Is it time to stop pulling the cart?

This meme may be the truest thing I’ve seen lately, not because I think it’s patriotic or moral to shut down the economy and society forever. I am certainly no Ezekiel Emmanuel or Bill Gates devotee.

Rather, it’s because I think THIS is precisely the mindset the reopen movement, thin-libertarians, populists, secessionists, and small-business entrepreneurs need to embrace. Let me explain.

“Will your stimulus crumbs really sustain you for all this time?” my friend wrote regarding NC Gov. Roy Cooper’s muddled reopen plan. “I say we start a movement to open … with or without Cooper’s approval. If 1/10 of the businesses are on board, there’s no way he would charge anyone!”

This is one option – overwhelm the system and enforcement becomes untenable. I wrote about it in Co-opt the chaos. It warms my heart to read of small victories like this California skatepark, the Idahoans who protested a cop, or the Houston Police Officers’ Union who has chosen to do right the thing. But maybe this is only part of the solution. Maybe there’s something else we’re missing.

The narrative on the right is that lawmakers want to stamp out dissent; thus, reopen is rooted in advancing freedom and resisting totalitarianism. They say that the repressive tolerance of the left is being used by corporate media to shame and censor, and that Zuck is classifying reopen content and groups as “harmful information,” so fight the power.

If we’re going to have reopen, maybe we should demand that our local governments shut down Walmart and ONLY open the mom and pops. Make draconian edicts benefit the little guy for once.

And the narrative the left is parroting is that reopen is filled with neo-Confederates, who are “misguided … and selfish” because black Americans are “disproportionately affected” by COVID-19. Pay no attention to the fact that black folks have higher rates of obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure than do white Americans. And ignore this. Nope, it’s all about lacking minority “access” to healthcare and “food justice,” claim the cultural Marxists, despite Medicaid, EBT cards, school meal programs, affirmative action, and good ol’ free will.

The Root” wrote that the reopen movement should be called “White lives matter.” But honestly, I have no problem with that, and neither should you. The lion’s share of small businesses are white-owned, and this is even in spite of low-interest loans and other subsidies shelled out to promote minority business ownership. Just like gun rights, reopen is a predominantly white middle-class issue.

And this brings me to my main point. Maybe, just maybe the elites actually want the reopen folks to go back to work. Maybe they are betting that the reaction of the “work, not welfare” crowd will be precisely what it is: well-intentioned people simply demanding their desire to earn a living, be their own bosses, employ locals, and create something of value.

Maybe the red-meat rhetoric is just a political ploy. Just like the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street both began as genuine, grassroots movements, they got co-opted by the powers that be, who kicked the economic and political can down the road. Consumerism dulled citizens to the tyranny and lulled citizens back to sleep in their serfdom. Well, the days of seeming comfort and normality are gone, so maybe playing by the old rules is a path to destruction.

Maybe the elites are betting that people will think that the “Constitution dies of coronavirus,” as the satirical Babylon Bee said, and everyday folks won’t notice they’ve been without constitutional rights for 150 years. Maybe the oligarchs are hoping that citizens won’t realize that their beloved founding document has been used against them time and time again, to take God out of the public square, to invent a right to infanticide and gay “marriage” and compulsory public “education,” to create a central bank, to fund endless wars, to ban voluntary association, to institutionalize “equality” by force, and to regulate every aspect of their lives.

Maybe the elites are wagering that a population who carries around pocket Constitutions, chants “USA!” and recites the socialist-penned Pledge will clamor for business as usual. Well, we put up with their soft and hard tyranny because we had false prosperity, but those days are done. Eye on the ball, people.

Maybe the oligarchs are thinking reopen activists won’t realize that we haven’t been a “nation of free citizens” for a long, long time. Or that we’re no nation at all, and that there’s no “we” anything. 320 million diverse peoples cannot be “us” or “our” or “e pluribus unum.” Maybe that’s why this “build the wall” president has not put America first and is instead coddling foreigners and the big-business lobby.

Without the producers, who will subsidize the welfare state? Who will keep those destitute progressives at Ivy League universities and the Kennedy Center afloat? If we don’t pilfer the plebs, how will the post office be run? Or what about “unemployment claims” and the fact that “nearly half of states don’t have enough funds to pay all those” former claims or the new tens of millions of claims.

If the reopen protests really threatened globalist hegemony and imperiled the status quo, they’d be violently squashed like Charlottesville 2017. Sure, sometimes the statist enforcers show their true disdain for law-abiding folks. Certainly, white people advocating for themselves makes you a scoundrel in their eyes, but they don’t want you jailed or dead. They just want your money and your soul because you are the cash cow for all their nefarious deeds.

