data-gathering used not to increase the safety of citizens and diminish threats against the “homeland,” but rather to keep on eye on dissenters to the statist narrative.

Free thinkers like me, who understand that freedom of conscience is under assault with “speech codes” on America’s government-subsidized college campuses, that censorship of non-leftist expression is condoned as in places like Berkeley, Boston, and Charlottesville, and that the increasing media and political support for “hate speech” rules are never applied to Marxists like Antifa or BLM.

Concerned citizens like me, who don’t see equal justice under the law being carried out when “hate crime” designations are only applied when white folks commit a crime against black folks, or straight people against LGBT people, or Christians against Muslims.

Liberty lovers like me, who are funding the importation of illegal immigrants from socialist and theocratic Muslim countries while being told that these folks come to America for freedom, not welfare benefits and not to fundamentally change the culture and voting tendencies of the republic through the demographic scam that is “multi-culturalism.”

Libertarians like me, who believe in the nonaggression principle, yet are forced to subsidize America’s warfare state and the empire’s ceaseless meddling, killing, and foreign adventurism.

Peace advocates like me, who are incensed that the lion’s share of the armed forces are comprised of Southern soldiers who are loathed and scorned by the federal government for which they fight, and that the National Guard is deployed across the world to fight for other nations.

Christians like me, who believe the Bible’s 10 Commandments are the inerrant Word of God, yet we’re compelled to prop up a government that steals, fosters a culture of covetousness, and kills indiscriminately.

Jesus followers like me, who see the hypocrisy of Christians that don’t “Bake the cake” being found guilty of discrimination and losing their businesses due to lofty court fees vs. leftist businesses never being held to the same legal standard.

Pro-lifers like me, whose federal taxes keep open the doors to Planned Parenthood, and allows federal courts to abuse power by creating “rights,” taking sovereignty away from the states, and calling murder “choice.”

Home educators like me, who are hassled by government in order to show we uppity parents (who think we can educate our kids better than the conformist and activist bureaucrats the teachers’ colleges churn out) that homeschooling is a temporary gift that our statist overlords have granted, so we’d better not rock the boat.

Moms like me, whose taxes pay for K-12 “education” which grooms little kids for homosexuality, transsexuality, and intersectionality, teaches little boys that being masculine is “toxic” and little girls that being a slut is about freedom and autonomy, and pushes Marxism as mainstream.

Lifelong learners like me, who subsidize higher “education” but know that universities are nothing more than progressive indoctrination centers which teach “race, class, and gender” as the crux of every woe in life, and brainwash young adults into the cults of libertinism and victimhood.

Wives of hard workers like me, whose husband’s are the backbone producers at crony-capitalist corporations, yet are treated as dispensable entities that must train their H-1B replacements.

Traditionalists like me, who believe in meritocracy, yet live in a nation-state ruled by affirmative action, gender quotas, mandated diversity and sensitivity training, and leftists pushing work ethic as a “whiteness ideology.”

Consumers like me, who fund through taxes leftist programming at NPR and PBS, and can’t escape the nihilistic “entertainment” that Hollywood churns out in their ceaseless campaign for socialism.

Homeowners like me, who see the statist Smart Growth and New Urbanism schemes not as environmental necessities or HUD do-gooderism, but as attacks on private property and consumer choice.

Average Joes like me, who don’t have the influence of the NFL and their lackeys in the media, or the power of leftists pervading every level of government, or the money statists use to shove Marxism down our throats in all aspects of our lives.

Realists like me, who see the government stats for crime and are maddened that by virtue of discussing this data, you’re pegged a racist, and that #TakeAKnee never considers these facts, and instead just blames “systemic racism” or “white supremacy” for every struggle.

Normal folks like me, who are just done with “racial justice” being used as excuse to foist Marxism on the masses.

But gals like me are also mannerly and civilized and know that honest dialog free from emotion – not bratty behavior, social-justice showmanship, horrible name calling, and bullying – is the way to create positive change and a happier citizenry. So, no, I won’t be doing the fashionable thing and taking a knee, but I sure have more than enough reasons to do so.

Source: Dissident Mama – If anyone should be taking a knee, it should be …

“Virtue signaling” isn’t virtuous

“Racism is bad.” Nooo, really?

“Hate is evil.” Gasp, no way!

“The Klan is offensive.” Shocking!

“White supremacy is unchristian.” What the heck is “white supremacy”? Oh, you mean white people who aren’t self-loathing and want to advocate for themselves and their families in our identity-politics-obsessed culture? Meh.

“No Trump. No KKK. No fascist USA!” Now, that one doesn’t even make sense in reality, but I suppose it might in leftist fairy-tale land.

I mean, Trump was duly elected; he’s not a Klansman, nor are there any significant KKK numbers in the country. Remember, in Charlottesville, all 20-ish of that region’s Klan members gathered in July, and not at the infamous rally in August. (Sure, you’d never know that by reading the average press account or mainstream blog post about Unite the Right, but it’s still fact.) And the people shouting about fighting fascism are the very ones practicing it.

“Neo-Confederates are pro-slavery.” Not sure what a “neo-Confederate” is – probably just a term created by the media and used to bludgeon non-leftists, as is “white supremacist” – but I’m a Confederate who wants more freedom for individuals, not less.

Regardless, these are some of the pronouncements to which we’ve increasingly been subjected. It’s political theater veiled as “resistance.” Slogans like #ThisIsNotUs, “Black Lives Matter,” or “Diversity Makes Us Stronger” abound when it comes to the topic of race. But fear not, vacuous “virtue signals” come in a variety of social-justice flavors.

They can be about refugees (“Let them in”), immigration (“America is for everyone”), LGBT (“Love trumps hate”), or fat acceptance (“You may be fat, but you’re still healthy”). It can flaunt your status regarding environmentalism (driving a Prius), Islam (displaying a “COEXIST” bumper sticker), feminism (a man wearing a “This is what a feminist looks like” t-shirt), and recycling (shopping with a “My reusable bag makes me better than you” tote).

What these virtue signals do have in common is that they represent simplistic and lazy thinking over deep and reasoned contemplation. Certainly there are valid reasons to oppose wide-open borders with a welfare state, or expensive and wasteful recycling as an environmental good, or the notions of obesity as being medically equal to being fit, or BLM as being benevolent eracism activists, not Marxist agitators.

Virtue signals are merely status symbols. They’re superficial in that they promote instant feel-good gratification over thoughtful reflection and nuanced study. They’re worthless platitudes over meaningful dialog. They’re emotion over fact. They’re about appearance, popularity, and self. And to me, that’s way more about vice than it ever is about virtue.

Words matter

“It is abhorrent to degrade the desire to be virtuous,” read a recent Facebook post. “Belittling the word virtue like that will erode our culture’s desire to posses it.”

But “virtue” and “virtue signalling” are two wholly different things with vastly different meanings, intents, and outcomes. And it’s my belief that virtue signaling deserves scorn and should be the pejorative it has become in modern lexicon. So, let’s compare some terms.

