Episode 12 – St. Patrick’s Day Special – The Boondock Saints (1:48:30)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day non-specified gender neutral persons of unique varieties!

We celebrate the holiday with a pint of Guinness and a discussion about the movie, the Boondock Saints with Michael Tabone of www.EvolutionofEconomics.com.  He also writes for us here at the site, so check out his work in both places.

This is a rousing and fun episode where we talk about vigilante justice, monopoly, ineptitude of government, licensure and permitting among other topics.

Here is a paper on the Private Justice System in the Diamond District of New York:

PDF Download of Duke University Paper

The solution is shame which damages reputation if you violate cultural norms. No surprise that it is massively effective. Ostracism is powerful tool against a social animal.

Here is the A-Team article we mentioned:


And here is a little more background on the movie and the screenwriter/director, Troy Duffy:



Also available in YouTube Flavor:

Our guest:

Michael Tabone is an Economist at ITR Economics


Currently a Graduate Student at Johns Hopkins University

Past Education:
-Bachelor of Science in Economics/Finance from Southern New Hampshire University, summa cum laude
-Bachelor of Arts from Albertus Magnus College

Past Work Experience In The World Of Production:
– Industrial Engineering
– Manufacturing Engineering
– Operations Supervisor
– Reliability Engineering

He can be reached at:



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