Big-box chains get tax breaks and pay their employees low wages since middle-class suckers subsidize the corporate and “working poor” bennies. The US military, which you also fund, protects the Chinese supply chain. It’s time to break the cycle of abuse by breaking the system.

After all, it is the reopen demographic and their tax bracket who cannot escape burdensome taxation, as do the rich with their teams of accountants and the “poor” through legal plunder. It’s precisely the reopen folks who are incessantly gutted to feed the beast and are subsequently saddled with debt in perpetuity. So why would the elites not want the producers to go back to work?

Think about it: pre-pandemic, US national debt was around $22.5 trillion, putting each US citizen in the hole to the tune of $68,400 and each unlucky taxpayer $183,000 in the red. Now, there is the $6 trillion “stimulus,” consisting of $4 trillion from Fed “liquidity” and $2 trillion in “new money” (meaning printed out of thin air).

This is mind-boggling. As a smart friend explained it to me, if you spent a million dollars a day, it would take a little over 3,000 years to spend just one trillion dollars! Small-business owners should be the first to understand that those numbers are untenable. So maybe this is a Hegelian dialectic of all risk and no benefit to the reopen movement.

Maybe that’s why Mrs. Centralization herself, U.S. ambassador to the UN Nimrata, er, I mean, Nikki Haley feigns being infuriated at some states trying to push bailout money to fund their broke pension systems. “States should not get windfalls,” demanded the turncoat globalist. “It all has to be paid back.” But how? Well, those reopen activists who are just itching to get back to work, of course.

NPR breaks down the numbers of the “third aid package from Congress.”

The controversial Paycheck Protection Program was supposed to help small businesses, but there were questions and concerns among entrepreneurs and mom-and-pop ventures. “Do self-employed people get the PPP? Do small business owners with no salaried employees?”

While honest people tried to figure it all out, “The $349 billion initially allotted for the program ran out of money … after just 13 days because of out-sized demand.” Turns out, the PPP was bailing out chains who were then paying off their lenders in exchange for loan cancellation.

In other words, more money for the big banks, while the little guys go empty-handed. Even though small businesses, which “employ about half of U.S. private sector employees,” rely upon banks for capital, “thousands of US banks may sit out small-business rescue plan.” Quite the clever con.

This is corporate socialism, and you’re still left with the bill, even though you’re not allowed to earn a living. Honestly, the stock market should be broke, yet its numbers are up. If the government can pay Wall Street to buy back their own stocks and bank shareholders can receive cash payments, and politicians care so much about saving lives, they can pay me and you to stay at home, right?

Why not jump in that cart that you’ve been pulling? You’ve been paying other people to stay home for years, so maybe now is your turn to take a ride.

The Dems are even trying to make it as cushy as possible. “In 2008, we bailed out Wall Street,” stated Rep. Ilhan Omar, who introduced the Rent and Mortgage Cancellation Act. “This time, it’s time to bail out the American people who are suffering.” Also being bandied about is the Emergency Money for the People Act, which would give $2,000 a month for a year to a large swath of middle-class citizens.

Take a nap in the hammock known as the “social-safety net.” Everybody else does. I’m sure you’re exhausted after all these years of cart-pulling and with no thanks from anyone. Relax. Have a beer. The elites and their foot soldiers have been dining out on you for years, so let’s have them buy this round. One last hurrah before the system implodes!

Many in my local reopen movement are adamant about not wearing masks at private businesses. “It’s a violation of my rights!” they say. I say, let’s channel that vim and vigor into something more productive.

Hey, Reopen NC, why not protest the banks? Citigroup Corporate Holdings Inc. is located in Raleigh. Wells Fargo east coast division is headquartered in Charlotte and their corporate center is in Raleigh. Bank of America’s headquarters are in Charlotte and it has a call center in High Point. BB&T’s Corporate Headquarters are in Winston-Salem. And JPMorgan Chase is “expanding in North Carolina.” Pick a branch.

The government says young, healthy people need to sacrifice to protect the elderly. Well, maybe we should be demanding that seniors (who just so happen to be the richest demographic) use their Social Security and Medicare funds to pay us for our sacrifice. Our property taxes are still subsidizing the closed public schools, maybe demand our own money back so we can feed our own children. Or just stop paying your taxes altogether.

The government has said this is a war, right? Yep, it’s a war on you and me. We in the middle-class are getting the shaft, and the elites are laughing all the way to the bank. Literally. So let’s start fighting by new rules.

For libertarians who think I’m going statist, taking from the government coffers is the Walter Block position. “It is a positive virtue to relieve the government of its ill-gotten gains,” the economist explains. “You are not promoting statism any more by taking their money than by carrying around their cash, patronizing their libraries or streets, etc.”

