My Complete Take on Immigration Issues Recently

By Evan Albright

Immigration is a natural right, and no man may be coerced into not going to a location in which the owners of that place would freely accept his presence there or would freely sell him that property.

That being said, a person cannot come into a community in which the residents of that community do not welcome him no more than a person can come into your bedroom at night where he is no less welcome by that family.

Murderers should not be let into any community if they are not welcome, nor rapists, but what of LGBTQ-ers more generally, or the “corrupters of our youth,” or any other arbitrary distinction people view as a threat to their way of life?

Where we do not put restrictions on what type of people a family may not welcome in their home, we should not put restrictions on what type of people a community can welcome amongst their midst, if that is a community’s free expressed will.
So, where the issue is is in our current governmental system. It is possible to view immigration in light of principles on one hand and our personal opinions of this or that group or person on another, but consistency between the two is made impossible.

My skepticism towards accepting large swathes of Muslims from countries which we are at war with should be considered a healthy skepticism among my coreligionists and countrymen, but of course the decision of whether such individuals may be allowed to live amongst us is not left up to my coreligionists and countrymen because we must all accept the imperial decrees of Washington.

If the LGBTQ-ers of San Francisco want to let this that or the other group into their city that is a preferable thing for Washington to allow than for San Franciscans to tell me me I must as well, or for me to tell them they may not. In reality Washington calls all the shots and communities may not choose whom they wish to freely welcome into their communities. San Francisco is far from what I would in any meaningful way call my country, it’s a city almost as foreign to me as Quebec which is incidentally closer to me geographically. (#Calexit)
Now, this ideal community/individual level immigration control is inhibited by our constitutional framework. Where Utah may extend citizenship to this or that person or group of people we in PA are obliged to accept them into our communities as per the constitution. We are not however obliged to accept foreigners who are welcomed guests into this or that state. So here, despite the presumption of power Washington claims to exercise, is where the primary wave of defense against demographic suicide should reside for the time being, not principally in Washington.
Further, with regards to the recent policy changes made by Trump, it is not an issue my personal opinions incline me to care much about. I think it’s tragic that there is so much fear mongering and aggressive policy towards Iran, while our citizenry views the breakdown of diplomatic relations with them with contempt or indifference. Iran should not be on the ban list, Saudi Arabia though, for reasons that I think should be fairly obvious given their anti-American policies, should be placed on the ban list. All other countries placed currently on the list are countries which the Obama administration has waged drone warfare on and so a temporary ban on immigration from these states seems only prudent.

Where in history have we accepted immigration from countries we actively fought wars against, undeclared as they may be?

The solution for this migrant crisis, which may be shaping up to be the major global issue for the 21st century and is similar to the demographic upheaval brought upon the collapsing Roman Empire, is yet to be seen. It is hopeful that, should all other political mechanisms fail, our federal system and state structure can provide a smooth transition in tumultuous times to a stable more decentralized governmental regime.

The only potential turning back of this doomsday clock is proposed perfectly by Dr. Ron Paul.

First, end the welfare state magnet that attracts so many migrants, from particularly latin America. Second, stop fighting aggressive foreign wars which displace thousands. This kills not only innocents but also jeopardizes our allies’ and our own domestic security. Finally, end the drug war which encourages the smuggling of peoples as well as weapons and narcotics across US borders.

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