Immigrants Surprised after being Fired for Skipping Work, which Surprises Me


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DMR:  A large number of people were fired from their jobs after missing work to take part in the “day without immigrants” protests. They’re surprised, which surprises me.

Their firings are not the result of politics; rather, they’re the result of the normal operation of businesses. Companies have to make examples by holding people accountable, lest all employees start thinking that they can just fail to show up on any given day without consequence.

If you’re not incapacitated and simply decide that you don’t want to go to work–especially for shift work and/or for time-sensitive positions–then you’re running the risk of being fired. There’s no exception for those who want to go protest. If you’re going to miss work for any reason and do not use vacation time, sick leave, holidays, etc., then you’re running the risk of being fired.

Companies pay people to do jobs, not to protest. You protest on your own time. If you want to protest, do it on a day off. Do it on a holiday. Do it using vacation time. Don’t do it on your company’s dime, and DEFINITELY don’t do it on the taxpayer dime.

This idea that people are entitled to their jobs and paychecks when they miss work as long as they missed work for their own ideas about social justice must end. Take a look at your company’s leave policy, to which you agreed when you accepted the job offer. I am confident that it doesn’t say “vacation time must be used when you plan to miss work unless you plan to miss work to take part in any protest of your choosing.”

Companies are not welfare dispensaries. They’re not entitlement institutions, and they’re not “safe spaces.” They’re the real world: they’re bottom-line organizations. You should be aware of this before you accept a job offer. If you want to protest, do it the right way. If you have no vacation time to use and it isn’t a holiday, then don’t protest unless you have the clear permission of your supervisor.

This is also unfair to your co-workers who honored their obligations to be at work. They have to take up your slack when you’re suddenly out of the office without permission or warning. That should be kept to a minimum and should never happen due to a reason like “I just preferred to do something else with my time today” (unless you’re using your vacation time, which should have been de-conflicted).

If your absence led to the closing of a business that day, then you probably harmed ALL of your co-workers, many of your customers, and the business itself. This is why companies can’t tell all of their employees to feel free to miss work without warning whenever they want as long as they’re out protesting. What are supervisors to do now, start taking roll call at all the local protests? That’s ridiculous. If companies let employees get away with this, then you’d suddenly have many, many employees who could always find a good protest or two to attend somewhere. There would be those who’d never let a good protest go to waste. Jobs are not hobbies to which you show up only when you feel like doing so.

This is not an anti-protest post. It’s an anti-entitlement post. A person who can’t imagine being fired for missing shift work without permission is a person who feels entitled to his job. There is a right and a wrong way to do everything worth doing. Go protest, but do it the right way.

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