For conservatives who think I’m going socialist, perhaps this is the most patriotic act you can do for yourselves and your posterity. There is no purity test in an impure socialist racket. For Christians who think I’m evil, well, maybe it’s time to have a heart for my community, while simultaneously smashing the godless system.

If not working is just too much to bear because you are blessed to love what you do, how about reopening without government permission? Hell, you could even do that in conjunction with my pay-me plan. Even better.

The 10th Amendment Center’s Michael Boldin explains how using sound money is a great strategy for “attacking the empire.”

Work outside of the the central-banking paradigm. Take cash under the table. Or bitcoin. Or gold and silver. Or barter, and then say, come and enforce it. Anyway you look at it, the political network that banks on your obedience (but now promises you nothing but economic pain and increased oppression) would suffer.

Who knows. I could be wrong. I could be right. It’s hard to know anything for sure with the “glut of information we’re exposed to on a moment-by-moment, day-to-day basis,” as one of my readers describes it.

Our analysis “is greatly hindered by the ongoing fog of war, so that conclusions are necessarily very preliminary ones,” says Ron Unz. Still, Unz claims that the coronavirus was “a coordinated Deep State attack on China, Iran, the Trump administration, and the American people,” as Vox Day summarizes the theory. While I might or might not believe that today, I certainly wouldn’t be shocked if tomorrow we were to find out it’s true.

Honestly, I’m not spending that much time worrying where the virus came from. We may never crack that nut. But what I do know is that the people are the enemy of the state, and that the abolition of human-scale economies has been a detriment to our culture, our psyches, our faith, and our wallets.

We’ve been paying the price for our own participation in the globalist order, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stop supporting a system that hates human flourishing. Now’s as good a time to repent, do all that you can do to raze the old imperial order, and rebuild anew.

So maybe, just maybe being a “lazy bastard” is the best way to be a “responsible adult.” Perhaps a ride in the cart is the path to finally starving the beast and breaking our chains.

Source: Dissident Mama – Is it time to stop pulling the cart?

Episode 178 – Kick-Ass (1:12:32)

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Teaser vid:

We are about to kick some ass on Kick-Ass with our kickass guest, Raylene Lightheart and she makes her return to the show to talk about everyday people becoming heroes and some of the consequences therein.

We touch on the bystander effect/diffusion of responsibility, firearms safety, parenting, and how it intersects training a child a skill or pushing them too far, and whether they can consent or not. This is a doozy.

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Dissident Mama, episode 3 – Data & dialog with Olof

In this episode, I chat with Olof, a native Swede residing in the United States. He’s a data scientist with a degree in mathematics from Columbia University. We discuss COVID-19 statistics and the Swedish government’s response to the pandemic.

Image: US and Top 5 EU daily coronavirus cases per 100,000 people. By Bryn Bache, April 21, 2020, by Flourish Team.

Articles mentioned in our chat: “Sweden Is Right: The Economy Should Be Left Open“, “Sweden’s Top Epidemiologist: COVID-19 Infections Flattening Under Policy of Individual Responsibility,” and “Sweden Resisted a Lockdown, and Its Capital Stockholm Is Expected to Reach ‘Herd Immunity’ In Weeks.”

Check out this episode!

Source: Dissident Mama – Dissident Mama, episode 3 – Data & dialog with Olof

The Dissident Mama Podcast, episode 2 – Reopen the Triad

Today I speak with Wendy from the group Reopen the Triad. We chat about putting the Triad and all of North Carolina back to work, the unintended consequences of universal stay-at-home orders, the false dichotomy of sensible reopen vs. quarantine for fall, and many other topics related to the coronavirus chaos. It’s both informative and fun! Please do leave your comments down below. Stay tough out there, y’all.

Mentioned in our discussion were Reopen NC, the Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist and his article “What Governors Can Do,” and the Tom Woods interview with industrial policy analayst Alex Epstein, “Lockdown vs. Human Flourishing.”

Check out this episode!

Source: Dissident Mama – The Dissident Mama Podcast, episode 2 – Reopen the Triad

Episode 177 – Soylent Green (1:13:52)

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We jump ahead a few years with returning guest, Dr. Dennis Foster, and see what more than two years of quarantine might do to a city and a people. 2022, New York City – 40 million people are living on top of each other after the scares of overpopulation and global warming myth become reality.

That’s right, we’re doing a back-to-back Richard Burton vs. Chuck Heston – battle royale – this time for all the marbles.

This one hits home and is more relevant than ever as things we thought impossible are rapidly becoming our new reality and way of life.

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We’re all secessionists now

When I attended the Abbeville Institute’s Secession Conference in Dallas back in November 2018, most people I know in “normal” life thought, “Sure, she’s a nice gal and all, but man, does she have some wacky ideas!” Well, I don’t think anyone’s rolling their eyes anymore.

