SJWs want what they want


A member of the Tom Woods Show Elite’s private Facebook page asked an interesting question. He asked what do SJWs want. He also asked how can libertarians reach SJWs.

These are very good questions, and this post is my humble attempt in answering them.

Basically, what SJWs want is what they want.

And they want it now.

It really doesn’t matter specifically what SJWs want. They don’t have a consistent philosophy or intellectual framework. Rather, their positions – never call them arguments, because they’re not – arise for one of two reasons: 1) it either justifies behavior which, in other circumstances, would be considered degenerate or unethical, or 2) it satiates a need to feel a particular emotion that, for whatever reason, resonates with them when holding that position. They are only satisfied when no one pushes back on their questionable behavior, or they are able to maintain feeling the emotion that they are seeking.

Anyone who pushes back against their position prevents them from either pretending that what they’re doing is socially acceptable or preventing them from keeping calm. Hence, their reaction is purely emotional, and is displayed as anger and/or righteous indignation. However, they’re not angry because they were proven wrong; they’re angry because someone is bursting their emotional bubble. They have no arguments against their opponents. All they have is the emotional state they are trying to preserve. Hence, all they respond with is anger and indignation.

As for how libertarians should reach out to them, I wish I knew. I haven’t the slightest idea.

The left maintains power in the United States by controlling The Narrative, which isn’t based on reason and facts, but stories and fairy tales justifying the prevailing power structure. In many ways, SJWs are foot soldiers for the American Left, in that their constantly-evolving demands based on increasingly-silly reasons keep the non-Left off-balance.

I would be interested in hearing any suggestions on how libertarians can deal with SJWs.


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