Episode 122 – Behind the Curve (1:07:54)

We’re about to get crazy with the cheeze-wiz. Where is the curvature? This old-world idea has been resurrected in recent years, even some NBA players had made claims to it…that the Earth is flat.

In libertarian circles, it has been one more useful tool in the process of weeding out FB friends.

Flat Earthers, a term synonymous with conspiracy theorists who wear tinfoil hats. Meet real Flat Earthers, a small but growing contingent of people who firmly believe in a conspiracy to suppress the truth that the Earth is flat. One of the most prominent Flat Earthers is Mark Sargent who, in the midst of the upcoming Solar Eclipse, proudly speaks at the first Flat Earther conference.

It starts on South Whidbey Island…which is known to be a concentration of kooks. Even had a commune out there, appropriately called “Freeland”.

The flat-earthers feel like they are the correct and they are a marginalized group on the edge of science that follows the Gandhi “first they laugh at you.”

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Sort Yourself Out – Part Way Through Jordan Peterson’s Book

By Daniel Elwood

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Jordan Peterson has burst onto the stage in recent years with an amazing combination of intellect and personality that is taking the world by storm. He is making a difference in many peoples’ lives and is the hottest thing going. He just recently released his new book, “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos” and is gaining even further traction in making the world a better place.

I’m reading his book now.  Most of it is great so far.  There are a few areas that are soft.  And yes, I realize that he’s not an economist but there are a couple of glaring issues that if he better understood, he would be even more effective at helping people.

He claims “ideology” is bad and “anything that claims to have the answers” is bad. I would agree in 99.9% of cases, but clearly, the man hasn’t read Mises, Rothbard, Higgs, Woods, Block, or Hans-Hermann Hoppe.

So To Speak – The Misunderstood and Misrepresented Thought of Hans-Hermann Hoppe

He mentions a “Social Contract”, but in relationships, so I’m not sure if it is more a euphemism as opposed to the “social contract theory” employed by statists everywhere.

I do like that he reviles communism and questions why the seemingly “good intentions” result in murdering 100 million people. He also has researched mythology and stories to inform his understanding of society over time. I think this is beneficial.

He fears war in the technological age as the capacity to destroy the world is on the table. If he read some Higgs on this point, I think he would understand that it is primarily under a state that such destructive power can be amassed.

The State Is Too Dangerous to Tolerate

Perhaps Chaos Theory would be good here.

If I had my magic wand, I would get JP to engage with thin libertarianism a la Block’s question: “when is the initiation of force legitimate?”.

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Liberty Classroom by Tom Woods


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.…Why Frederic Bastiat believes the market economy is a place of harmony, not struggle or conflict, and that in a free market, people specialize in that area in which they are best able to serve others.

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It’s True, I Swear

By Dann Reid

My 5 year old is smart. As her dad of course I say she’s smart. But, she is. She can visualize a lego toy in her head based on the picture and follow the directions perfectly. She’s has the ability to see completed that which is apart. That’s smart. Or something.

This same child does not have a sense of fluid dynamics or inertia. When she pushes the milk glass with the force at the top, it spills. I point out that she should push from the base and I am rejoined with a stern “I know!”

She has a cute habit of mispronouncing multi-syllable words. Interesting becomes in-stres-ting. It’s very cute and all too soon it will go away. She corrects us when, on the rare occasion we wish to remove these cute bits, that she knows she is right, that this word or that is pronounced as she has demonstrated.

She knows. For her it is true.

True. The hunter’s arrow flew true to the heart of the elk. The scorpion was true to its nature and stung the hiker. Her true love surprised her with a marriage proposal. We say these things are true and think little more about the word. What of true things which cannot be observed? Metaphysicians wrestle with big ideas and truth is a big idea. In Natural History of Intellect, Emerson writes that a student “must find what truth is.”[1]

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Understanding Time-Preference vs Being Homophobic

Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s battle with the PC gate keepers

By Anarcho-Viking

Trouble with the thought police

In 2004 during a lecture on money and banking, at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Prof. Hans-Hermann Hoppe provided an example of how the concept of time-preference plays a major role in the economy, local as well as global. The illustration given by Prof. Hoppe became a national controversy, and was used by the left-wing opinion molders in an attempt to hound the Austro-anarcho-capitalist academic out of polite society, and to consequently destroy his career. The case presented by Hoppe, and that caused the outcry, was hardly controversial at all. We will get to the actual case soon, but let us first clarify what the definition of time-preference is, and why it is such an important component as part of economic analysis.

Time-preference and the Austrian school

The level of time-preference an individual has, is measured by the degree to which that individual is willing to postpone present consumption in favor of the future, delayed gratification of greater benefits than what consumption right away would provide. A trivial, yet classic example of degree of time-preference, can be seen in the experiment of giving a child the following option: Either receiving one cookie right now, or waiting 30 minutes and receiving two cookies. The child’s present desire to consume usually trumps the willingness to await delayed gratification, and hence we conclude through praxeological deduction that children on average have a higher degree of time-preference than more mentally mature persons. The price paid by giving up present consumption in exchange for future value of a good or service must mean that the expected future psychic revenue is greater than the present psychic revenue generated by consuming instantaneously. Nobody would prefer to consume later should the act of consuming generate the same satisfaction today as it would a year from now. Continue reading “Understanding Time-Preference vs Being Homophobic”

You Should Not Join Politics. This is why.

