Ep. 17 – smaLL Talk With Liberty Weekly And Actual Anarchy

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On our first of what may become a new segment (smaLL talk), Jeff and Tony hang out with Patrick, Daniel and Robert of the Liberty Weekly and Actual Anarchy Podcasts. They are some of our comrades over at http://www.LibertarianUnion.com

After hours of harrowing technical difficulties, we finally got to talking. We discussed how we all came to love liberty. Then we got into the weeds on some hot button libertarian issues.

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Stefan Molyneux’s ideas about ethics without religion, which he calls Universally Preferable Behavior (UPB): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwae2Uu7yIw

Milton Friedman on the Negative Income Tax, aka Basic Income Guarantee aka Universal Basic Income. Although it sounds nice, and would probably work better than what we have right now, everyone on this episode would say this is a terrible idea! Redistribution sucks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtpgkX588nM

Woods Debates and Dismantles The Basic Income Guarantee: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0LabBo7Amk

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Liberation Library [2] Reclaiming the American Revolution: The Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions and Their Legacy

Welcome to the second installment of Liberation Library Book Reviews on the Liberty Weekly Podcast! In this installment, I review one of my favorite books on the nullification doctrine. In my opinion, this is an indispensable book for anyone who wants to gain a deeper knowledge of the Constitution and its history.

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Show Notes:

William J. Watkins Jr. on the Tom Woods Show

Free Thoughts, Ep. 204: Lessons from the Anti-Federalists (with William J. Watkins, Jr.)

The Liberty Weekly Podcast Episode 2: The Conspiratorial Corruption of the Constitution

The Liberty Weekly Podcast Episode 4: Nullify Now! Combat Federal Despotism with State Action

Source: The Liberty Weekly Podcast – Liberation Library [2] Reclaiming the American Revolution: The Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions and Their Legacy

FPF #120 – Yemen Gets MSM Attention

On FPF #120, I look at the 60 Minutes segment on Yemen. The segment was one of the first times the crisis and war in Yemen has gained MSM attention. The 60 Minutes crew was denied access to Yemen by Saudi Arabia. The segment has several problems that I address. I also update Lebanon, Turkey, and Zimbabwe. Articles 

  • Trump threatens to close the PLO. [Link]
  • More US troops are dying in war zones for the first time in six years. [Link]
  • A Marine killed a Japanese citizen in a car crash. [Link]
  • US warship collides with Japanese tugboat. [Link]
  • Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe refuses to step down as president. [Link] 
  • Turkey’s president pulls Turkish troops from NATO exercises in Norway. [Link]
  • Lebanon’s Prime Minister Hariri made it to France on Saturday. [Link]
  • The Iraqi Kurdish government announce their support for a united Iraq. [Link]
  • 130 children die every day in Yemen. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia blocks ’60 Minutes’ from entering Yemen [Link]

Source: Foreign Policy Focus – FPF #120 – Yemen Gets MSM Attention

Rants, Rock & Roll, and Q&A

This episode contains a rant by yours truly, as well as a clarification as to the future of the content on this podcast.  The first half I take you on a path down questioning some of the worst things I’ve noticed as well as a story about a conversation I had with a drone pilot.  As the show has evolved since it’s advent, there have been a lot of sharp turns and 180’s but now it is safe to say that the intended goal will be to bridge the gap between libertarianism as a thought experiment read about by wishful people.  No, some people have to be out there engaging in entertainment to give some influence.  People like Doug Stanhope and Dave Smith are great examples of libertarians out there on stage asking the questions no one else will ask on the nightly news.

The music you hear for the first 20 minutes underneath the monologue is by Yndi Halda, from their album Enjoy Eternal Bliss

Source: Subversion – Rants, Rock & Roll, and Q&A

FPF #119 – Zimbabwe Coup

On FPF #119, I discuss the coup to remove Robert Mugabe as president of Zimbabwe. The military commander behind the coup has insisted that this is not a coup. The former Vice President is poised to take power as the 93-year-old Mugabe is ousted. The AU and UN have said they are looking for a peaceful transition of power. I also update the imprisonment of Lebanon’s Prime Minister, the Afghan opium market, and North Korea. 


