Spencer vs Tucker [podcast]

There’s an International Students for Liberty Conference being held over the weekend in Washington, D.C. and no other than the alt-right’s leader, Richard Spencer, decided to show up. On Facebook, some “libertarians” were calling for him to be punched, and in real life, a bunch of libertarians ganged up on Spencer to engage in ad hominem attacks – ah! that’s the party of reason and logic for ya. This crap pisses me off. Instead of challenging Spencer to a real debate, libertarians verbally attacked the man, instead of his positions.

I’m no fan of Spencer myself, but I’m also no fan of these libertarians who would rather act like liberals than have an in-depth debate with guys like Spencer. If Spencer knows one thing, it’s how to market himself and his ideas, and sadly, libertarians acted just as he wanted them to. Towards the end of Spencer’s time at the Students for Liberty Conference, Jeffrey Tucker came and embarrassed the name of libertarians everywhere by yelling and using ad hominem attacks against Spencer instead of arguing. Strategically, this is a stupid move, as it will make libertarians look worse, whilst giving Spencer a bigger platform. That Guy T is trying to coordinate a real debate between these two, and honestly I don’t know if it would be better or worse for the cause of liberty if this debate happens. I discuss… Listen below:

10 – Spencer vs Tucker

Source: Gimme Liberty

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