Virtue, noun (Merriam-Webster):
1 a: conformity to a standard of right: morality
1 b: a particular moral excellence
2: a beneficial quality or power of a thing
3: manly strength or courage: valor
4: a commendable quality or trait: merit
5: a capacity to act: potency
6: chastity especially in a woman
7: virtues, plural: an order of angels

Virtue signaling, verb (Wikipedia):
the conspicuous expression of moral values done primarily with the intent of enhancing standing within a social group

The science of signaling

Interestingly, “virtue signaling” was coined by evolutionary biologists within the examination of “signaling theory,” which studies communication between individuals, both verbal and physical, animal and human, and within and across species. It delves into the conveyance of information in nature and in economics, and looks at motivation and results of signals and whether they’re honest or dishonest.

In nature, honest signaling is mutually beneficial for both signaler and receiver, such as warning signals given off by poisonous or dangerous animals. However, an individual can “cheat” by sending out deceitful signals. This is thought to solely benefit the signaler in the short-term, but in fact eventually subverts the entire population in the long-term.

These biologists first began using the term “virtue signaling” to describe “piety” among religious peoples, like fasting, circumcision, and snake handling. Well, I see these not as virtue signals to the world at large, but rather as common practices within an in-group, traditions that are shared by a people unified in faith, and private rituals that don’t necessarily have to signal membership to a group or castigate those outside of it.

Whitewashed tombs

Now, as a catechumen in Orthodox Christianity, we do participate in fasting as an act of self-denial – a type of training that is supposed to engender greater understanding for Christ’s earthly struggles – while also growing us into stronger Jesus followers through a regimen of self-control. However, it should never be bragged or bandied about like a merit badge or a special spiritual honor.

“And when you fast, do not look gloomy like the hypocrites … [instead] anoint your head and wash your face, that your fasting may not be seen by others but by your Father who is in secret.”
— Matthew 6:16‭-‬18

In fact, Orthodoxy teaches that if on a fasting day a person offers you a food or drink item of which you’re supposed to be abstaining, you should not say, “Oh, I’m a super-cool and enlightened person, so I can’t eat that” (as many uppity vegans do). Instead, you receive the hospitality, accept the generous gifts, and partake gratefully.

Otherwise, the focus becomes more an outward display of piety and less about maturing and becoming more Christ-like. This is how a Facebook friend of mine eloquently put it.

So, when it comes to religion, signaling theory may not necessarily be in line with the evolutionary biologists’ narrow presumptions about the practices of the faithful. But they are indeed correct that religious folks do virtue signal and progressive Christians are some of the worst. I mean, the “holier than thou” rap is a legitimate beef in many instances.

Scoring points

There’s never a shortage of people proudly broadcasting to their peers easy condemnations and emotional ultimatums – “easy” and “emotional” being the operative words. And their stances are often seen as “brave” and “virtuous” by either other virtue-signalers or the uninformed.

But in truth, the politically correct proclamation is often a self-serving rant done to increase the signaler’s popularity within an in-group, or a deflection that protects the signaler from chastisement or punishment by peers within said group. In these instances, it’s selfishness on display, not courage. The desire is vanity, not virtue.

“They pour out arrogant words;
all the evildoers are full of boasting.”
— Psalm 94:4

I don’t expect any common decency from Antifa, or the dinosaur media, or foreign “conservatives,” or Congress, or Mitt freakin’ Romney. But I do hold Christians to a high standard, and man, have they been testing my tolerance for hypocrisy lately.

From the Southern Baptist Convention’s banning of the Confederate Battle Flag in 2016 to this summer’s hysterical resolution against the “alt-right,” to uber-evangeleftist Russell Moore claiming in the Washington Post that “white supremacy is Satanism,” to even the knee-jerk Orthodox denunciations of “white nationalism or neo-Nazism,” it seems like gossiping and bearing false witness are all the rage these days. Very disappointing indeed.

“Russell Moore seems giddy over the racial strife. It’s good for his business. It’s no accident that the liberal press gives him so much ink. They love him because he frequently attacks the Lord’s Church & he does so while claiming the Lord’s sanction.”
— Pastor Shane Kastler

Funny that social media is teeming with ignorant and/or opportunistic denunciations on certain matters that the mob has already deemed open-and-shut cases of good vs. evil. Yet, some pastors suddenly care about facts when it comes to heretic Joel Osteen of all people. Apparently, the “prosperity gospel” guru is even more defensible with preachers than is anyone remotely “alt-right,” pro-Southern, white and proud of it, anti-feminist, or non-leftist to any noticeable degree.

In regards to the “media tidal wave” against Osteen, as Wheaton professor Ed Stetzer described it, the evangelical bigwig offered up in four guidelines:

If only people would follow this sage advice and give such careful consideration on all topics – no matter how unpopular the players and how adamant the media is in opposing one side – virtue signaling probably wouldn’t be a thing. But Stetzer cannot follow his own common-sense suggestions.

Every leftist in-group is given grace and love, a platform to express themselves, and is sometimes even lauded. However, anyone who dares stray from the strict-yet-ever-morphing Marxist playbook is censored, despised, and instantly targeted for destruction. No day in court. No innocent until proven guilty. Just mob excoriation, pitch forks, and torches.

It’s obvious that many Christians simply cannot be consistent on Biblical principle, especially when it comes to matters of race. Take Pastor Robert Lee IV, who recently went on MTV’s Video Music Awards and denounced his great-great-great-great-uncle Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee as “an idol of white supremacy, racism and hate,” but who interestingly endorses BLM. What a gloomy hypocrite.

“It is necessary we should be humble and taught to be less boastful, less selfish, and more devoted to right
and to justice to all the world.”
— Gen. Robert E. Lee

How can we expect anything more from secular, atheist, and non-Christian society when so many Jesus followers are plugging their ears, upping the emotion, piling on, covering their own backs, being too quick to respond, and endorsing deceivers. If the masses continue to be more concerned with scoring points than they are with honesty and ethics, well, we’re going to remain mired in this dystopian culture of praising the cheaters and shunning the truth-seekers.

That is not only depraved, it is dangerous. And it sure is hell ain’t virtuous.

Be sure to check out my next blog, “The perils of parroting propaganda,” to be published later this week.

Source: Dissident Mama – “Virtue signaling” isn’t virtuous

Strip Freeman High School of a name it doesn’t deserve

I went up to Richmond a few weekends ago, and it was utterly depressing to what extent progressive dogma reigns supreme in my old hometown. In less than a generation, that former great, conservative Southern city has been almost fully colonized by leftist carpet baggers, socialist foreigners, and Marxists of all stripes.

Moreover, so many native Virginians have either given up the fight or are willing participants in the sellout of their once noble and unique culture, leaving the onetime capital of the Confederacy a sad and hollowed out shell of its former self. I thought to myself, “Where, oh where, have the rebels gone?”

And then I stumbled upon this petition, which was created and written by a current student from my high school. The irrational and ridiculous social-justice rants of this kid pushed me over the edge. My tolerance for stupid is pretty low these days. I felt I had to do something.

I could fight to defend and keep Freeman High School’s embattled historical foundations intact. Or I could instead get on the offensive and try to take from the leftists that which doesn’t belong to them: my heritage, my history, my culture. After all, the haters just don’t deserve to be associated with something so proud and grand.