  • China will send a high-level envoy to North Korea. [Link] 
  • South Korea says the US needs their consent before attacking North Korea. [Link] 
  • Saudi Arabia may be planning to replace Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri with his brother Bahaa. Bahaa made statement condemning Iran and Hezbollah. [Link]
  • Islamic State snipers are using US weapons and equipment. [Link]
  • Dan McAdams explains how the US plans to influence Hungarian elections. [Link]
  • Center for Strategic and International Studies has been pushing the idea of putting THAAD missiles in South Korea. THAAS missiles are made by a top donor of CSIS, Lockheed Martian. [Link]
  • African countries are attempting to peacefully transition President Mugabe from power. [Link]
  • Lebanon’s Prime Minister Hariri plans to leave Saudi Arabia Saturday for France. [Link]
  • Afghanistan 2017 opium crop sets records of land use and weight produced. The anti-opium effort destroyed a record amount of opium. [Link]
  • Inspector general report finds US troops were informally told to ignore child sex abuse. [Link]

Source: Foreign Policy Focus – FPF #119 – Zimbabwe Coup

Net Neutrality part 2 with Drake Lundstrom – ABS029

In this episode, we once again discuss net neutrality… this time joined by Drake Lundstrom. We are also joined by Dave and Tanner, and as usual Scott and Adam. Let us know what you thought about the episode by sending us an email at feedback@ancapbarbershop.com. don’t forget to like out Facebook page and leave us a review and 5 star rating on your podcatcher. Oh, and check out our Patreon while you’re at it!    https://www.wired.com/2013/07/we-need-to-stop-focusing-on-just-cable-companies-and-blame-local-government-for-dismal-broadband-competition/
Source: The AnCap Barbershop – Net Neutrality part 2 with Drake Lundstrom – ABS029

FPF #118 – Syrian Civil War Post-ISIS

FPF#118, I look at the future of the Syrian Civil War. Al-Qaeda continues to control territory in Idlib Syria. Israel is threatening to attack Iranian or Hezbollah targets in Syria. Turkey is threatening to attack the Syrian Kurds. Assad restated his goal to control all of Syria. The US plans to stay to prevent any future ISIS 2.0 from popping up. I also update North Korea, Yemen, Libya, and Zimbabwe. 


  • A Green Beret was killed in Mali by two Navy SEALs after the Green Beret uncovered the SEALs stealing money. [Link]
  • A breakaway region of Somalia, Somaliland, held presidential elections Monday. [Link]
  • A North Korean soldier defected to South Korea. The soldier was hit by gunfire from North Koreans as he fled. [Link] 
  • North Korea sends a letter to the UN about US aggression. [Link] 
  • Israel will destroy a Palestinian village and displace 300 people. [Link]
  • BBC documents the deal cut between the US/SDF and ISIS. The deal allowed IS fighters, including foreign fighters, to escape the city of Raqqa. EHSANI22 claims IS allowed the SDF to take the Omar oil fields in exchange. [Link] [Link] 
  • Saudi Arabia continues to block ports and airports in Northern Yemen. [Link] 
  • House passes a non-binding resolution that declares the US role in Saudi’s war against Yemen is unauthorized. [Link]
  • House votes 366-30 on a nonbinding resolution against supporting Saudi’s war in Yemen. [Link]
  • The ‘groundbreaking’ Atlantic article showing a conversation between WikiLeaks and Donald Trump Jr. was unethically edited. [Link]
  • 23 European countries sign an agreement to spend more on military and promote European military integration. [Link]
  • CNN exposes the slave trade in Libya. [Link] 
  • In Libya, militants are cutting water to cities to negotiate with the governments. [Link] 
  • Tanks of entered the capital city of Zimbabwe. Reports suggest that the military may attempt to remove the 93-year-old President Mugabe from power. [Link] The military declared they had control of the capital city but were not carrying out a coup. [Link]
  • In Syria, 53 people were killed in a market by airstrikes. Russia likely carried out the strikes. [Link] 
  • Turkish President Erdogan suggests Turkey may attack the Syrian Kurds. [Link] 
  • Russia’s Foreign Minister said Russia has not ensured Iranian backed forces will leave Syria. [Link] 
  • Iraq/Iran earthquake death toll now at 530. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia bombed the airport in Yemen. The destruction of the airport will make it more difficult to get starving people food. [Link]

Source: Foreign Policy Focus – FPF #118 – Syrian Civil War Post-ISIS

FPF #117 – Trump's Asia Trip

On FPF #117, I discuss Trump’s trip to Asia. In South Korea, Trump pushed missile defense and weapon sales. In the Philippines, Trump met with Putin and pushed for more weapon sales. Trump rounded out the trip in the Philippines. I also update Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Africa. 


