Libertarian Gaming: Farcry 5 Reaches Compromise with 5.2

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Breaking News! As reported by Galactic Imperium News Service (GINS), the makers of the popular Farcry series recently revealed new concept art (as seen above) for the latest entry into the Farcry universe. Known as Farcry 5.2: Berkeley Under Siege, this latest unveiling is said to be the studios attempt to address many concerns regarding the controversy surrounding Farcry 5.

Kelvin McGrabmasters, project lead for Farcry 5.2 promises an exciting adventure set in the open-world environment of Berkeley, California. While many of the finer points of the story are still under wraps, Kelvin notes in the GINS interview that “players will find themselves playing a diverse libertarian team seeking to bring copies of Murray Rothbard and Ludwig von Mises to help free the minds of brainwashed leftists and MAGA supporters. During the course of the game, players will help liberate Berkeley from the grip of tyrants and socialist college professors, and eventually find themselves embroiled in a conspiracy that may reach even to the very halls of government!”

When asked about the gameplay of Farcry 5.2, McGrabmasters was quick to point out that while prior Farcry games have been heavy on violence and gunplay, the team decided to go a new route and have the libertarian heroes simply use books, social media and other peaceful methods to help change minds. He also noted that there may be special power-ups that allow players to utilize bonus team members like Ron Paul and Tom Woods.

“We really felt like Farcry 5 was just going in the wrong direction,” Kelvin explained when asked about why the need for Farcry 5.2. “It started to feel a little like Bioshock Infinite with it’s overt use of partisan story elements, sectarian and religious imagery and tired gaming devices. Plus, we thought this could be an opportunity to have a realistic story that people could really identify with. Additionally, we thought that maybe we could speak a message about some of those antifa -like people out there who preach tolerance, but instead use it as a method to be violently intolerant and seek to limit free speech. Plus, let’s face it. The Left and the Right both can be pretty silly these days, which is why we thought we’d have libertarians, voluntaryists and ancaps featured positively in a game for once.”

However, GINS has learned that not all people are happy about this latest developments. Many of the Establishment’s top white male gaming journalists who praised Farcry 5 immediately took to their blogs to rant about how Farcry 5.2 is once again clearly part of a racist, sexist plot to perpetuate a gaming dark age. Fred Jellymins, editor at GameYippeeZone ranted that no serious gamer would look twice at a libertarian game with Anti-Statist themes that made the Establishment Left look ridiculous. “I don’t care about the Right,” Jellymins said. “But the Left should always be shown in a positive light in games if we want this art form to be taken seriously.”

Note: This post is intended as a work of humorous fiction. Any relation to actual people or game sites is an unusual coincidence indeed! And while doubtless millions of readers were perhaps hoping that Farcry 5.2 actually existed, no such game featuring libertarians or anti-statist themes in a positive light actually exists. 

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Source: Libertopia Cartoon – Libertarian Gaming: Farcry 5 Reaches Compromise with 5.2

FPF #47 – The New Strategy for the ISIS War

On FPF #47, I discuss the change in US strategy in the ISIS War. General James Mattis announced the US is moving to an annihilation tactics strategy. Until now, the Trump Administration denied altering the US strategy against ISIS from the Obama policy. Under Trump, the US military increased the number of bombs being dropped, and this has resulted in more civilian deaths. This new strategy involves the US demanding civilians flee Mosul and Raqqa. Then the US will kill the remaining people. I argue this strategy will result in more blowback and more civilian deaths. 

Source: Foreign Policy Focus – FPF #47 – The New Strategy for the ISIS War

AnarcoTopics #2 – Property Rights Don’t Exist, Except For That! (14:57)

By Hunter Thompson

AnarcoTopics #2 – Property Rights Don’t Exist, Except For That! (14:57)

Part 2 of a 9 part series on Anarcho-Capitalism.

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A Perversion Of Service

Every year on Memorial Day, people visit cemeteries and go to parades in honor of those who died while serving in a government military. Those still serving in these militaries travel down roads normally reserved for civilian use, and the people that these military personnel ultimately oppress celebrate this fact. Meanwhile, politicians and the establishment press take the opportunity that a day devoted to deceased military personnel presents to promote statist propaganda concerning the nature of service and the provision of defense. The general structure of their propaganda narrative is as follows: We have freedom. Freedom and the rights associated with it are granted by the Constitution, the state, etc. Freedom is not free. This is because it is valuable, and valuables will be stolen by thieves and destroyed by conquerors if they are not defended. The state provides defense of freedom, and is the only means by which such defense can be provided. A society should revere its protectors, for they perform the functions that allow everyone else to do what they do in peace. Because of (4), government military personnel are those protectors. Because of (4), (5), and (6), people should revere the state in general and its military personnel in particular. Laying down one’s life to protect others is the highest cost that one can pay. Because of (4), (5), (6), and (8), those who die in military service should receive the highest honor. Of course, like any effective propaganda, this narrative is a mixture of lies and truth. After all, a complete lie is easy to spot, while a lie wrapped in truth that has gone unchallenged by empirical examples for centuries is well camouflaged. The best way to counter this narrative is to challenge it on a point-by-point basis, examining each aspect and the connections between them for logical fallacies. Let us do this now. Freedom First, the statist asserts that we have freedom. Attempts to define freedom are rarely made by those who invoke it in this sense, for to do so would undermine their case irrevocably. However, we may proceed with the dictionary definitions of “the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action,” “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants,” “absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government,” and “the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.” In the presence of the state, none of these are possible. The state is a group of people who exercise a monopoly on initiatory force within a geographical area. When people initiate the use of force, they are imposing necessity, coercion, and constraint in choice or action upon their victims. The laws that government agents create and enforce infringe upon the right to act, speak, or think as one wants by punishing behaviors which do not aggress against any person or property. Though the state does occasionally prevent foreign domination, it does this with less efficiency and effectiveness than could private defense forces, and states tend to become more despotic over time. The state imprisons and enslaves millions of people. Those who are left somewhat free are not in such a condition for their own benefit and flourishing, but because it produces superior results from the perspective of human livestock management. That we cannot have freedom under current conditions puts the entire narrative in jeopardy, but let us continue our examination. Read the entire article at