In liberty parlance, secession simply means the humane act of severing political ties to which one has acceded. Instead of fighting over the keys to the kingdom, as is the case in a centralized mass democracy, secessionists simply say, “We don’t want a king. We’d rather manage our lives through smaller-scale, more localized governance.”

But really, the “king” analogy doesn’t quite work in critiquing the modern state. Even “the medieval king did not have sovereign power over individuals in his territory” the way the empire wields its unchecked power today, explains Abbeville co-founder and president Dr. Don Livingston.

“He had to share that power with a number of independent social authorities,” like the nobility, principalities, and the church, from whom the king had to get consent for rule within his realm. “Not even an absolute monarchy in the 17th century … could impose an income tax, or create a public debt, or order universal conscription of troops.”

Dr. Livingston is one of the world’s foremost experts on secession. When he delivered this speech in 2018, a survey then reported that 39% of Americans said that states can secede, whereas just 10 year earlier, the stat was a meager 22%. Due to our current viral disorder, I would bet that number is much, much higher today.

What makes the modern state different from its ancient and medieval counterparts is its immensity in both size (territory) and scale (population), as well as the fact that it too has social authorities, but they are very much dependent institutions, requiring state authorization. This is how we get to the point of governments shutting down churches as “nonessential” and cops enforcing those absurd edicts. Centralized powers don’t like competition.

“If bigness invites rule by dictator, dictators also like bigness,” wrote law professor F.H. Buckley in his book American Secession. “With greater size comes grander palaces and more power to push neighbors around” since “big states are more corrupt … there’s a greater sense of solidarity in smaller states, such as Finland, where people are less diverse and more trusting of others.”

Americans used to understand this, as new states were born through secession and the Founders’ understanding that republics must be small in order to work. For instance, Kentucky was carved out of Virginia, Tennessee out of North Carolina, and Maine out of Massachusetts.

In his book Human Scale Revisited: A New Look at the Classic Case for a Decentralist Future, Sale calls this “The Law of Government Size.”

During its federal flourishing, the US was known as the “mother of new nations.” Like the cantons of Switzerland, divisions of land, size and scope, representation, and diverse populations helped check consolidation of power, as well as promote culture, homogeneity, and liberty.

As the Mises Institute’s Ryan McMaken explains, “If American federalism were like Swiss federalism, there would be 1,300 states.” Sure, there aren’t that many now, but that doesn’t mean that states or regions or peoples can’t create their own “empires of liberty” very soon.

The War of Northern Aggression dealt a huge blow to America’s decentralist tradition, but the kicker was a reinterpretation of the 14th Amendment some 50 years after its ratification, when Progressive-Era schemers began to claim the wording of this “Civil War amendment” codified federal supremacy, giving us such gems as the income tax, prohibition, the draft, and every welfare-warfare program to come along since the New Deal.

Known as Incorporation Doctrine, it’s a political bludgeon that empowers the bureaucrats and oligarchs, destroys community and culture, increases violence, atomization, and displacement, and decreases mutual benefit, comity, and trust. Simply put, centralization is “antithetical to virtue,” as law professor Allen Mendenhall says.

“Larger states, far from providing peace, merely provide larger wars, having more human and material resources to pour into them,” wrote Sale. Smaller states can band together to make “temporary confederation and mutual defense … in the form of treaties and leagues and alliances.”

Just as the 11 Southern states formed the Confederate States of America to resist “large-scale aggression,” states like Rhode Island, Maine, and Florida, and even counties like Graham, NC, have in recent days been guarding their borders from out-of-town interlopers. The senate in Pennsylvania partially lifted the lockdown in their state, overriding the governor’s one-size-fits-all virus measures, and approved a bill giving county governments even more leeway in implementing their their own community-specific “reopen” plans.

“Think locally, act locally” is historian Brion McClanahan’s motto.

Like many other states, the citizens of Michigan are co-opting the chaos and banding together to resist their governor’s extreme shut-down laws, asking why the whole of a largely suburban and rural state must live under Detroit-specific laws. So far, four county sheriffs are vowing not to enforce the emergency orders of the governor, who was aghast that some protesters waved the Confederate Battle Flag. Turns out some of them Michiganders have a clue.

Governors on the east and west coasts are creating regional pacts, dare I say, “confederations,” to work together in reopening their states. Hell, Gavin Newsom declared California a “nation-state.”

When a Bloomberg Opinion writer states that “Federalism has always had rough spots, but conflict is rising and resolutions are not” so “nullification … could be ripe for a come back,” or the New York Times defends states’ rights, or Reuters pushes for the “Great American Breakup,” or a contributing editor at The New Republic calls for “separating blue states from America,” you know we’re on the precipice of something revolutionary. Centralization is under threat, and it’s about damn time.

