Voluntaryist Origins | Humanity’s Last Stand Against Government

Voluntaryist is the tale of a superhuman hero who finds himself pitted against the government as the government tries to enslave humanity once and for all.  He is a young man with extraordinary powers created through a chance encounter with cosmic radiation. His personal mission is to rescue his parents from government agents, but that objective is often frustrated with the likes of giant monsters, super-villains, and even the armed forces.

The comic takes a contemporary look at the question, “What does it mean to be truly free?”

HISTORY: Voluntaryist was created by liberty fanatic and costumer Jaime Sherman, whose passion for liberty is only matched by his passion for cosplay photography. He began the long process of creating the series while trudging through his graduate studies.

The Voluntaryist comic series has been in the prototyping process for 5 years and is finally ready for an official and complete canon origins story. The script has been written and revised and the characters have been established through several future-verse comic issues available at www.volcomic.com

GOAL: To get the Voluntaryist Origins story fully finished to share with you, and, eventually, the world!

PAGE COUNT: 50 new pages estimated for a 100% funded campaign.

We will produce as much of the comic as we can get funded for! The storyline may set with “to be continued” to tailor to the funding level.


Voluntaryist Indiegogo Link


Here is a note on the IndieGoGo campaign from the creators:

Our latest comic campaign, Voluntaryist Origins has just gone live!

Would you please take a brief moment to share our online campaign link to your Facebook wall to help us reach goal? Each share gets the word out and pushes the campaign to the front of the Indiegogo website, reaching new faces with the message of truly free, voluntary living.

If feeling generous, take a look at our perk selections this round. We have AMAZING options including Voluntaryist action figures and the film prototype cells! It’s an awesome way to not just support but also be a literal part of the comic! MORE SUPPORT = MORE PAGES! ( :

Thank you again for consistently standing for liberty. Keep the passion up!

We are big fans of this comic and will be sharing their stories here on Actual Anarchy.

Check it out!

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