If you believe that you possess a good conscience with devilish motives, then politics is a vocation meant for you because it gives you the monopoly on accessing unaccountable power for performing sadistic activities at the expense of your exchequers.

I know many people believe that “one should join politics to do ‘greater good’ for the society” but they fail to consciously understand that politics is a profession designed to degrade, dictate and debauch the liberties of all individuals except for the establishment.

Therefore, politics is a medium to organically achieve the disastrous conclusions.

It’s the power that attracts the miscreants toward politics, otherwise, why wouldn’t you become an entrepreneur, social volunteer, educator, anarchist or an agorist to serve the economic needs, anthropological desires and empathetic expectations of the people?

I am sure that you would not join the Taliban group to “change” the theme of Islamic terrorism “from within”. Similarly, what’s so magical about ‘joining politics to change politics from within’?

In this case, the only good thing about Taliban terrorists is that:

1) they do not fund the media,

2) camouflage people’s opinion,

3) fake electionery promises,

4) lobby with cronyists and

5) deliver unaccountable GDP results.

Whereas, politicians enjoy the monopoly on terrorizing the system. Continue reading “You Should Not Join Politics. This is why.”

AnarcoTopics #5 – Objectively Determining Value and The Chamber of Secrets (20:25)

By Hunter Thompson

AnarcoTopics #5 – Objectively Determining Value and The Chamber of Secrets (20:25)

Part 5 of a 9 part series on Anarcho-Capitalism.

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A Political Guide To Destroying Your Economy

WARNING:  Before you implement the pieces of advice, it is necessary for you to have a nuke or else it is not easy to declare yourself as a legal thug who is going to constitutionally take care of everything at the expense of everyone else except yourself.

Otherwise, you would have a difficult time in organising the slaves and call yourself “the government”.

To destroy your nation’s economy, you need to abhor freedom of others. If you lack this quality, you are not “mentally fit” to envy and expropriate others. All your actions can be justified by a piece of paper called “constitution”. There’s nothing to worry about, except anarchists.

Second thing, you should never learn economics. What matters is sociology because it helps us to “screech autistically” and attain the status of victimhood, followed by a biased understanding of the history subject.

Professional Victim

By the way, if you come across any “critical thinker” or “learned person” then it is your moral duty to shun his/her opinion without using facts, but sentiments.

Anyway, the above premises are the fundamental and foundational qualities to embrace the civility of a good politician. Only Ron Paul can be a bad politician because he does not support this guide/blog. I condemn him for that. Continue reading “A Political Guide To Destroying Your Economy”

3 Reasons Why Discussing Politics is Waste of Time

Different people possess different opinions, definitions and comprehensions about politics. Many individuals continue to [vociferously] express and discourse their stagnant views and loud perspectives about politics, respectively. They “feel good” about what they say, no matter how incoherent their statements are. They wouldn’t mind shunning others’ “political opinion” without realising that the inherent quality of any political debate is cyclically poor.

What matters to them is their own “political ego” and nothing else.

But, it isn’t my business to decide the best political opinion, statement or scientist because ‘politics is inherently a waste of time, energy, mind and wealth’.

Read the following reasons to know why, and figure them out at your discretion without feeling guilty, low and manipulated: Continue reading “3 Reasons Why Discussing Politics is Waste of Time”

Diet Coke of Fascism

There’s a self-proclaimed intellectual tribe which believes in a contradictory premise and that is “removing 80% of the tumor solves the cancer, while the remaining 20% should be left intact”.

It is just not a belief but also a modern ideology. They worship this political ideology, like the way jihadists worship Islam, but without directly initiating violence. The tribe also believes that it is morally correct to have freedom in all economic activities because they trust the principles of government-constituted free market.

When it comes to defense, police and courts or law, the tribe would not mind distrusting the principles of laissez-faire. To add, the tribe does not realise that it suffers from a psychotic disorder called ‘stockholm syndrome’ (which means, sympathising with the crime doer).

For example: they chant, blog & podcast “government is evil” (without realising that they’re the ones who are always eager to necessitate the evil at the expense of everyone else). They tend to forget that ‘limiting’ the evil does not equate to abolishment of evil.

Evil is evil, no matter what’s the size of it.

I do not intend to bash these intellectuals in this article. I am simply analysing their unnoticed hypocrisy.

Drink in the hypocrisy of minarchism

What makes their myth so different from other political ideologies like democracy, communism, etc., when their own ideology is a diet coke of all the fascist tendencies? Continue reading “Diet Coke of Fascism”