So, I took the latter course, and I came up with my own petition. Full text is below or you can visit my link to sign as a supporter of the cause.

The nihilists can try to tear down all of our symbols and attempt to erase every vestige of our history, while also co-opting for themselves the parts they like. But we unReconstructed folk know that Southernness will always be our birthright and the ungrateful bastards should have none of it.

A recent photo I captured of Freeman and his wife’s graves at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Va.

Petitioning Douglas Southall Freeman High School
September 24, 2017

I grew up in the neighborhood behind Freeman High School. My two sisters and I all graduated from DSF in the 1980s. Being raised by parents who were both native Richmonders, we were a family of unapologetic blue-and-gray rebels. We could walk to home football games on Friday nights and hear from our back yard the marching band practice on Saturday mornings. We were all proud cross-country and long-distance track runners. Back then, people had a connection to the history and community of Freeman – a school founded about the same time as the house in which my sisters and I grew up was built.

Since most of us and our families hailed from Richmond, or at least somewhere in the Old Dominion, we embraced that our beloved high school was named after Southern historian Douglas Southall Freeman, who won Pulitzer prizes for biographies on two of Virginia’s finest native sons, Robert E. Lee and George Washington. We understood that that was why our yearbook was called “The Historian.” That was why we were called “the Rebels.” That was why we waived Confederate Battle Flags and wore Confederate booster buttons, and sang “Dixie” at sporting events. And that was why our mascot was a burly Confederate-clad soldier called “Rebel Man.” We knew that Freeman wrote about brave and noble American soldiers, generals, and statesmen, and that that proud Southern spirit defined our middle-class community, both black and white, in a positive and fruitful way.

But now, Rebel Man is gone. The flag is gone. Dixie is gone. And I understand that even the mascot name “Rebels” is being challenged as “racist and divisive” by a student in your activist, er, I mean, “leadership” center. Does he, the student body and their parents, the administration, and the school board not grasp the fact that DSF was a rebel? By today’s ill-informed and miseducated standards, Freeman is pejoratively called a “lost cause” historian, meaning that he actually believed in the cause for states’ rights and stood against central authority. That’s just the heritage of Virginia and her cavalier people, y’all. Like it or lump it.

So, taking my cue from both my alma mater’s namesake and the school’s current “Never be bullied into silence” campaign, I am petitioning that the “Freeman” name be removed from my high school. If the students, administrators, and community at large cannot respect the value of this amazing writer’s historical works, the fact that he regularly saluted the Lee statue on Monument Avenue when driving to his longtime job as editor of the Richmond News Leader, and his love for being “deeply rooted in the soil of old Virginia,” well, I don’t think y’all deserve the honorable name of Douglas Southall Freeman. How about Quisling High or the Reconstructed School? Those might be more fitting in these topsy-turvy times that try men’s souls.

Source: Dissident Mama – Strip Freeman High School of a name it doesn’t deserve

Mob rule reigns, but everyone just wants to virtue signal

I had seriously considered going to Unite the Right (UtR). So, for many weeks I’ve been following the unfolding event, the speakers, the infighting, the city hysteria, and all the legalities very closely.

An orgy of virtue-signaling

I’m not Monday-morning-quarterbacking, like so many other people out there who just yesterday realized there was even anything of interest happening in Charlottesville. Apparently, it just takes five minutes of cable-news viewing and HuffPo reading to turn one into an “alt-right” expert.

Nor am I participating in the shallow and self-serving virtue-signaling against “racism” that the masses are advertising to the world. So brave. Or the “we are one” rhetoric that conservatives habitually utter before placing a flag overlay on their pics and then going back to sleep. Nor am I going to #StandWithCharlottesville because this social-justice city not only created Saturday’s chaos, but its citizens, leaders, and police purposefully made it as painful as possible to teach dissenters and nonconformists a lesson. In other words, it was a set-up and statists at every level have blood on their hands.

Nor am I dismissing both the alt-right and Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists as horrible abominations, like some libertarians are doing. Or broad-brush condemning the UtR, as every opportunist Republican is doing. I am indeed taking a side, which may lose me some friends. But at this stage of my dissidence, I’m sadly used to that sort of thing.

I was almost there

So, let me tell you why I was entertaining the idea of attending. First, I was going to put my journalism skills to work in order to witness first-hand and then report from the ground what actually unfolded. Seems that only myself and about five other people I know grasp this concept of gathering facts before making impassioned proclamations. As we smart skeptics understand, the mainstream media is chillingly effective at ignoring evidence and twisting it for its own ends. So, I thought this rally might be an opportune exercise in real truth-seeking.

As an observer, I would’ve interviewed the varied types attendees, from Southern traditionalists, who want to combat the cleansing and revisionism of Confederate history, and traditionalists, who aim to foster old-school family values, modesty, and virtue; to ethno-nationalists and white identitarians; to First-Amendment proponents and Constitutionalists; to a smattering of national socialists (a.k.a. Nazis … you know, the guys with swastikas).

But I think a large portion of the attendees were really just folks who’ve grown disaffected with libertarian and conservative philosophizing about the dangers of progressivism. They saw the rally as a tangible way to put words into action and to stand up against the unholy doctrine of cultural Marxism, especially anti-whiteness.

Jason Kessler, the event organizer and Charlottesville native, doesn’t even consider himself a white nationalist. In fact, he told CNN that the event was about “preserving history against … censorship,” “being allowed to advocate for your interests as a white person, just like other groups are allowed to advocate for their interests politically,” and “free speech.”

Hey hey, ho ho, political correctness has got to go

All in all, it was supposed to be a day of opposition to political correctness, and that’s why there were so many shades of “the right” present. After all, non-leftism is a pretty huge tent and social-justice warriors have done a bang-up job of pissing off a lot of different kinds of people. There’s some diversity for ya.

I figured I wouldn’t have been able to interview Antifa or BLM protesters out of fear for my own safety. Truly, they are violent nihilists who would just as easily punch or mob-attack me while decrying “supremacy” or the “patriarchy” or “hate” as they would get an abortion or give their kid hormones to transition to the opposite gender. But at least I could witness what exactly it was they were chanting, hurling, and spraying.

Second, although I am not a national socialist by any stretch of the imagination – heck, I’m an anti-state libertarian who believes in secession, subsidiarity, and decentralization – I saw this rally as one possible impediment to the scourge of “social justice.” It was pissing off all the right people, from the city’s New Yorker mayor, Mike Signer, and anti-white vice mayor, Wes Bellamy, to the he-she Twitter activist and creator of #DefendCville, Emily Gorcenski, and Virginia governor and Clinton lackey, Terry McAuliffe. After all, triggering leftists is one of the few silver linings of living in a perverted post-modern world.

We’re all identitarians in some way

Third, Lee Park was supposed to be where the rally took place. Recently rebranded “Emancipation Park” by the social democrats who have invaded Charlottesville – just one among the casualties of Southern cities that have morphed into a toxic blend of carpet-bagging transplants and guilt-ridden Southern quislings – I considered it quite fitting for an unReconstructed rebel like myself to show up to resist to city’s plans to remove the park’s monument honoring Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

Fourth, I firmly believe (and now have been proven correct) that there is a pervading anti-white sentiment sweeping our culture. It’s not only socially and institutionally acceptable to say and do racist things towards white people, but it’s become a prerequisite for “polite” conversation. Hell, it’s becoming law! There is a different set of rules and expectations for white folks, and this has awakened a broad contingent of people who are repelling that harmful and hateful agenda. It’s objective truth, y’all, so don’t go and get all “social sciences” or “social justice” on me. Just open your damn eyes.