  • A Marine drill instructor was given ten years in prison for abusing recruits. The drill instructor targeted three Muslim recruits. [Link]
  • The debt from US wars after 9/11 will cost taxpayers $8 trillion in interest. [Link]
  • Trump tells the Vietnam leader his country should buy more weapons from the US. Trump also said he would mediate the South China Sea dispute. [Link]
  • Trump suggests the US may remove some sanctions on Russia. Trump also said he might become friends with Kim Jung Un. [Link]
  • The State Department will give $750,000 to Hungarian media. [Link]
  • The US has spent $5.6 trillion on conflict since 2001. [Link]
  • The US carried out three drone strikes against IS and al-Shabaab targets over the weekend. [Link]
  • The ISIS group in Somalia has grown to over 200 fighters. [Link]
  • West African jihad is starting with a desire to protect cattle. [Link]
  • Lebanese sources say Lebanon’s Prime Minister is being held under house arrest in Saudi Arabia. [Link]
  • The Afghan Maj. Gen. in charge of operations in the Helmond Province said “It’s with the Marines’ support and cooperation that we’ve reached this level…If they leave again, things will 100% be reversed.” [Link]
  • The US claims the missile fired from Yemen at Saudi Arabia is Iranian made. [Link]
  • The UN warns the Saudi blockade of Yemen will kill millions of people. [Link]

Source: Foreign Policy Focus – FPF #117 – Trump's Asia Trip

Ep. 16 – Kevin Spacey And The Continuing Hollywood Meltdown

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Well, the hits just keep on coming. Back by popular demand, Rob of the RBV YouTube channel joins Jeff and Tony for an update on the sad state of Hollywood.

This episode focuses on the latest allegations against Kevin Spacey, who apparently has a reputation as a predator of both males and females, even up to the present day. We also discuss Corey Feldman and child stars in general.

Since the recording, several additional accusations have come out. We will link to them below, but just to name a few: Comedian Louis CK, Senator/Judge Roy Moore, actors Richard Dreyfus, Charlie Sheen, and more.

Recorded 11/2/17 – Show Links Below

Stef On Spacey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_z8hJUZpnI

Spacey’s Apology: http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/30/entertainment/kevin-spacey-allegations-anthony-rapp/index.html

Corey Haim’s Mother Denies Charlie Sheen Accusations: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/la-et-entertainment-news-updates-corey-haim-judy-haim-sexual-1510332257-htmlstory.html

Stef On Milo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wsZSE-iJAk

Sexual Misconduct Hits Politics: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-harassment-legislatures/chorus-of-sexual-harassment-allegations-spreads-among-u-s-statehouses-idUSKBN1D9338

The Roy Moore Allegations: https://www.washingtonpost.com/investigations/woman-says-roy-moore-initiated-sexual-encounter-when-she-was-14-he-was-32/2017/11/09/1f495878-c293-11e7-afe9-4f60b5a6c4a0_story.html?utm_term=.cd5bb7e62cf9

Check out Rob’s Video Blog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Vrts4KVsuM

Check out our real site at https://www.dontwasteyourhate.com/ep-16-kevin-spacey-continuing-hollywood-meltdown
Source: Don’t Waste Your Hate Podcast – Ep. 16 – Kevin Spacey And The Continuing Hollywood Meltdown

Problems with American law enforcement with former officer Raeford Davis

I had a chance to talk to Raeford Davis, former police officer with Charleston, South Carolina.  This was a unique encounter for me, being as most police officers I know do not share much in common from a basic philosophical view.  The opportunity to find a truly principled libertarian who has had experiences inside Leviathan is seeming to become more common.

Some places to find Raeford’s writing:

An interview in GQ

The mistitled article, Why I Hated Being a Cop in collaboration with Vice.

Raeford’s Twitter handle: @RaefordD

Following the tragic events in Sutherland Springs, Texas the Holcomb family lost 8 of their own.  Bryan, Karla, Marc, Noah, Emily, Megan, Greg, Crystal and her unborn child.  Please join me in donating to these people to help put their loved ones to rest, it’s the least we can do.    donorsee.com/1498

Source: Subversion – Problems with American law enforcement with former officer Raeford Davis