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Source: Reece Liberty.Me – A Perversion Of Service

The Kindness of Mister Rogers

You may have seen the following video floating around Facebook recently:

Our newest contributor, Morten Rolland, has some thoughts on the matter.

“It’s amazing what you can accomplish when kindness and the happiness of others is your goal.”

Right. It’s amazing what you can accomplish, when the goal is to plunder your neighbors and force others to fund your own goals in life… Continue reading “The Kindness of Mister Rogers”

FPF #46 – General Mattis: A Liar or A Fool?

On FPF #46, I examine some recent comments from General Mattis on Yemen. Mattis claims that Iran is the country trying to destabilize Yemen. I argue that Saudi Arabia with US backing is responsible for destabilizing Yemen. Iran has provided little support to the Houthi and has avoided the Yemeni Civil War for the most part. Is Mattis looking to mislead the American people or has he been misled? I also give updates on Syria, China, and Iraq. 

Source: Foreign Policy Focus – FPF #46 – General Mattis: A Liar or A Fool?

There’s Nothing Called ‘Market Failure’

Ignorance is a choice in today’s age of internet, memes, and information. Ignorance is not only facilitated by the rational preferences but also felicitated by the instrumental organs of mainstream media, government schools, and public institutions.

This math sums up Isaac Asimov’s premise:

my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge“.

Application of this math in practice has massaged the unregulated ego of the academicians, experts, and politicians. Particularly, in the subject of economics, the trio enjoy a great deal to blabber since it is fashionable to socially express their loud opinions without examining the foundations and features of ‘basic economics’ these days. In this regard, the sadistic trio has frequently used the term “market failure” because it gives them the hedonic power to develop a monopoly on bashing the subject and subdue their ignorance at the expense of everyone else.

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War: What is it Good For? (Absolutely Nothing!) Ep. 3

In this Memorial Day Episode, we discuss the immorality of war and its destructive effects on society.

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Show Notes:

Audio Sample: For A New Liberty

Randolph Bourne: “War is the Health of the State” 

Smedley Butler: “War is a Racket”

Liberty Weekly: “Total War” and Anatomy of the State

James Madison: “Real or Imagined Threats”

Murray Rothbard: America’s Two Just Wars

G. Edward Griffin: Rings Within Rings

Paul Krugman’s War Fantasies

Frederic Bastiat the Seen and the Unseen

Trump’s Syrian Rocket Strike

Peter Schiff “I am the 1%”

Iraq Before US Intervention

Nayirah False Flag Testimony (Dead Babies in Cribs Reference)

Dave Grossman: “On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society

Iraq Veterans Against the War: Winter Soldier Testimony

Iraq Veterans Against the War

PTSD In Drone Pilots

Tom Woods Show: Two Dozen Key Foreign Policy Questions the Media and Government Ignore

Depleted Uranium

Millennium Challenge 2002

“War Games” [1983] Trailer Starring Matthew Broderick

Source: Liberty Weekly – War: What is it Good For? (Absolutely Nothing!) Ep. 3

The Conspiratorial Corruption of the Constitution Ep. 2

In this episode, we analyze the Constitution, discuss its ideological origins and explain how it has allowed the government that we have today.

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Audio Sample:

Lysander Spooner: No Treason–The Constitution of No Authority

Show Notes:

Ann Lyon; Constitutional History of the United Kingdom

Bernard Bailyn; Ideological Origins of the American Revolution

William J. Watkins, Jr.; Popular Sovereignty, Judicial Supremacy, and the American Revolution: Why the Judiciary Cannot be the Final Arbiter of Constitutions

Murray Rothbard; Conceived in Liberty

Follow your oligarchs at the Supreme Court!

Source: Liberty Weekly – The Conspiratorial Corruption of the Constitution Ep. 2

Our First Foray Into Freedom Ep. 1

Hosts Pat and Jerry take us on a quick tour around the Liberty Movement by defining the major terms mentioned in Episode 0 and the concepts they represent.

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Show Notes:

Audio Sample: Murray Rothbard, Anatomy of the State, Mises Institute

Audio Sample: Ron Paul Voluntaryism, Youtube Channel FR33 Agents

 Definition of State: The organization that has a legal monopoly of the use of violence, within a geographical area.
A great video explaining what Dispute Resolution Organizations (DROs) are and their function in a stateless society
Markets within prisons          
Larken Rose’s first hand experience in federal prison
The Corbett Report 
My Liberty Classroom Affiliate Link
Tom Woods Show: Ep. 909 What the War on Drugs Really Looks Like, Minus the Propaganda 
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Source: Liberty Weekly – Our First Foray Into Freedom Ep. 1