What is Bigotry? Really…

A Case Against Collective Identity

Normally, I try to avoid commenting on Facebook posts. It’s too easy to get bogged down in some long drawn-out battle that inevitably leads nowhere, much like America’s ‘progressive’ foreign policy in the middle east.

But this week, I came across a truly vile statement during an ongoing discussion about immigration. So, I held my nose and jumped head first into the open sewer known as the comments section…

Yuck! Alt-right trolls are ‘the worst’, conflating race with culture and arguing that ‘national destiny’ is somehow predetermined by genetic traits, citing bizarro outdated sudo-science as evidence. Somewhere between debating eugenics and white nationalism it hit me… I’m not going to get through to this guy, it’s just not going to happen; his group identity mindset will not allow him to accept any facts contrary to his nationalist vision, which appears to be simply “White people good. Brown people bad.”

So, I ended the conversation.

The whole encounter was pretty shocking for me. Of course there are people out there like that but, you know, you never really expect to meet one. I know what you’re thinking dear reader:

“Oh Hinton, you’re sooo naive!”

Yeah, fine, guilty as charged I guess. But, truth be told, the whole conversation really got under my skin; I’m writing today frankly, as a kind of exorcism.

It’s healthy to challenge a person’s perspective, even with grotesque ideals, from time to time. It can be constructive for growth, both personally and for the health of society as a whole to be open to ideas. So, I’m choosing to look at this as an opportunity…

Since racism isn’t a communicable disease, I decided to ask myself some tough questions about it. Laying in bed that night, I reckoned it was time for Hinton Bowers to have a ‘gut check’:

As I lay in bed, visions of racists danced in my head.


“What exactly is racism? Really…”

“How could someone write off an entire group of people?”



After rolling around for a while, I decided to go to the source, the Merriam-Webster dictionary. At 3am, I reached over to my night stand and searched the term bigot on my phone:

According to Merriam-Webster.

There’s the obvious part of the definition that anyone would recognize, ‘one who regards or treats the members of a group… with hatred and intolerance’. But, what really grabbed me was the first part:

“A person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices;”

That is a much broader definition, with much larger implications. It implies that anyone who rejects discussion because of dogma could also be, according to the dictionary, a bigot.

Unfortunately, these days the socialist left and the nationalisticalt-right‘ seem to be ‘feeding off’ each other’s hatred and intolerance in a kind of Orwellian frenzy. Like two evil twins from some dark fairy tale, neither movement can bear to admit their twisted resemblance to the other. But the bigotry of these two collectivist sects is on full display, when one takes a closer look…

For those who might not yet realize, ‘Intersectionalism’, which is enforced by the cultural and political correctness on the left is NOT about equality, but collective hierarchy.  It’s rankings are assigned according to victim status; and drawn from various gender, race, or class ‘identity groups’.  It’s about knowing who your group has offended in the past (not through a person’s individual actions, but based on historical or social context), and then taking on a subservient role in an attempt to redeem the past transgressions of your demographic. The most oppressed group, rises to the top of the ranking system.

It’s a constantly shifting pecking order:

White feminist females defer to black feminist females, who in-turn give way to black feminist gay females, who then ‘take a back seat’ to black feminist gay transgender ze’s…

It gets complicated quickly…

Oh, and by the way, if you’re classed as a hetero white cis gender male, well, you might as well just forget about your dreams right now… because your group is part of the problem! Regardless of the beliefs and values you might hold as an individual, “you are the oppressor” and must go to the bottom of the pile!

The intent of this ‘intersectional’ concept is to balance the scales of inequality by prioritizing historically oppressed groups in society via state control. In practice though, it becomes a new class system, with the oppressed jockeying for ‘top victim status’ and the right to lord over the rest of the movement and whatever it controls by having a greater say within the collective. (This affects governments, companies, personal family life etc).

Distilled down, it’s about nothing more than power, and authoritarianism

Racism is terrible precisely because it assigns a cultural judgment, of positive or negative value, based on skin pigmentation; and though there are some genetic differences between ethnic groups, there are no genetic markers that can clearly define one ‘race’ from another. ‘Racial thinking’ is superficial thinking that creates ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ through hierarchy, either formally or informally. It forces a person to conform to a preconceived notion of their demographic; regardless of any personal traits they might have to the contrary. This ugly concept marginalizes a person’s identity as a human being.

So my question to the intersectionalist is this: How does inverting the alt-right’s paradigm achieve equality or ‘social justice’?

Or is this really about something else?

good ol’ fashioned revenge…

Intersectionalism breeds new racism every day, both in their own ranks and in the reactionary alt-right. It’s simply a twisted inversion of the racist hierarchies of the past. The only difference? Yesterday’s oppressed will be tomorrow’s oppressors, and then the pendulum will swing again…


and forth…

until all of humanity is purged from the planet.

As a person of conscience you, dear reader, must seize on your opportunity to cut through the cycle of bigotry spawned by this collectivist thinking.

It’s the recognition of your own individuality, that will be the knife.

You will listen to the music you want to listen to, in-spite your race. You will worship how you chose to worship, in-spite of orthodoxy. You will love who you choose to love, in-spite of societal standards; and you will live how you chose to live because you don’t need the state, or culture, or demographics dictating how you spend your life.

individuals! Rise-up!

All you have to do to aid this revolution is to be yourselves and live your own lives. Create billions of individual ‘cultures of one’ in your own communities. That’s what will create true equality: of ideas, of races, of cultures, and lifestyles, generating even more uniqueness and plurality as time passes, accelerating diversity to such a degree that the future will defy all imagination and classification…

Because after all, the smallest minority on the planet is you. But don’t take my word for it… listen to the doctor!

So dear reader, are you judging others by the content of their character? By their individuality as a human being? Or, by their (insert racial, orientation, religious, political demographic here) either negatively or positively? Are you over-simplifying by collective group?

Ask yourself:  “Am I a Bigot?”



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