Here I am in Dallas with Dr. Livingston and Michael Boldin, executive director of the 10th Amendment Center. While Livingston presents the theoretical case for secession, Boldin tackles the strategic and practical ways that decentralization can actually be achieved – a double whammy of unReconstructed brilliance!

Funny thing is, it’s the ideology of a “republic, one and indivisible” that has propelled us to this current historical moment. After all, it’s not the quarantine that is separating us or causing a lack of “national” solidarity. It’s that there is nothing that really unites “us,” other than division.

A good illustration of this is lockdown communities in Italy “singing in solidarity.” These quarantined people could be heard spontaneously crooning traditional Italian ballads and the country’s national anthem – an illustration of a people, a shared heritage, and a lived culture. It was a hard sell in NYC, and when it did catch on, well, we got Bon Jovi.

America is too big and too diverse to be a “nation.” We’re a disparate patchwork, cobbled together by secular fictions, utopian fantasies, covetousness, and hubris. We’re a centralized managerial state – a geographic and geopolitical blob that has only grown, but can never shrink. Till now.

What’s a Lincolnian to do in these topsy-turvy times? Well, advocate for Jeffersonianism, of course. I don’t care about the elitists’ political calculations; we secessionists need to run with it.

Forcible political unification has a way of ruining a people and wrecking a civilization. From the centralizing force resulting from the War Between the States to the community-killing coercive measures of equality, heterogeneity, mass democracy, legal plunder, and “acquired rights,” it’s apparent to anyone with eyeballs that diversity is not our strength. And the havoc wreaked by coronavirus has only magnified this inescapable truth.

In a pre-pandemic interview, economist Hans-Hermann Hoppe remarked that because “political and monetary centralization has proceeded unabated … a severe economic meltdown is in the making.” Bear in mind, he said this before our $6 trillion COVID-19 “stimulus” and “recovery” packages.

Now, combine that with the fact that “most Western countries have been thoroughly dehomogenized by immigration policies favoring multiculturalism,” which has “massively increased as a fallout of endless US wars and military adventures,” and it’s no wonder that smart people are embracing decentralization and localism. Finally!

Multiculturalism + central banking = collapse and catastrophe.

Recently, Buckley wrote that coronavirus could hasten secession. “Since Donald Trump’s election, a poison has entered America’s soul. It’s driven us apart and made the idea of a breakup more inviting.”

Really though, coronavirus has made unavoidable the “explosive mixture” of which post-modern America is made. Trump’s win was just the “beginning of the great push back,” as I’ve heard Mises president Jeff Deist say. Trump simply brought to center stage the division that had already been festering and coming to a head for 150 years. Thanks to pandemic-mania, it’s about to pop.

Globalism is just centralization on a mass scale. An outgrowth of modern imperial hegemony, it’s one giant liberty-sucking, money-stealing, war-starting parasite.

Interestingly, it’s the globalists – the one-world elites, technocrats, career politicians, crony capitalists, multinational corporate kings, and billionaire social-engineers – who are running scared these days. So, don’t fear their rhetoric.

From Suicide of a Superpower and A Republic, Not an Empire to State of Emergency and The Death of the West, Buchanan has been warning us about collapse for a long time. But he’s hopeful. So am I.

Will the coronavirus end globalization?” they ask. It’s a “gift to nativist nationalists and protectionists” and a “gift to nationalists” and could “boost protectionism,” warn the very people who assured us there was no danger (economic, cultural, and physical) to offshoring every damned thing. When fellows at the “Centre for International Governance Innovation” (yikes!) are triggered because globalism failed and nationalism is on the ascent, this is good news.

When Henry Kissinger is shaking in his bureaucratic boots that the coronavirus crisis is threatening “the principles of the liberal world order” … and “the world’s democracies need to defend and sustain their Enlightenment values,” people should rejoice. The “cracks in globalization” are on full display. Its comfortable fiefdoms are threatened now by reality.

For instance, Trump has already de-funded the WHO, which explicitly advised against travel restrictions, criticized countries that implemented travel bans, and lectured the world that “viruses know no borders.” Many countries ignored the advice, thankfully, grasping the fact that borders are a line of defense against invasion, whether viral or human. More and more people are realizing that the “global village” was a ruse.

Although Gray doesn’t think “small-scale localism” is the answer as do I, neither does he believe that “hyperglobalization” is coming back.

Anti-EU sentiment is on the ascent in Europe. Countries like Italy are wanting to secede from the pan-continental institution. COVID-19 “shatters the facade of the EU.” European leaders warn that the virus could “breakup” their carefully crafted ruling class. The nations of Europe are “rising up” and demanding their sovereignty back.

