Hey REpublicans! Elections Have Consequences!


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The elections last night were, to be honest, a disaster for Republicans.

This should serve as a wake-up call to the GOP and to Republicans everywhere. 

There are two problems here.

1. Republicans like to campaign on fiscal responsibility, cutting spending and repealing ObamaCare.  Once in power, we find it’s business as usual.

2.  There is now a remote possibility that these results were only a prelude of what’s to come in the even more significant mid-term elections just one year from now.  The problem isn’t that we might have less Republicans (or conversely more Democrats).  The problem is the messaging that will be shoved down our throats when Democrats begin to re-balance power back in their favor. 

“The People Have Spoken!”

“Conservatives can’t Govern!”

“Single Payer for All!”

Virginia used to be a largely conservative state. Then for many years, it was a reliable swing state. Now it is probably more a Democratic state than anything else (not solidly so–but still). The point: Virginia is continuing its long-term slide to the Left and won’t be the last state to do so.

As has been said many times, the Republican Party must think about their strategy and, crucially, about how they communicate with the public.  It’s a challenge for Google to find a time when Republicans actually reduced the size of government but that might be a starting point.

Republicans cannot expect to overcome that challenge by doing the same things they’ve always done. They need to give serious thought to how we should be reaching out to voters in this day, time, and environment.

For those of you who still support the Republican Party, I understand why your allegiance hasn’t shifted to the Democratic Party.  But when do you think the Republicans will start to represent you?

At what point will you realize that reducing the size of government and reducing spending isn’t going to happen?  

At this rate, I assume it’s when we either a) hit $23 Trillion in Debt (2020) shortly followed by a Democratic President or b) $28 Trillion in debt (2024) and shortly followed by a Democratic President.  

At that point, it will be too late and the Republican Party will have to take a long look at itself and decide if it even holds limited government as a principle, or if it ever did.  

My worry is that, when the Republican Party goes through it’s next soul-searching period, the Democratic Party (shortly to be the outwardly proclaimed “Socialist Party”) will wreck havoc on this great country.

Vote Libertarian in the meantime.

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