Desperate Media Attack O’Keefe’s CNN Expose Within Hours

By Kirk D.

This is why the mainstream media has no credibility.

Within hours of Project Veritas’ leak of over 119 hours of internal CNN audio files, the mainstream media began its deluge of hit piece articles against James O’Keefe and Project Veritas. Politico said the leaks ‘fell flat’ of expectation and Raw Story said that the leaks were a “massive bust.” The Washington Post called the leaks “totally overrated” while CNN referred to O’Keefe as a “provocateur.” Funny, I thought performing the job of an actual journalist was called “journalism” not ‘provocateur-ism.’ The funniest part about all of these articles is that none of them actually reviewed the audio that was released. At most they engage in apologetics on a few of the audio files O’Keefe released with transcripts and commentary; none of which exceed more than a few minutes, a far cry from the 119 hours leaked.

So far the clips O’Keefe has released with transcripts and commentary show presidential poll data manipulation and editorial bias towards, now former, president Obama and his initiatives.

I can only guess what is on the rest of the 119 hours of audio, but I’m sure as it is actually reviewed and analyzed, rather than downplayed before it’s even looked at, we’ll see many more explosive revelations. Until then I’m sure we’ll continue to see more articles demonizing actual journalism while the mainstream keeps patting itself on the back for being the lazy, narcissists that they are.

Mainstream media have now reduced themselves to basement dwelling trolls that wait around until someone else does their job for them then voraciously criticize the hard work and integrity of actual journalists like James O’Keefe and so many others.

It’s a true disgrace.

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