Book Review of Hillary's "What Happened"


You want real hardcore triggering? Hillary can do it.

The audio book makes it all the more real since you get to hear her voice delivering the spikes of justification into your mind.

If reading this book, or listening to it, is difficult, then you have every reason to feel good about yourself.

Unfortunately, “What Happened” is not a book about Clinton’s loss to Trump.

“What Happened” is a book about why YOU, true believer in the Democratic Party, should take hope and not abandon the cause. If you aren’t already a registered Democrat, “What Happened” was not written for you.

Those who are immediately engaged by this work will be those who have very similar thinking to Clinton.  She wastes no time in identifying her audience. The appeals to emotion start in the Introduction.

I’m only about halfway in, but there is very little in terms of a ‘positive message’ so far.  What should people that loved Hillary do in their defeat?  The message is, “Work harder. Chin up and believe in the cause.  The other side is evil, so you will win by being righteous.  Believe in your side.”

Left unanswered is the fact that no real solutions are yet offered.  Nothing about what being righteous actually is.  Nothing about what values should be promoted.  Nothing but “here is evil, we failed to counter it, we will try harder!  YOU need to try harder!”

Every position Hillary backed is assumed to be good. Every opposition to her is assumed to be vile.  (PLOT TWIST: The Republicans use this same partisan trick.  It’s only the ‘other side’ that is evil)

Still, it is worth the listen. You can really hear Hillary’s self portrait come across in a way that justifies everything she did and everything she would have done if she was elected.

When you realize that she is just another politician, painted in true Bastiat style, you can see her true view of this world:

She knows better than we do.  We are clay. She will mold us.  Then we will all rise through her leadership.

“What Happened” is a book written for those who already believe in Hillary’s vision of the world.  This book was written to hold together the Democratic Party power base after a crushing blow.  I highly recommend reading it to understand the mind of those who seek power.

Just make sure you have your own world view screwed on tight while you read it.  Those who lean toward empathy, those who believe we can make a world completely free of suffering will be easily persuaded by “What Happened.”

What Happened is a huge appeal to emotion, and what is commonly believed to be ‘right’ at the time.  And it is right to be so!  There is no logical argument to be won on this side.  Only those who have been fooled into believing that quick government fixes can lead to prosperity for all, will by in.  There are plenty who will readily do so.

You, however, know so much more.  You know morality isn’t just for those who are living today.  Morality must be for us, and for those who will come after us.

They will tell you that morality is for just those who are alive now. They will tell you that you must advocate only for the living.  They will tell you that those who suffer now weigh more than those who will suffer ten fold in the future.  Her message and her philosophy deeply contrast with my message of Limited Government.  Unfortunately, the popularity of Bernie Sanders has brought socialism and ‘big government’ solutions back into vogue. 

Our children will pay for the success of that philosophy.  Their quality of life will be less due to our greediness.  One life goal of mine is that I will be able to face my children in the future and tell them that I did everything in my power to reject these increases in debt even if it meant I didn’t get a tax cut.

I may write more about this book once I complete it.  Maybe not.  

At this point, I’m really just glad that I didn’t spend money on it.


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Source: Liberty LOL – Book Review of Hillary's "What Happened"

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