Vox Day: Trump’s strategy is overwhelming the Left

I hate it when someone posts on a topic that I was thinking about addressing.

I hate it even more when that person discusses the subject far more eloquently than I ever could.

Such is the position in which I currently find myself. This morning, I thought to myself, “Self, wouldn’t be interesting to write about how not only is Trump trolling the mainstream media, but is doing so in a way so that the media’s collective head is spinning out of control?” No sooner did I ask myself this question than Vox Day’s post on “3rd generation politics” appears on my RSS reader.

There is clearly a ruthless strategist behind the God-Emperor’s executive blitzkrieg of the last three days, and I strongly suspect it is someone who is familiar with the work of both Col. John Boyd and Mike Cernovich. The unprecedented speed with which the executive orders is not merely intentional, it is strategic.

What I believe we’re seeing is the marriage of two tactics: the Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act (OODA) Loop and Cernovich’s media cycle disruption described in MAGA Mindset, being combined into a strategic approach designed to render the media’s mass firepower irrelevant.

Vox’s post relies heavily on military strategist William Lind’s conception of warfare. Lind has argued that among the reasons U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan had not been successful there is because their tactics, which rely heavily on overwhelming firepower, couldn’t address guerilla attacks by fighters who integrated seamlessly with the populace.

What Trump is doing is the political equivalent of the German Blitzkrieg, which is based on “speed, surprise, and mental as well as physical dislocation.” Applying this military concept to politics leads to a strategy that could very well lead to “the Left’s cultural high ground almost completely impotent.”

Notice how the media was still trying to figure out how to best go about attacking the rather unspecific undermining of Obamacare when Trump dropped the more highly targeted EPA freeze and pipeline orders on them. They had barely begun to even report on those acts when news of the immigration-related orders was then leaked. The God-Emperor is using executive momentum and his ability to make rapid decisions to disrupt and neutralize the mainstream media’s vast, but cumbersome communications apparatus. Much like the Germans created maneuver warfare to avoid the formidable artillery barrages of the Allies and break through the trenches in WWI, Trump is using high-speed maneuver politics to smash the three-day media cycle, thereby preventing his opponents from targeting any individual action.

At some point, the media will realize that it finds itself in a lose-lose scenario. If the media keeps attacking Trump on issue X, the public will continue tuning them out. They’re sick of the media’s bias while pretending to be objective, knowing all too well that its objectivity mask fell off months ago and is stuck in some curb, collecting mud.

However, if the media comes clean, realizes that it was merely a shill for Hillary during the presidential campaign, it could easily be too little, too late, and die anyways. It could become one giant MSNBC, but then all of the cable networks, newpapers, and social media outlets would have to fight for a continually shrinking audience. Then again, if a media outlet truly tries to provide objective reporting, not only will it need to fight hard to regain the public’s trust, it will no longer be an organ for the left. Either way, the media in particular, and the left in general, is going to continue to lose relevance with the public.

While we’ll need to pay critical attention to what the Trump administration is doing, there’s no reason why we can’t celebrate the administration’s role in the left’s continuing demise.


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