When the ironically named The Nation sees “traditionalism” as fascistic and fears that the “obscure yet powerful ideology” may fill this watershed moment, you know things are looking up for secessionists, small-government advocates, and down-home conservative folk. The leftist losers are losing their minds, y’all.

Localism isn’t perfect, but it’s much less likely to create wars and other social discord, and when it does, they are much less frequent and typically smaller, shorter, more manageable affairs. Like Jeff Deist rightly explains, “All crises are local.”

My late friend Matthew Silber designed the graphic at top. It speaks to the idea that secession is for everyone, but centralization puts up road blocks to obscure the big picture: that it’s the oligarchs (the managerial deep state and the globalists) vs. citizens. They want us to feel exploited so we demand a government fix to every problem. They want us to spend our resources, time, and energy lobbying for a piece of the pie so that centralization itself becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The time is now.

When I saw Marcus Ruiz Evans, founder of CalExit, speak at the Dallas conference, he commented, “America doesn’t represent California values.” The room full of Southern-without-apology stalwarts agreed, but nor does California represent Southern values and tradition. Nor do big cities speak for rural areas. Or country folks speak for urban ethnic enclaves. Multiculturalism is anathema to happy, healthy people in a centralized state, but it just fine and dandy in a confederation born of peaceful separation.

Evans knows that diversity by force only feeds the beast and creates aggrievement as an identity. Wouldn’t it be better to voluntarily associate with like-minded people and create independent institutions and high-trust communities that foster your beliefs while simultaneously deterring the Leviathan?

Who wants fake, feckless unity when you can have the real thing? Why not nurture a human-scale social order that has produced flourishing throughout the ages? Let’s actually know and help our neighbors and build up local bonds, instead of begging for scraps in a system whose aim is to tear us all down.

The illusion that we’ve ever in our lifetimes been “a free people” is starting to sink in with those who had bought into the big lie that bigger is better. Let’s recalibrate, prioritize, break our bad habits, and reorganize. We have been blessed with a reset button, so now’s the time to press on with a much-overdue and highly necessary course correction. Secession is the answer.

Let’s work to turn the “ratchet effect” on its freakin’ head. Let it be us, normal, everyday people, who do not let this crisis go to waste.

Source: Dissident Mama – We’re all secessionists now

Episode 176 – The Robe (1:29:30)

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We did “The Passion of the Christ” last year telling the story of the Crucifixion, this year is an appropriate continuation of that story as we get some of the periphery and aftermath as we talk about “The Robe” with the Anarcho-Christian.

It’s a story about crushing guilt for ‘just following orders’ and finding redemption in faith. Then being willing to die standing on principles. There’s a strong anti-state message against the tyrant Caligula at the end, for which the sentence is death.

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Co-opt the chaos

wE liVe In A pOlIcE sTaTe! That’s a common refrain being voiced on social media these social-distancing days. While it’s true and has been for a long time (from the dawn of the new Millennium to at least 150 years ago, depending on your worldview), what are we “pandemic people” to do about it?

Are we going to keep regurgitating the obvious in our echo chambers, yet still continue submitting to ludicrous government edicts? Are we going to get angry and stomp our feet, but do squat? Unfortunately, that seems to be what is happening more than not.

Let me first clarify for the record that my family has been self-quarantined since nearly a week before any institution told us to do so. We’re truly blessed in that my husband is able to work from home, my children are already homeschooled, and I also happen to like my family, my dog, my yard, the beautiful Carolina spring weather, my neighbors, and my home. We go out when we have to, but practice caution when doing so. But none of that means I’m going to stay quarantined forever.

These two things don’t have to be mutually exclusive.
Where’s the button for celebrating the end of the empire? People saying “draconian,” “dystopian,” and “muh Constitution” seem to be the ones most upset by states flexing their constitutional rights. If you don’t like it, stop complying.

States have every legal and constitutional right to implement stay-at-home orders, if their governor so chooses. It’s born of the 10th Amendment, and it’s how the Framers envisioned our system of subsidiarity: closer-to-home governance which is more accountable to its citizenry. The originalist position is supposed to restrain the federal government and let the “empires of liberty,” as Jefferson called the sovereign states, unfold as uniquely diverse entities.

And this is one thing that really drives me nuts about the armchair philosophers. Take the Venn diagram and meme from above. They both refer to “government” in the singular, yet many separate governments within these United States are exercising their power. “Finally!” is what I say! Hell, Cuomo said the word “decentralization” in a positive light recently. That should floor anyone who’s been paying attention to politics for at least the last 50 years.

Libertarians and limited-government conservatives should be embracing this rekindling of federalism, but many Americans seem to possess an unshakable “nation-state” mindset. I suppose that’s the consequence of a 100+ years of puritanical-progressive propaganda spoon-fed to us by schools and reinforced through media, cultural norms, and institutional practices. But the day of reckoning for that old Lincolnian idea is at hand.

