Signaltarians [podcast]

Signaltarians are libertarians who would rather waste their time virtue signaling to leftists, in hopes that one day they will see eye to eye, than build bridges to those who are closer to our beliefs, namely, conservatives. The official LP Facebook page shared a cringe-worthy meme espousing that America without immigrants is no America at all. It’s this type of virtue signaling which is the worse – those that reach to insult a given policy without adequately thinking through all the repercussions and the roadblocks that make this ideal action attainable – like the welfare state, which incentivizes immigrants with a lower time preference scale to migrate here instead of those who would provide real value to a given country or community. This backfires because in order to convince a leftist, you must destroy their entire worldview – which takes friendship and a rather long amount of time – or appeal solely to emotions – something libertarians do not excel at – all the while alienating potential conservatives who are closer ideologically to us.

I use President Trump’s press conference today to help convey my claims with evidence of the ignorance of leftist media, and Slate’s blatant call to abandon facts for emotions. These are not the type of people which libertarians should try to reason with, most of the time it ends up wasting one of the most sacred resources of all – time.

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