The Media is the Little Spoon

There is nothing wrong with being the little spoon. I think everyone should enjoy being the little spoon at some point.

Life is all about balance!

What happens when you come to expect it? Or worse — when you’re forced to always be in that position?  Being unwillingly taken advantage of isn’t something anyone wants.

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When it comes to the relationship between the media and the US government, the government isn’t even the big spoon. The big spoon is “access”.

The problem is we have a government that is extremely secretive giving access cards only to media outlets willing to carry water for them.

This turns news media outlets into more of a prostitute service than an actual news organization. Which is actually an insult to prostitutes, and for that I apologize.

I would imagine there are quite a few prostitutes that have better ethics than today’s media. These media prostitutes have been whoring out for government access for so long now they’ve forgotten what it means to be objective.

That isn’t entirely their fault.

Government is always the root of the evil. If the news outlets are objective then they risk losing access. Which means it benefits mainstream media outlets to carry water for the government if they want to ask a question next press conference.

Media would still play an important role in society without a government. Mainstream news media without government means not having to worry about access. It means not having someone capable of controlling the narrative simply because they hold the entry pass. Media outlets should be subject to the market place, but since government exists to give this privileged access then government can control the media market place.

If only Fox, CNN, and MSNBC get prostitute passes then the market is forced to use those outlets for information coming from government. Good news is the wave has been rolling, and quickly reaching its breaking point.

Mainstream news outlets are being exposed more and more often as simply being puppet mouthpieces for the US government.

Currently, James O’Keefe is performing a Wikileaks type dump to expose CNN.

Alternative news websites with quality journalists are having their voices heard, and helping destroy the controlled narrative. The internet has helped break down that wall at flash fire speeds. With all the mounting pressure, I hope the media finally tells the US government to fuck off. Mainstream media is slowly being backed into a corner, and it’s becoming clear that the only way to escape is to become a respectable news organization. The people no longer believe the lies.

The questions are – how long will the media keep this up before finally caving? And how far are they willing to push this before caving?

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