They’re asking why can every other “person of color” tout his pride, except whites? Why can every other ethnicity, race, and sexual “preference” practice in-group preference, except for straight white American-born men? Why can every other ideological faction define itself by identity politics, but if you’re a white identitarian, you’re a white supremacist?

Honestly, we are all “identitarians” in some way: Christian, parent, libertarian, husband, wife, Austrian economist, anarcho-capitalist, etc. People categorize and sort as a way to make sense of the world. And being tribal isn’t necessarily bad. God created all the tribes of the earth, so it’s been the organic state for most of human history. But it’s when you want your identity worshiped and subsidized and forced upon others that it becomes problematic.

Being white’s not a sin, neither is being Southern

As a white chick (well, technically, a 3/4 mix of Scottish, Irish, and Welsh + 1/4 Lebanese) who’s married to a white man and has three white sons, the assault against whiteness has made me say that, yes, I suppose I am pro-white. So freakin’ what? To be anything else would be stupid, self-loathing, not self-evident, and insincere. Otherwise, I’d be anti-white, right?

Moreover, I’m a person who never really thought in those terms till recently. I truly do believe in live and let live. I love Jesus, I voted for Ron Paul, and I believe in the nonaggression principle. I’m more naturally meritocractic in my worldview, but I refuse to be trampled under foot by cultural Marxism, so I’ve been forced to take a self-defensive posture. I am pro-life and pro-liberty, and my kith and kin are not excluded from those ethics just because they’re white.

Also, why can every other in-group spit on Southerners, but when they defend their home and history, they’re pegged as racists? Why is treating the South as the perpetual whipping boy for all the evils of Western civilization not only fashionable, but so status quo? And why do Southerners never get any credit for their accomplishments and contributions, of which many have either been co-opted or stolen.

Why is it okay for pastors to preach sermons about unity, “racial reconciliation,” and how bigotry is anti-Christian, yet these are rarely standards applied to nonwhites. Silent are the proclamations against progressivism and all of its sinister manifestations.

These platitudes ring hollow when what’s touted is that “White people got work to do,” while every “aggrieved minority” (and there sure are a ton of ’em) is given a pass. Perhaps they’re saying that white people’s sin is soooo much worse than everyone else’s, or maybe they’re too scared to rock the leftist boat. Who knows. But how is that brotherhood? How can that foster divine godliness within the Church? Double standards and hypocrisy breed division and inauthenticity.

Complicity: Charlottesville & the media

Before the event even occurred, the rules for “Other” were already on display in Charlottesville. For instance, Kessler applied for and got a permit to have the rally at Lee Park, only to have the city revoke said permit days before the scheduled event. He obtained the legal help of the ACLU shockingly, and a federal judge overturned the unconstitutional act.

Some restaurants denied service to UtR attendees, and Air BnB canceled some people’s reservations, proving that freedom of association is only applicable for leftists, otherwise, “Bake the cake, Nazi!” Could you imagine if a conservative refused service to a BLM activist? We’d all have to undergo some kind of mass mandatory sensitivity training. Obviously, there are some segments of the population who aren’t allowed at the lunch counter. Next stop, to the back of the bus, whitey.

Even if the protesters were all “neo-Nazis,” as the dinosaur media called UtR, Marxists are still worse. Echoing the astute judgement of libertarian economist Walter Block, I’d rather live under national socialism than communism, and under fascism than national socialism. Sure, they’re all varying degrees of tyranny but commies – some of whom were smugly flying their Soviet hammer-and-sickle flags yesterday – have caused more human suffering in the name of their ideology than has true Nazism in its short-lived heyday.

To me, the “counter-protesters” and “peaceful protesters,” which is how mainstream news outlets described the savage thugs, are for more dangerous than are a bunch of “far-right extremists” who simply wanted to exercise their rights to free expression, peaceful assembly, and self-defense, if necessary. Charlottesville’s Daily Progress reported that UtR “storms” the city, pushing the pre-conceived narrative that alt-righters blitzed into town, raping and pillaging, taking no prisoners.

Fortunately, for those of us who care to do our homework and find out the facts, many attendees took video footage and released live streams, detailing and capturing many of the controversial happenings as they occurred. Just google it, people. Stop being such a dupe. Here’s what a Facebook friend had to say about it.

Uncivilized brutes & Marxist patsies

The Marxists sprayed rally-goers with bleach, acid, and CO2-propelled bear pepper-spray, pummeled them with bricks, bottles of urine, and feces, and beat them with steel batons. Alt-righters fought back. Period.

The college, city, and state police who were supposed to protect speakers, keep peace in surrounding areas, and help the actual event run as orderly as possible, reneged on their duties. Some cops laughed as UtR were doused with bodily fluids. They made attendees fight their way through blocks and blocks of belligerent provocateurs and didn’t provide the multiple venue entrances that had been promised to Kessler.

After having survived this onslaught, event speakers were told to disperse and disband. So, if you don’t fall on the victim pyramid, “unlawful” now means “following the letter of the law but still being shut down.” Cops left citizens, who were depending on them for safety, trapped and surrounded by aggressive hordes, and then allowed Antifa and BLM take over the streets for a victory lap once the alt-righters were gone. Meanwhile, UtR are the bad guys, and leftist agitators are victims and saints. Madness.

In addition to not knowing for sure if I’d even have any allies at the rally, I did know that I’d be on unfair footing strategically, which helped me decide that attending would be unwise. Would white nationalists have my back? Would the cops do their jobs? And why put myself in a life-and-death situation only to be called the instigator, if I were to use force to defend my body?

Even though I was proven correct in my calculations that the media and police cover for the left, it’s really shocking the extent to which the corruption, cover-ups, complicity, and conformity has gone. And it’s still going.

Corruption carries on

Even today, Kessler tried to hold a press conference. Police led him up to the podium, and then abandoned him … again. Mob rule is now the new “normal,” y’all. Either submit to it or be castigated as a Nazi. Denounce “white supremacy,” or have your faith called into question or be fired from your job. Hitler would be oh so proud of the government’s authoritarian tactics and the leftist storm troopers and useful idiots who embolden the mission. It’s a sham, political theater at its most disgusting, and most everyone is falling for it.

Where does this leave folks who don’t want to bend over and take it? I mean, take the Southern man, for instance. He tried to peacefully secede, but was forced back into an inequitable “union” at the point of a gun and then “reconstructed” by bayonet.

He built statues as not to forget the Confederate past, but his heroes are being razed and his ancestral culture erased. In 2016, he used the political process to pass a bill through the Virginia legislature to protect all historic monuments, only to have McAuliffe veto the bill.

He’s pegged a racist simply for existing. His kids are taught to despise their heritage, and all on his dime. His ancestors are mocked and called traitors. Yet when he resists, the full force of the institutions which his forebears built and the principles they established are misused against him.

