Nikolas Cruz and the Parkland Florida Shooting – ABS036

Hey guys, in this episode Scott breaks down the Parkland Florida shooting. At this point, I’m sure everyone knows that on February 14th, 2018, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz shot and killed 17 people, mostly teenagers, at Marjory Stoneman High School. Scott offers his analysis by his lonesome due to the rest of the boys being stuck at work.    Don’t forget to send your questions to for the February Live Stream which will be available to patrons at the Gentleman’s cut level and up ($5 per podcast episode). You can find out more about our Patreon campaign at    Scott starts by recounting the events of the day as reported by CNN. You can read the article here.    Every time there is a similar shooting people ask the same questions. “Why did this happen?” as well as “How can we prevent this from happening again?” The naive answer to either question is “Because of guns.” and “By banning or further regulating guns.” respectively. One might wonder why our grandparents were presumably spared the rash of mass shootings we see today. They certainly had guns, including semi-automatic rifles, and they had far more lax firearms regulations. Is it because of psychotropic medication? Is it because of gun free zones? Is it because of an inherent tendency in our culture? Is it because the security measures we have in place are monopolized, or all of the above? To that end, why would we ever allow our children to be gathered together without some form of effective security? Why would we create laws prohibiting the protection of our children?    In this instance one thing is overwhelmingly clear, government has failed us and our loved ones at every level. From the FBI to the Sheriff’s office, to the schools. They have failed us miserably, they, have the blood of children on their hands, and we are forced to pay their salaries and fund their pet projects at the threat of violence. Fuck them… Fuck them in the neck…   The remaining articles Scott references throughout this podcast can be found below:   Hopefully, there is some better news next time we are in the Ancap Barber Shop. Worms…    
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Ep. 30 – More Libertarian Infighting | McAdams vs. Molyneux

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In an ASTOUNDING turn of events…


…libertarians are hurling insults at one another.


Yes it’s true, Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute has been attacking Stefan Molyneux and later Michael Malice over criticism of North Korea.  Jeff and Tony discuss why this is unbelievably annoying and unproductive. 

Watch Malice and Molyneux discuss the issue:


Source: Don’t Waste Your Hate Podcast – Ep. 30 – More Libertarian Infighting | McAdams vs. Molyneux

FPF #158 – When Syrian Lives Matter

On FPF #158, I discuss the mainstream media’s attention turning back to Syria. The Assad bombing of East Gouta has allowed the mainstream media to push the “Assad must go” line. The mainstream media have used Iran’s and Russia’s role in Syria to claim those states are looking to expand their power. The media ignores cases when Syrian civilians are killed by groups other than Assad, Russia, ISIS, or Iran. I also update Nigeria, the Olympics, Iraq, the Iran Nuclear Agreement, and Operation Olive Branch


Dangerous History: Grunts Perspective 

FPF #59 – The Putin Interviews


Source: Foreign Policy Focus – FPF #158 – When Syrian Lives Matter

FPF #157 – Mueller Indictment Insanity with Will Porter

Will Porter returns to Foreign Policy Focus to discuss the new indictments by the Mueller Probe. Will and Kyle debunk the lies that surround the claim “Russia hacked the election.” We break down the responses to the new incidents by Leon Panetta, Rachel Maddow, Brian WilliamsTucker Carlson, Chris Hayes, Peter van Buren, and Rob Reiner. We also look at possible future of the Russiagate story.


Moon of Alabama

Gareth Porter on hacking voter rolls 

FPF #80 – Will Porter Debunks the Latest Russiagate Claims

NBC on Parkland shooting


Source: Foreign Policy Focus – FPF #157 – Mueller Indictment Insanity with Will Porter

Ep. 55: Can We Crowd-Fund the Government?

Everyday, thousands of worthy causes are funded voluntarily through a large number of small contributions — many times by people completely unknown to the beneficiaries.  In the age of instant information and effortless allocation of funds, can that very same tactic be utilized to fund services typically provided by the government?  Roads?  Emergency Services?  National … read more
Source: Battle For Liberty – Ep. 55: Can We Crowd-Fund the Government?

FPF #155 – Rand Paul is Right on War

On FPF #155, I breakdown Senator Rand Paul’s interview on Fox News. Senator Paul takes advantage of the government budget process to call out American’s 7 wars, the huge Defense budget, and the futility of American Interventionism. I discuss Mike Pence’s statement on North Korea. I also update the Afghanistan War, the Riyadh Ritz-Carlton, and the Syrian Civil War

Thank you to all my listeners who have tuned into the first year of Foreign Policy Focus!!


Trump wants to expand US nuclear weapons arsenal

Dutch FM lies about Putin

Source: Foreign Policy Focus – FPF #155 – Rand Paul is Right on War

Ep. 29 – California Bullet Train | Another Government Boondoggle

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Cousin Rob returns to DWYH to discuss the boondoggle that is the new California Bullet Train project.  After years and years of planning, they are about $3 Billion short of funds and they haven’t even broken ground yet.

Also discussed: government accountability, the fake Hawaii missile threat, and a short intro to the topic of the Branch Davidian incident at a compound in Waco, Texas back in 1993.

Recorded 1/21/18 – Show Links Below

Check out our last episode with Antony Sammeroff on PROCRASTINATION at

Details on the California Bullet Train:

Documentaries on Waco & Ruby Ridge:

The Rules Of Engagement:

A New Revelation:

Ruby Ridge – PBS American Experience – 2017:

Check out our episode on the NJ Transit Government Boondoggle:

Source: Don’t Waste Your Hate Podcast – Ep. 29 – California Bullet Train | Another Government Boondoggle

FPF #154 – Syrian Civil War: Iran V. Israel

On FPF #154, I discuss the Olympics and Syria. The Koreans entered the games under a unified flag. Mike Pence and Kim Yo-jong have received a lot of attention for their appearance at the opening ceremony. John Bolton claims the sanctions against North Korea have failed and its time for the US to make “hard choices.” Kim Jung Un has offered to have talks with South Korea’s President. 

In Syria, the Syrian Army downed an Israel F-16. Mike Huckabee responded by saying all North Koreans and Iranians are evil. Turkey continues to push into Afrin. I also break down a speech by Rep Ileana Ros-Lehtinen on her Syria policy. 

Source: Foreign Policy Focus – FPF #154 – Syrian Civil War: Iran V. Israel

FPF #153- Trump's Military Parade

On FPF #153, I discuss Trump’s plan to have a military parade. The Left reacted in a hysteria, claiming Trump is now a dictator. However, this ignores that past presidents have given Trump dictatorial powers. Bush tortured people, Obama had secrete kill lists, both presidents waged endless and unauthorized wars. I also update Operation Olive Branch, Syrian allied troops being killed by the US, and the war in Yemen


Foreign Policy Focus – Trump Says Mean Things

Source: Foreign Policy Focus – FPF #153- Trump's Military Parade