Hell, even Dishonest-Abe enthusiast Glenn Beck is applauding South Dakota’s governor, a state executive who’s resisting the “herd mentality” calls for a “one-size-fits-all approach” in dealing with the virus. “South Dakota is not New York City,” she explained. “The people themselves are primarily responsible for their safety.”

It’s the radical individualists vs. the radical collectivists. The former forget that true liberty requires duty and personal responsibility, while the latter seek comfort over freedom. But what they both suffer from is the moral sickness of Muricanism.

Many smart folks are all atwitter when duly elected executives and legislatures actually exert what has been within their purview since colonial times. But they should be cheering the fact that no longer can governors and other state politicians dine out on the stupidity of the federal government, blaming it for every misstep, while simultaneously begging the beast for a return of its own tax-payers’ money in exchange for grants, subsidies, political favors, and personal kickbacks.

States have made a living off the extortion of their productive classes, sucking off the Washington teat, and slopping at the trough, all while pretending to care about constituents. Sure, some people didn’t like it, but most simply got accustomed to it.

But now when the impotent feds turn a manageable problem into a shit show because of PC apprehensions or simple government fecklessness, states are realizing the political dominion they’ve always had. Turns out you don’t have to be bullied by DC.


However, this doesn’t mean that people need to obey every stupid edict that local and state governments pass down the pike. In fact, it is we who grant these bums the power to do what they do. So, if you don’t like what’s happening in your town, you do something about it. If you don’t believe me, read historians Dr. Tom Woods’ Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century or Dr. Clyde Wilson’s Nullification: Reclaiming Consent of the Governed.

And let me be clear: just because I’m a secessionist doesn’t mean I worship the states. I simply understand that there is more personal power to be wielded on a smaller scale. Centralization squashes that option (by design), but smaller governance allows for such flexibility.

I mean, c’mon. Who thinks one in 320 million is good odds, or that a “representation” ratio of one US congressman per every 700,000-800,000 “citizens” or the direct election of US senators is really a setup that promotes liberty and healthy governance? No one but the oligarchs, of course.

Right now, people have a chance to both keep their local institutions in check while also slaying the Leviathan as a result. We can wedge our way under that chink in the emperor’s armor and tear it off, if we get smart, or we can bitch and complain. I say we co-opt the chaos. After all, it’s here whether we like it or not.

You can literally wear a mask and gloves to the store while packing heat (open carry or conceal, depending on the state), and nobody bats an eye in these chaotic times. That’s pretty empowering when you think about it.

“tHeY’rE jUsT fOlLoWiNg OrDeRz!” tease the teed-off folks, who are saying a bunch, but doing little. They get too distracted with the mere existence of the “sheeple.” If you wear a mask and gloves out in public, you’re a “soyboy,” opined one popular alt-right vlogger, and a libertarian podcaster said to those practicing caution, “I hate you.” Funny that even the pro-freedom crowd really loves meddling in other people’s personal decisions. Turns out that puritanical-progressivism runs deep in Murica.

The truly ironic part is that “the Karens” are actually doing some thing. Pointing your bony finger in people’s faces requires physical action, which is taken to crisis-crazy level by this guy and this doctor. So, if you dissent to how your local or state government is handling the situation – whether you think the whole darn thing is a hoax or you just don’t approve of extreme measures – fight back. It’s time to strike while the iron’s hot.

Instead of wasting your energy complaining about the conformists or the police state, start taking advantage of the situation. Adapt to the new paradigm of desperate politicians, dwindling resources, deregulation on both the personal and institutional levels, reinvigorated decentralization, sparse enforcement, growing disorder, and increasing governmental fragility. And the old paradigm ain’t coming back.

You’re not going to change their minds of the sheeple. Instead, focus on lighting a fire under people who are primed and ready to resist. Seize the moment.

When California cops fine and jail a few beach-goers for watching the sunset, don’t pay the fine and instead return to the beach the next evening with 20, or 200, or 2,000 of your friends. Come and enforce it.

When NC pro-lifers get fined and jailed for protesting that abortion is never an “essential” business, show up the next day and the next and the next with a horde of anti-abortion activists. Come and enforce it.

When a Colorado man gets handcuffed and held in custody for playing at an empty park with his wife and daughter, everyone should go to the park with their families the following days for weeks on end. Come and enforce it. Hey, maybe you’ll even get an apology form the police.

When a Mississippi church holds a drive-in prayer service and cops issue $500 fines to each congregant, don’t pay the fines. “I told them to get some more tickets ready because we will be preaching Sunday morning and Sunday night,” the pastor said. “If it means going to jail and if it takes that for me to keep preaching, I’ll be glad to go to jail.” Now that’s what I’m talking about!