Kessler went to great lengths to hold a peaceful and legal rally in his hometown, but statists instead sacrificed him on the altar of social justice. Now he’s being blamed. UtR attendees are being blamed and portrayed as the perpetrators, not the victims. (If anything, I think they showed great restraint under such trying and scary circumstance. I, for one, would’ve surely lost my cool.) And the monuments are being blamed for inciting hate and murder, and will most likely come down quickly to “honor the dead” that the city of Charlottesville and their leftist lynch mob helped kill.

Truth to power

People who simply wanted to speak out about what they see as a caste system in which they are the untouchables were taught a lesson French Revolution-style. Just work, pay your taxes, self-flagellate, and shut up, cracker, or off with your head. Crazy thing is, this rally proved these alleged Nazis 100% correct in their claims, yet most don’t recognize the irony.

Mob rule is at its zenith. But we can tear it down from its peak. Free speech and equal justice are dead for white non-leftists, but we can enliven it. But if you ain’t ready for battle, get out of the way because the civil war is upon us, whether we like it or not. And if you want to virtue signal about your anti-racist street cred, don’t be shocked when you find that a mob-ocracy has a sinister way of always eating its own.

The Confederate dead who are memorialized across Dixie were made of sterner stuff than their statues. They were resilient. Risk takers. People willing to sacrifice for their hearth and home. And they’re there to remind us that some things are worth fighting for. And tearing down this diseased “indivisible” union is the rightful remedy to securing peace.

Source: Dissident Mama – Mob rule reigns, but everyone just wants to virtue signal

Puritans, part 1: Coming to America

Recently, Business Insider editor, MSNBC contributor, and public-radio personality Josh Barro called the left’s war on American culture “annoying.” He explained that “Liberals have supplanted conservatives as moralizing busybodies.” New York Magazine‘s Jonathan Chait “even tweeted support of Barro’s “sensible thoughts,” calling out the Democrats’ supposedly new-found misadventure of “liberal sanctimony.”

Funny that in all his talk condemning such “moralizing,” neo-liberal Barro went on to further pontificate about the Dems suffering “from a cultural disconnect from non-college-educated voters who have abandoned the party in droves.” But not to worry, the left’s “substantial inroads with upscale suburban voters have been more than offset by the loss of voters down the income spectrum, most of whom did not finish college.”

Translation: If I pepper my blue-blood insults with enough of an overall empathic tone, I can probably admit that “following all the [politically correct] rules has become exhausting,” while also simultaneously telling the poor and stupid masses how poor and stupid they are. Bless his heart, this New England son really tried, but unfortunately, moralizing is all this atheist, gay, Russell-Moore-loving, Harvard “educated,” media elite really has to offer.

In fact, moralizing is and always has been the left’s religion. It’s the “puritanical progressives,” as I refer to them, who are constantly intruding into our lives through never-ending regulations, laws, educational indoctrination, corporate edicts, hive-mind social pressures, and media proselytizing. It’s a devilish scheme in which the pietistic purveyors of “social justice” have concocted a scenario that leaves no room for discussion, logic, or science.

And if you disagree with their flawless emotional creeds and ever-changing but always-correct edicts, well, you’re either an idiot, a hateful troublemaker, or you must just want people to die. That’s why these self-proclaimed Solomons feel no compunction in silencing, discrediting, maligning, bullying, punching, pepper-spraying, or perhaps even killing dissenters.

It’s this diabolical concoction of socialist politics mixed with religious fervor that has become the dominant “cultural power” and is even “more motivating than public policy,” to borrow Barro’s own words. It’s my contention that this holier-than-thou mindset is borne of New England Puritanism and has been a thorn in the side of liberty and self-determination ever since the Pilgrims came to America. So, let’s take a gander at history, shall we?

The Church of England, also called the Anglican Church, was established when King Henry VIII broke with the Catholic Church in 1534 in order to divorce his wife on grounds that she didn’t give him a male heir. Henry’s defiance of the Pope, who had denied him a divorce request, and break with Rome made this new state-run Church of England Protestant by definition, yet it still shared many liturgical practices with Catholicism. Thus, Anglicanism was (and still is) considered “high church.”

Enter in lawyer-turned-theologian John Calvin. His seminal writing – “Institutes of the Christian Religion” (first published in 1536) – challenged Catholic Church government and promoted divergent dogma, such as justification by faith alone and Sola Scriptura, and an abandonment of Church sacraments, rituals, and traditions.

By the late 1500s and early 1600s, there was a growing faction of Anglicans who had become disillusioned with the state ecclesiastical system. Influenced greatly by Calvin’s Protestant teachings, these Christians pushed for simplified Church worship, challenged what they deemed as apostasy of Anglican hierarchy, and wanted to shed themselves of liturgy they considered an impediment to practicing a more “pure” spiritual life – hence, the name Puritans.

Calvinism continued to spread, although there were varied belief systems and splinter groups within the movement at large, some more Puritan than others, but all united in opposition to Anglicanism. For instance, Congregationalists championed self-governing congregations independent from the Church. Presbyterians, who had a strong hold in Scotland, wanted a national church headed by pastors and elders. And Separatists severed all ties from the Church in order to create their own communities.

Kings Henry and then James harassed and mistreated all sects of non-Anglican Protestants, whom they considered rabble-rousing religionists. Persecution ranged from fines for missing Sunday services and Holy days, imprisonment for holding “illegal” meetings, loss of employment, and even execution in some instances.

In 1608, a group of Separatists fled England for Holland. Even though the Dutch were highly tolerant of these immigrants and their perceived unconventional religious practices, the Puritans worried about the loss of their English identity, as well as the corrupting effect morally lax Dutch culture was having on their children.

In order to protect their religious community and raise their families void of outside influence, the Separatists obtained a land grant in the New World. Under authority of the Virginia Company, they acquired a charter and set off in September 1620 to settle lands north of Jamestown.

Stormy winds and rough waters blew the Mayflower ship off course, and after two grueling months at sea, these Pilgrims landed in Cape Cod in what would eventually become Plymouth Colony. Since they found themselves outside the jurisdiction of the Virginia charter, the colonists in this vastly strange and unsettled territory drafted and signed the Mayflower Compact, which set up a majority-rule system of self-government under the divine authority of King James I.

England’s next monarch, Charles I, wanted to extend English territories along Massachusetts Bay. Consequently, more Puritans were able to obtain charters. In 1628, a small fleet journeyed across the Atlantic and settled in Salem, while another much larger company sailed to the emerging Puritan colony in 1630 and went on to establish Boston.

One of the greatest fallacies of American history is that the Virginia and Massachusetts colonies were monolithic, all endeavoring for freedom, all practicing the same religion, all bringing with them the same beliefs, cultures, and social norms. In truth, it wasn’t just geography and 13 years that separated Jamestown and Plymouth.

The people who settled Virginia were Anglicans who came from the South of England. They were comprised of gentry and indentured servants who sought economic opportunity, land, laissez-faire trade, and self-determination. They labored hard, but also desired down time.

The Puritans who settled Massachusetts hailed from East Anglia. Their faith-based colony consisted of strict personal regulations, collectivism, and “progress” through works.

