Episode 7 – President’s Day Special – Lincoln (1:14:50)

We take the President’s Day holiday as an opportunity to examine America’s favorite president as depicted by Daniel Day-Lewis in Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln.  Let’s just say that a Rothbardian Anarcho-Capitalist perspective is not kind to old “honest” Abe.

We have a special guest, Actual Anarchy contributor, Rex Gazer.  Look for articles from him on the site soon; and once he launches his own, we will push it vigorously.

From the film, we see our hero avoiding peace by delay; thus prolonging the war.  Visiting the wounded (A saint!).   They depict Lincoln as a deity.

I like how they painted the guy who called out Lincoln for jailing journalists, suspending habeus corpus and acting like a dictator as a smug, virulent racist.  Thus, his arguments are automatically invalid.

Later in the movie, Lincoln slapped his son. That’s assault brother.

Here is Tom Woods doing a show about the Great Presidents (of course, Lincoln is #1)


Here are a few articles to review:



DiLorenzo talking about how Lincoln pushed Congress to retroactively deem secession illegal:

How the Tariffs instituted by Lincoln fomented war:

Amazon Links for DiLorenzo’s Lincoln Books:

The Real Lincoln

Lincoln Unmasked

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