Another Holiday Created By The Biggest Culprit

By Captain A

Earth Day was sparked in response to the 1969 Oil spill in Santa Barbara, Commie-fornia. Of course, this makes government sound so noble. Who doesn’t want to celebrate Earth?  Take a closer look at the story. Government had its hand all over the oil spill and was even profiting from it via land leasing.  

1953 saw the passing of the U.S. Submerged Land Act. This Act gave the federal government claim to land beginning at an imaginary 3 mile mark from a state coastline. Then the Outer Continental Shelf Land Act which gave the Secretary of the Interior the power to lease the land out to companies.   $21 million was the winning bid to drill for oil off the coast of Santa Barbara. $21 million in 1966 would equate to $157.8 million dollars in 2016.

Since the land is leased then the goal becomes complete exploitation of the resources.  What company wants to pay for the leasing rights to an area for a long period of time? $21 million isn’t exactly a small amount of money.  So this then incentivizes the completely leasing the property to exploit the resources as quickly as possible.   Government involvement invited corruption in the form of donations to politicians in exchange for leasing rights.  

Union Oil asked the U.S Geological Survey to waive certain restrictions  regarding drilling on the well that would eventually lead to the blowout.  Union Oil asked for the regulations about proper piping safety housing on their 5th well to be waived Given the cronyism created via the federal land leasing, there is incentive for government to help these companies out in such a manner.  Leasing the land creates an incentive for the company to extract as much as of the resource as possible causing the company to extend beyond the markets natural protector.  The markets natural protector is called optimal conservation.

Optimal conservation forces a company to think about the long term course of a product.  Under the government model the company doesn’t know if it’s lease will be renewed, and thus we get the desire to extract as much as possible and that might involve cutting corners in order to reach that final goal before the year is out.  We saw the corners cut by Union Oil, and we have a government complicit in allowing the act.   The end result was Earth Day which ultimately led to the creation of one of the worst government polluters known as the Environmental Protection Agency.

If you fast forward to the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf then you’d see the story is almost the exact same as the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill. The government removed regulations regarding off shore drilling, and then we get a disaster.  That makes it sound like we should keep the regulations in place, but the real answer is that the government shouldn’t be paying companies to complete projects because it invites inefficiency.

BP was one of the largest fuel suppliers to the military, and in 2009 BP was awarded 26 contracts estimated at over $2.2 billion.  If BP had to use their own money then they wouldn’t make such a risky move regarding where to drill.  Considering the difficulties surrounding deepsea drilling then it becomes obvious that it would more expensive and less efficient to drill at depths than to drill in shallow waters.  This isn’t always the case.  Some occasions would require drilling at depths, but if it’s done with  the companies own dime then they will work toward the most efficient method possible.

Other examples that can be traced to government are the draining of the Everglades in southern Florida. The 1904 election for governor of Florida saw Napolian B.Broward running on a campaign promise to drain the Everglades.  Broward raised the money for the project by getting the federal government to contribute the funds.   Broward lived through the reconstruction period of America, so it’s no shocker that he saw the federal government as a means to fund such a project. This is a good time to mention Linolcn sucked, and so did his love of “internal improvement” since they invite such horrible ideas like draining a large section a state for speculative purposes.

The last examplin which the US government shines the most in its effort to be the biggest Earth Day hypocrite, it is war. The absolute destruction of vegetation during Vietnam with the massive carpet bombing campaigns, the nuclear tests, the use of depleted uranium shells in Iraq, and countless other military adventures.  In the end the government remains the biggest culprit when it comes to destroying the very Earth it claims to be saving.  

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