Episode 1 – The Inaugural Actual Anarchy Podcast (43:34)


Hey, we’re back! Allow ourselves to…introduce….ourselves… Robert and Daniel here from the Read Rothbard Podcast which will be transitioning to audiobooks of Murray Rothbard books and articles going foward. So let us be the first to welcome you to the inaugural episode of the Actual Anarchy Podcast (New name, same game).

As I just said, this is the inaugural Actual Anarchy Podcast launching, fittingly, on inauguration day of new President, Donald J. Trump. Old boss, same as the new boss?

In some ways, probably; though he was the change candidate. The F-you to the status quo. But, is the status quo the right thing? Most people aren’t happy, no matter who wins.

Is there a better way? Yes, Virginia, there is.

Actual Anarchy.


We introduce ourselves and some of the tenants of the philosophy in this episode. Future episodes will focus on actual instances of anarchy in popular film and news events. Get strapped in people; it’s going to challenge what you think you know…and hopefully get you to think.

Look for a new episode from us each week…until our demands our met!


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The Actual Anarchy Podcast is all about Maximum Freedom. We look at movies and current events from a Rothbardian Anarchist perspective. If it’s voluntary, we’re cool with it. If it’s not, then it violated the Non-Aggression Principle and Property Rights – the core tenants of Libertarian Theory – and hence – human freedom.

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