These may seem like minor acts of rebellion to the lunacy, but they have tangible negative effects on the technocracy, which is why DHS is already trying to scare Christians away from church post-Covid crisis. Moreover, they also prime us for the major rebellion that is to come.

For instance, imagine defending your neighbor’s house from seizure when the banks come to foreclose on the property because he got behind on his mortgage. After all, it’s the “too big to fail” institutions who are being bailed out with your tax money while you’re being hung out to dry. That right there is a sham of the highest order and it’s just itchin’ for a little amped-up chaos.

“The arguments for a prolonged national lockdown are starting to sound strained.” Good piece, Tucker, but it’s not a “national” thing, so noncompliance at your local level is where folks can actually have an effect, unless we’re talking a large-scale tax revolt. Now, THAT would shake things up in DC.

Till then, don’t get upset that Bill Gates demands that “Things won’t get back to normal until we have gotten a vaccine out to the entire world.” Be happy that there’s no way for the inept global “powers” to even pull this off. If you don’t want to take a vaccine created by the liars at the WHO or heed sinister Gates’ forever-quarantine advice, don’t. Come and enforce it.

Don’t fret that Ezekiel Emanuel, oncologist with the Center for American Progress and a member of Joe Biden’s coronavirus Public Health Advisory Committee, chirped that “Conferences, concerts, sporting events, religious services, dinner in a restaurant, none of that will resume until we find a vaccine, a treatment, or a cure,” which he estimates is 18 months. Instead, ignore him and yell from the highest rooftop, way up there near the elites’ egos: “Come and enforce it!”

Don’t bemoan that a NJ town “resorts to talking drones to enforce social distancing.” Be pleased that their police force is so thin and overwhelmed and will eventually be way underfunded that they’re obviously desperate, so double-down on weighing down and breaking the system with constant elephantine disobedience. Come and enforce it.

If some folks still want to worship globalists, tattle on their neighbors, eat the poison, and stay locked away forever, let them. Otherwise, there’s work to be done and lives to be lived.

Alex Epstein discusses “the coronavirus response, what sensible practices we ought to adopt, and why mere biological life is not enough.”

I’m not saying be an idiot and go around licking door handles, or be a jerk and sneeze in people’s faces. Don’t get all emotional. Build local coalitions and practice smart civil disobedience. It’s been done before, it can be done again. Just look at history.

Take the American homeschool pioneers, who were unapologetic in their opposition to government miseducation. Thus, they personally seceded from the power structure and nullified man-made law and rule by the “experts” by simply not sending their kids to public schools. They got in trouble, of course, but they persisted with their brave acts of defiance, irregardless of the very high risks and the very real consequences.

And let us not forget about the Berlin Wall. In the lead up to its fall, East German leaders had already eased travel restrictions across the globalist-created border as communism started to crumble in the Soviet Union and in Eastern Europe.

So when people heard that restrictions were going to be completely abolished “immediately, right away,” this bureaucratic flub and the already frail system led to inspired East Germans flooding to the wall, “demanding the promised free passage.” The genie was out of the bottle.

But the best part of the story is that “the border guards had received no such instructions, but rather than deal with a riot, they stepped aside, and the wall came down in a rapturous celebration – Berlin’s greatest citywide party, ever.” Critical-mass resistance + systemic weakness + oligarch predictability + sparse enforcement can equal change for the better.

Berliners on November 9, 1989. Let’s see the writing on the 2020 wall, so to speak, and start relentlessly chipping away at the sham that is the nation-state. The genie ain’t going back in the bottle, y’all.

Some people are already starting to seize the moment, but don’t bother with rallying at the National Mall in DC. Go to your sheriff’s office or your state capitol like the good folks in Michigan who protested that “government is non-essential” and the loud Ohio protesters who disrupted the governor’s coronavirus briefing from outside their Statehouse.

Be like this pastor who held Palm Sunday church services, breaking his state’s stay-at-home orders. “True Christians do not mind dying, they fear living in fear,” he stated. “People that can prefer tyranny over freedom do not deserve freedom.”

Be like some of the courageous citizens in Idaho who are planning a “massive Easter Sunday gathering in defiance of [state] government orders.” The organizer said, “We must stand together in times such as these.” His sentiments were echoed by a state rep, who affirms that “church gatherings act as an essential service.”

I think Muricans give the police, the politicians, and the global elites waaaaaaay too much credit, and themselves way too little. Don’t get mad about the sheep or the totalitarians. Just take to heart what Winston Churchill rightly said, “Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.” Take advantage of the bureaucratic incompetence and the crumbling institutions and co-opt the chaos. Take your power back. It’s time to do.

Source: Dissident Mama – Co-opt the chaos

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