Quotes on Liberty

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Use this page to view the various quotes from many great thinkers on liberty, economics, prosperity and freedom.

Murray Rothbard quotes,  Ayn Rand quotes,  Ron Paul quotes,  Ludwig von Mises quotes, George Orwell quotes, Lysander Spooner quotes, H.L. Mencken quotes, Frédéric Bastiat quotes, and many more…

The first 550-ish quotes in our bank were hand-squeezed by scouring the interwebz personally.  I finally stumbled upon a site called Libertarian Quotes which has a bunch for us to add as well.

You may visit their page here:  http://libertarianquotes.net

Feel free to suggest additional quotes to include in the comments below!

For the history you didn’t learn in school, check out Liberty Classroom:

Get the equivalent of a Ph.D. in libertarian thought and free-market economics online for just 24 cents a day….

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