“Thus out of small beginnings greater things have been produced by His hand that made all things of nothing, and gives being to all things that are,” said William Bradford, signer of the Mayflower Compact and governor of Plymouth Colony, “and as one small candle may light a thousand, so the light here kindled hath shown unto many, yea, in some sort, to our whole Nation.”

“Lastly and chiefly the way to prosper and achieve good success is to make yourselves all of one mind for the good of your country and your own,” stated the charter of the Virginia Company, “and to serve and fear God the giver of all goodness, for every plantation which our father hath not planted shall be rooted out.”

You can see here (emphases are mine) a few nuanced differences in their language. Whereas Bradford spoke in divine terms about the glories of production and spreading the Gospel through the Puritan collective, the Jamestown principles, although devotional in word, were more about the land and spreading community prosperity through individualism.

Another widespread misbelief is that the Pilgrims were seeking religious tolerance. But what these Puritans were really working toward was not freedom of religion, but rather, freedom from other religions.

Their aim was to rebuild humanity, “purify” civilization, and create Heaven on earth through their revamped interpretation and redesign of the Church. In short, the Puritans were activists. They had escaped what they regarded as the dead-and-gone confessionalism and formalism of the traditional Church, so these Pilgrims were finally unchained to plant and manifest God’s “right religion.”

As an Orthodox, we proudly claim to be the “one, holy, catholic (meaning: universal), and apostolic Church,” so I don’t slight the Pilgrims their passion. Admittedly, belief that your faith is “the one true Church of Christ” is a pretty consistent belief among most serious Christians then and now.

But what is troubling to me as a libertarian is that the Pilgrims pushed strict adherence to their constantly unfolding Protestant doctrines in such a coercive and majoritarian way. In preaching that only Puritanism could save mankind, any deviation was considered heresy and was boldly and often violently denounced. The Plymouth Colony was a religious monopoly built upon forced piety and corporate compliance, rather than salvation of the individual.

“Communities, and even families, were tightly controlled by the governing authorities … constables were assigned a group of around 12 families to ‘look in on’ and make sure they were functioning according to community standards,” explains independent historian Carl Jones in his analysis of David Hackett Fischer’s formative work, Albion’s Seed. “Submission to authority was the desired end in all aspects of Puritan society.”

In contrast, within the hierarchical structure of Virginia, free will was acknowledged by these Anglican Protestants, but self-control was instructed and encouraged via manners, familial expectations, community standards for social conduct, and the practice of a serious but quiet faith. For example, youth were expected to respect their elders, but elders were expected to exhibit grace, strength, and wisdom.

The Puritans were more concerned with literal Biblical interpretation and moral behavior, while Virginians were more interested in property rights and fulfilling English common law in a godly way. As the New England Historical Society states, Puritan “people were less likely to be punished for larceny than to be punished for blasphemy, idolatry, drunkenness, lewdness, fornication, cursing or smoking.”

In their early days, both colonies struggled with starvation, disease, drought, harsh winters, maintaining order, infighting, and Indians, yet each slowly but surely overcame hardship in ways unique to her people. But with triumph come intruders, hangers-on, and co-opters. And in 1655, the first non-native agitators to meddle with the Massachusetts Bay Colony’s success were the Quakers – a people on fire for spreading the beliefs of their Society of Friends.

Puritans were merciless in protecting their faith, smashing competing theologies, and keeping out dissenters, so Quakers were systematically shunned and persecuted. They eventually fled to other more religiously tolerant emerging colonies, like Rhode Island Plantation, which was founded in 1636 by Massachusetts-banished Puritan Roger Williams as a haven based in freedom of conscience, and became the site for the literal first Baptist church in America; and the Province of Pennsylvania, which was established as a refuge for oppressed Quakers by William Penn in 1681.

I must say, as a libertarian, I don’t have problem with the English Puritans seceding from institutions and governance they saw as counter to their own freedoms, beliefs, and pursuits. Nor do I have a problem with the early American Puritans trying to maintain their principles through community standards and by kicking out trespassers.

Yet, it was these very same New Englanders who would become the intruders and invaders of the Southern colonies. It was these Puritan-steeped navel-gazers of the North who campaigned and crusaded beyond their own borders, conquering the “impure” Dixie rebels via political, economic, and military force, gathered the spoils, and then reconstructed their lessers, all in the name of God.

In part 2 of this series, I’ll try to unpack how the Puritans actually perpetuated their theology/ideology throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, and why the Southern people considered it so pernicious a foreign influence that they were willing to secede from it and then take a stand against it for four bloody years … and beyond. Stay tuned, y’all.

Source: Dissident Mama – Puritans, part 1: Coming to America

A patriotic perspective against the Pledge

“I pledge allegiance to my Flag and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”
— “The Pledge of Allegiance,” September 9, 1892

With Independence Day just a week ago and all the statist fervor that’s displayed annually around the holiday, I’m reminded of why I don’t say “The Pledge of Allegiance.” Let’s begin with the sordid inception of this American ritual.

The Pledge was written by Francis Bellamy, a 19th-century Christian socialist and member of the Boston-born movement known as the Nationalist Club. The organization urged for the nationalization of private property and exponential growth in social services, especially public education.

So, what we’re talking about here is not the kind of nationalism that seeks political independence for a regional people who share a distinct culture, language, and religion. Rather, this was more about “economic democracy.” In other words, socialism.

Enter Francis’ cousin, Edward Bellamy, a then-famous author of socialist-utopian novels. Edward’s “Looking Backward” was the third best-selling book of the day and greatly influenced none other than progressive public-school advocate, John Dewey. The book also inspired the proliferation of more Nationalist Clubs, where Bellamyites would gather to study Marxism and disseminate anti-capitalist ideas.

The blue-blood’s brand of nationalism coursed its way through the veins of America’s body politic and into many cities beyond Boston. The movement found common cause with reformers of the era, such as the People’s Party, the Social Labor Party, and the Social Democratic Party. And at the club’s height, there were chapters as far away as Washington, D.C., Chicago, Canada, California, and New Zealand.

Back to Francis: in the late 1880s, he was fired from his New England pastoral job for incessantly preaching that Jesus was a socialist. But he went on to become the founding vice president of the Society of Christian Socialists and a frequent contributor to its circular, “The Dawn.”

Francis was then hired by “The Youth’s Companion” (YC), a leading children’s publication that also featured works by Americana greats, like Jack London, Mark Twain, and Booker T. Washington. As content creators in the magazine’s premium department, Francis and James B. Upham began a promotion in 1888 that solicited subscriptions from public schools with the bonus of receiving a U.S. flag.

Up until this point, flying the stars and stripes wasn’t a common custom most anywhere. Remember, this was prior to the country’s ascent into foreign-adventurism during the Spanish-American War and subsequent role as global-policeman via propaganda pushed during both world wars.

But despite 20-plus years of Reconstruction, people still largely identified with their community, state, or region at this time. It’s not that folks weren’t proud of their home, it’s just that their home wasn’t the “nation.”

