Donald Trump and Defining Yourself

The Refuted Meme:

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Donald Trump and Defining Yourself: How arrogant….. The world would be a lot better off it people defined themselves in terms of their own standards.

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The Refutation

Donald Trump did not say this, but Hillary Clinton did.  Here is the full text of the quote:

I think the world would be a lot better off if more people were to define themselves in terms of their own standards and values and not what other people said or thought about them.

What is great about this quote is that it sounds exactly like something that Donald Trump would say. When one thinks it was spoken by Trump, it sounds very egotistical – to hell with what the rest of the world thinks of me, I am going to define myself based on my own standards and rules, not based on how society or the “community” judges me. This is exactly the kind of conclusion that a leftist would make of such a statement by Trump.

Only in this case, he didn’t say it – Hillary Clinton did. If we can get past who said it and judge the statement on its merits, it is probably pretty good advice. Funny how all those Hillary supporters on the left would probably see this quote under a picture of Trump and think it is a vile and evil statement. It just goes to show how suggestible and biased most people are.

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