The Libertarian Party has Strayed from Founding Principles

By Tyler Leonhardt

The Libertarian Party is a waste, an absolute cesspool of nonsense.

Instead of promoting what should be the most consistent ideology in politics (the opposition to violence against peaceful people), they sit and argue over whether they should be Republican Lite or Democrat Lite, or in other words anti-tax liberals or pro-pot conservatives.

We are not “socially accepting and fiscally responsible”. We do not fight for any particular race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or miscellaneous.

Rather, we fight against the encroaching power of the state, and the rest fall into line. We do not promote or disparage culture or values, or encourage opinions or beliefs. That is for the realm of the family and social organizations. A religious organization has just as much right to state their views an individual. But we do not fight for religion any more than we fight for homosexuality. Rather we fight for the rights of the religious and the homosexual.

We fight for freedom of association and freedom of property.

Truth be told, property is the only real right at all. On private property, one has the right to limit speech or any other behavior that they choose. It is when the state, a gang of thieves writ at large, own property that there is a disconnect in rights and justice.

It has become fashionable amongst the beltway to pander to the mainstream by condemning the two individuals most responsible for the party being where it is at.

What is this clown thinking?

Were it not for Ron Paul, the LP would be a handful of people meeting in someone’s garage. Were it not for Murray Rothbard, there would probably be no LP, but the classical liberal revival would have followed Milton Friedman and been sucked into and swallowed whole by the Republican Party.

Update:  The great Tom Woods discusses this incident on his show:

How well does pandering work? Ask Rand Paul who pandered to the conservative base, then ask Trump, who panders to no one. People are thirsty for a revolution from the status quo. The tactics of shouting down the opposition with accusations of bigotry and the thought control by the media have been rejected. What the world needs is a radical shift in the paradigm, not virtue signaling.

We are libertarians, not contestants in a Miss America Pageant.

For reference, and refreshment, please see the Libertarian Party Platform of 1972 as adopted in Convention, Denver, Colorado, June 17-18, 1972


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  1. “Libertarian” with a capital-L is an oxymoron. The results are as expected. Smart libertarians run as Republicans anyway, hence the cesspool remaining.

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