Plus, Unionism wasn’t (and I would argue, still isn’t among loud and proud Dixie natives) the instinct of most homegrown Americans, so shows of patriotism weren’t really necessary. Hell, Congress didn’t proclaim the 4th of July an official holiday until 1870, and Southern cities, like battle-worn Vicksburg, Miss., didn’t even celebrate it till the early 1900s.

But in just a few short years of YC’s promotion, approximately 26,000 flags had moved into public schools through this ingenious marketing concept. As with most business strategies, though, demand began to stagnate. So in 1892, Upham had another grand idea: increase magazine sales and the numbers of flags into schools by couching the promotion as a way to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus coming to the Americas.

A new flag pledge was published in the September 8 issue of YC. Students were encouraged to memorize and recite it, as well as participate in a novel flag-raising ceremony to observe the upcoming Columbus Day in October.

Francis spoke at a national meeting of school superintendents in support of the gimmick, er, I mean, patriotic program. Of course, the educrats were seduced by the campaign and happily obliged at utilizing government education to work the Pledge into the consciousness of the masses.

“Our public school system is what makes this Nation superior to all other Nations,” Sherman Hoar, U.S. Congressman from Massachusetts, told Francis in support of the pledge campaign. Pompous populism was at a fever pitch.

The National Education Association became a sponsor, and U.S. Congress and President Benjamin Harrison also participated in the excitement, making a national proclamation about the Columbus Day pledge-and-flag event. And so was born a new American covenant.

Interestingly, the pledge was originally recited while raising a stiff right hand upward. Due to its similarities to the Nazi salute, this practice was discontinued during WWII and replaced with placing right hand over heart. At the urging of the Knights of Columbus, “Under God” was added by Congress and President Dwight Eisenhower in 1954 as a stance against the threat of atheist communism. Oh the irony.

So, controversies over the Pledge’s words have become an all-encompassing straw man: while leftists fight to have the Pledge taken out of schools (even though they’re the ones who put it there), godly limited-government folks think they’re being both patriotic and faithful in promoting the Pledge’s public prominence (even though it’s a socialist screed). The discombobulation is baffling.

The terminology of the now-lionized Pledge echoed the sentiments that was – and still is – the vanguard of New England meddlesomeness, which spread like wildfire throughout the Progressive Era. It ramped up in the late 1800s and hammered home the wrath of Reconstruction, planting the creeping seeds of post-modern socialism that slowly but surely befell 20th-century America and is today in despondent, dark bloom.

“Republic … is the concise political word for the Nation – the One Nation which the Civil War was fought to prove,” Francis explained of the terms he used in crafting the Pledge. “To make that One Nation idea clear, we must specify that it is indivisible, as [Daniel] Webster and [Abraham] Lincoln used to repeat in their great speeches.”

He also wanted the political vow to be “an intensive communing with salient points of our national history … [including] the meaning of the Civil War” and viewed his Pledge as an “inoculation” against radicalism. And as a puritanical populist who once ran for New York governor on the Prohibition Party ticket, you know the “virus” of subversion to which he was referring was states’ rights.

There’s a reason “Happy Secession Day” was trending on social media this 4th of July: many people are coming to realize that Revolutionary colonists fought to break from the British by severing their relationship with the crown. In other words, These United States were born of divisibility.

Secession, not oneness, is our heritage, no matter what progressive pundits or public-school propagandists say. Questioning “the republic” and “the flag for which it stands” is as American as apple pie; it is truly in line with our founding as a people of freedom and faith. Our legacy is not that of soulless automatons and empire worshippers.

“I believe a man is happier, and happy in a richer way, if he has ‘the freeborn mind,’” C.S. Lewis said. “For independence allows an education not controlled by Government; and in adult life it is the man who needs and asks nothing of Government who can criticize its acts and snap his fingers at its ideology.”

Now I know Lewis is a Brit, but I think it’s important to have a strong Christian counterpoint to Francis’ social-gospel message. Lewis may have been a mutton-and-turnip-eating Irishman, but he surely had his Anglican finger on the pulse of what it means to be faithful and free-thinking – an often difficult task for some Christians to accomplish, much less one who adheres to the tenets of socialism and its imperial aims.

Government that’s smaller and closer to home is always better for liberty, and Dixie has been living under an antithetical system for way too long a time. As an unReconstructed Southerner, I see the Pledge’s “one nation” and “indivisibility” mantras as simply reinforcing the central authoritarianism which my Confederate ancestors fought against.

Take the experience of Francis Key Howard, grandson of Francis Scott Key, author of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Key composed what came to be the lyrics of America’s national anthem when witnessing the U.S. flag waving in Baltimore harbor after the British bombardment of Fort McHenry during the War of 1812.

Fast forward not even 50 years to the War of North Aggression, when Howard was arrested without warrant in accordance with the federal government’s policy of jailing dissenters of Lincoln’s wartime policies. Howard’s crime? He had written an editorial condemning Lincoln’s suspension of the writ of habeas corpus, implementation of martial law in Baltimore, and imprisonment of the city’s mayor, its police commissioners, the entire city council, and a sitting U.S. Congressman – all without charge.

By imprisoning so many of his political enemies, Lincoln prevented Marylanders from ever having a vote on secession. After all, people can’t challenge the unrestrained power of the nation-state and its usurpation of authority, if their leaders are all locked away.

Howard was originally held at at Fort McHenry, precisely where Key had experienced his pivotal patriotic moment and penned the reverent words honoring the flag and fortitude of his young, struggling country. Obviously, Howard wasn’t feeling the same warm-and-fuzzy sentiments as did his grandfather.

“The flag which then he [Key] so proudly hailed, I saw waving at the same place over the victims as vulgar and brutal a despotism as modern times have witnessed.”
— Francis Key Howard, 1861

To me, the Pledge is either a socially sanctioned habit that few question at best, or a forced loyalty oath of subordination at worst. Why vow allegiance to something hell bent on crushing self-determination, promoting tyranny, and propping up oligarchs who pay for their socialist schemes on my dime just because it’s the status quo? It’s all just a bit too totalitarian for this rebel.

But I’m not a barbarian, for goodness sake. I respect my family and friends who do participate in the Pledge. After all, I know they see it as a simple act of publicly displaying love of country. But I also see my small resistance as patriotic.

There’s a line in an old Ani DiFranco song that goes, “I am a patriot. I have been fighting the good fight.” I, too, am fighting the good fight for a homeland where “liberty and justice for all” (not special rights for some) and a republic that embraces (not crushes) divisibility can again take root, and against the reconstructed socialism that has foisted ruination and colonization upon my nation: the South.

As author Edward Abbey once wrote: “A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.” I am that kind of patriot. Deo vindice.

Source: Dissident Mama – A patriotic perspective against the Pledge

White souls aren’t worth much these days

Remember last summer when the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) banned the Confederate Battle Flag? Because, you know, of all the things going on, scapegoating an indigenous people-group and attacking their cultural and ancestral symbols is way up there with being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Apparently, last year’s charade of an “apology that was needed” wasn’t penance enough for white Southern Baptists who allege they simply want to purge themselves of their denomination’s roots in using the Bible to defend slavery. And I guess virtue-signaling against all proud Southerners wasn’t enough of a “racial reconciliation” endorsement for the race hustlers in their organization.

