The Four Hour Body

Tim Ferriss has written books about working 4 hours a week, learning how to cook like a pro, and how to build the body of your dreams.

But what he is actually writing about is how to get the maximum results with the least amount of effort, usually in a non-conventional way.

So while you’ll learn some body and nutrition hacks in this summary of The 4-Hour Body, what you should really be on the lookout for is how to approach any area of your life where you’d like to produce better results in less time.

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Today I listened to a summary of the book The 4-Hour Bodywhich is all about nutrition and body hacks, but more importantly how to get the best results in any area of your life with the least amount of effort.

One idea that really stood out for me was that of the Minimal Effective Dose.

Here’s a quote from the summary:

The first mindset is that you don’t need to focus on the most you can do, but you need to focus on the least that you can do – the minimal effective dose (MED). The MED is the smallest dose that will produce the desired effect. For instance – water boils at 212 degrees F. Adding any more heat to the equation does nothing to make the water “more boiled”. So, 212 degrees F is the MED for boiling water. So, this entire program is designed to get dramatic results with the least amount of work possible. This is counter-intuitive, but extremely effective.

You can read a summary of this book here today (you’ll need to create a free account first):

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