No, last week, the SBC decided to denounce “every form of racism.” Okay, fair enough. Not that I think racism is the ultimate worst sin on the scale of human evil, but hey, I suppose I can understand why some evangelicals thought it might be an expedient thing to do in such racially charged times. Protestants are about being “relevant,” you know.

But in a final re-drafted resolution, which passed by unanimous vote, the SBC ratcheted up the politically correct rhetoric, citing specifically the “alt-right” in their repudiations of “white supremacy.” Shamelessly absent was even a mention of the scourge of anti-whiteness pervading our culture, the conspiracy theory of “white privilege” that’s used to bludgeon anyone who’s not a “person of color,” or the glaringly obvious racism of Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

Yep, no mention of those Marxist social movements, which are much more prevalent, have a sickening level of media and institutional cover, and are inherently prone to violence. Nah, the SBC has to go after the “alt-right” and even went so far as to equate the maligned stereotype with “white nationalism.”

This is really shocking considering that the nebulous label is a huge tent that, in reality, is really comprised of anyone who’s not a leftist. Hence, the biased language and juvenile claims of the resolution are truly deceitful and dangerous. I mean, bearing false witness is a pretty big deal.

For instance, I’m a Christian who’s definitely not a leftist, so by default, I’m on the right as far as parlance and principles go. Yet, I’m anathema to political nationalism and national socialism. But the SBC have perpetuated a false dichotomy: either side with our social-justice aims or you’ll be pegged a Nazi.

Like Vanderbilt’s Dr. Carol M. Swain posted on Facebook, “Jesus and the Gospel had nothing to do with the [the resolution]. Black supremacy and extortion was what was on display.”

Rev. Dwight McKissic, the pastor who wrote the original draft of the resolution, which was reported to have used even more “incendiary language,” claimed that politics wasn’t his drive. “It was motivated by this movement growing, the violence of the movement … The white people took up the fight; I sat back and prayed. They forced this issue.” Ah, sweet, sweet Christian unity.

From what I can gather, it is Antifa and BLM who are the barbarians. They and their leftist colluders are the Philistines. In contrast, I see the small but loud white-nationalism faction within this vast “alt-right” as a non-violent and mostly esoteric subcategory.

And the last time I checked, intellectual pronouncements, no matter how repugnant you think they may be, aren’t violence. But punching, pepper-spraying, spitting, kicking, bludgeoning with bike locks and flag poles, throwing M-80 explosives, setting people on fire, blocking roadways, and killing are.

“Southern Baptists were right to speak clearly and definitely that ‘alt-right’ white nationalism is not just a sociological movement, but a work of the devil,” said the SBC’s Rev. Russell Moore, who also happens to be a former Democrat staffer and current envangeleftist activist.

Funny that Moore used the phrase “sociological movement” to decry the alt-right, yet that is exactly what the SBC has become: a movement that blends social justice, the Social Gospel, and Black Liberation Theology, protects the real racists, and co-opts something beautiful and life-affirming for its own selfish ends. That is truly the “work of the devil,” not some boogeyman of white supremacy, where there’s a white-hooded racist hiding behind every corner.

As Reformed bigwig Tim Keller once said, “Love without truth is sentimentality; it supports and affirms us, but keeps us in denial about our flaws.” But this resolution wasn’t some act of love gone wrong, where pastors had every good intention, but missed the mark in execution.

In pragmatic terms, perhaps it was a political stunt to get #SBC17 trending on Twitter. Maybe Baptist leaders see their dwindling membership numbers and are selling out white souls for the “vibrancy” of America’s changing demographics.

“As white male evangelists, we have no problem admitting that the future does not lie with us,” editorialized progressive pastor and sociologist Tony Campolo in the New York Times. “We are not confident that evangelicalism is a community in which younger, nonwhite voices can flourish.”

“… We cannot continue to allow sisters and brothers who are leading God’s movement to be considered ‘other,’” he added, of course, begging the question: So then, is it okay to allow the withering of white voices and for your white brethren to be considered “Other”? Must white Christians really go to the back of the bus in order to achieve salvation?

With progressives firmly ensconced in the shadow government, SBC churches might view this politically correct resolution as merely a way to safeguard their 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. After all, mimicking the world is a great way to avoid setting off the alarm of government bureaucrats.

Or maybe, just maybe, they see castigating the mythical rampancy of white supremacy as an easy way to deflect attention away from the increasingly endemic anti-whiteness in our culture, and it’s all-too-frequent parroting in mainline Protestantism. It’s almost as if in some quarters, white souls don’t matter much these days.

“But why does this even matter to you, Dissident Mama?” my readers may be asking. “You’re not even a Protestant, so why pick on evangelicals so much?”

Well, I used to be a Protestant of the Southern-Baptist variety when the 2016 flag brouhaha became the final straw for me. I went to a quite conservative church back then, but even there, I began to see the social-justice seeds being sown little by little, sermon by sermon, community group by community group, till church culture started to feel more and more like secular culture.

Honestly, I almost gave up on church altogether. I wasn’t angry at Jesus or anything, but I was beginning understand what Ghandi meant when he said, “I like your Christ; I do not like your Christians.” What a horrible place for a person of faith to be.

And I had come to the sinking realization that much of American evangelicalism isn’t very welcoming to white people who refuse to accept the false doctrines of white guilt and white privilege. I understood that white folks are constantly asked to empathize with others, yet nonwhites can have as much in-group preference as they like.

I saw that white Christians are rarely given equal import when wanting to open up about their trials and struggles. “C’mon, we know all about you’re ‘privileged’ white middle-class story. How hard can things really be for you?”

Just “become all things to all people, that by all means I might save some,” as Paul said in 1 Corinthians. Of course, that’s a standard to which only white folks are expected to meet.

White evangelicals are increasingly treated like they possess a deficiency, require a greater penance than anyone else, and have a moral responsibility to apologize for existing or being Southern or voting for Trump or liking a flag or not being a leftist or whatever is the cultural whim of the moment. Not very nice things for a Jesus people to do.

I felt as if church – a place that’s supposed to be about healing, fellowship, and true freedom – was more like a progressive caste system in which the Southern white man must wear the yoke of burden of every “aggrieved minority.” It’s tight around his neck, but the Bible-toting dictators will loosen it, only if he behaves.

Well, I decided I didn’t want to behave, and thankfully, I’ve found Orthodoxy. But I care about all souls, Protestant and Orthodox, black and white, male and female. And when shepherds are leading the good-natured, guilt-ridden, and gullible within their flocks astray, as well as encouraging the genuine dividers, I see this as a real injustice, not the “social” kind that cares only about certain folks.

It’s spiritual abuse for all Christians, white and nonwhite alike. God doesn’t want any people to self-flagellate due to their racial or regional identity.

Rather, He is pleased by the authentic diversity of mankind, not the forced progressive kind. Even the SBC resolution concluded that “through the light of the Gospel … the Kingdom of God … is established from every nation, tribe, people, and language.”

Yep, God sent His Son for all tribes, not just black folks, Rev. McKissic. Indeed, all lives matter to Christ. Amen to that.

Source: Dissident Mama – White souls aren’t worth much these days