You Should Not Join Politics. This is why.

If you believe that you possess a good conscience with devilish motives, then politics is a vocation meant for you because it gives you the monopoly on accessing unaccountable power for performing sadistic activities at the expense of your exchequers.

I know many people believe that “one should join politics to do ‘greater good’ for the society” but they fail to consciously understand that politics is a profession designed to degrade, dictate and debauch the liberties of all individuals except for the establishment.

Therefore, politics is a medium to organically achieve the disastrous conclusions.

It’s the power that attracts the miscreants toward politics, otherwise, why wouldn’t you become an entrepreneur, social volunteer, educator, anarchist or an agorist to serve the economic needs, anthropological desires and empathetic expectations of the people?

I am sure that you would not join the Taliban group to “change” the theme of Islamic terrorism “from within”. Similarly, what’s so magical about ‘joining politics to change politics from within’?

In this case, the only good thing about Taliban terrorists is that:

1) they do not fund the media,

2) camouflage people’s opinion,

3) fake electionery promises,

4) lobby with cronyists and

5) deliver unaccountable GDP results.

Whereas, politicians enjoy the monopoly on terrorizing the system. Continue reading “You Should Not Join Politics. This is why.”

Have Hope: It is a Wonderful Time to be Alive

Despite all the evil perpetrated by the collective, the world is an amazing and wonderful place.

We live in prosperous times.

Our water is clean and sewage free, transportation is readily available, communication is instantaneous, and entertainment is available on demand.

We live in a world of rapid communication and wondrous new technologies. There are people here in the world whom I have never met in person, yet we have had wonderful discussions, we have shared hopes and even some dreams. We have collaborated on projects and we have exchanged ideas and argued points. These people are my friends and they are no different than the people with whom I share my “normal” life.

I just completed a terminal degree. I stopped working and through the powers of technology I was able to research and publish a dissertation, without having to attend classes in person. In fact I completed all three of my college degrees through the internet, no one can tell from my diploma that I am any different than any other graduate of that school.

After composing music for 35 years, I realized my lifelong dream and released a CD. The album is available on BandCamp, they are a company that simply takes a small percentage of what I collect to provide me an avenue of distribution. Years ago, I would have had no avenue to even consider recording my music, today I can do it in the privacy of my home office/studio for a minimal investment (maybe a month’s salary altogether).

I have access to the works of the great philosophers through online resources (like Liberty Classroom) that provide structured self-paced classes for a very small fee.

I order food, music, fountain pens, movies, car parts, motorcycle parts and countless other things online and it is delivered to my door, even on Sundays.

I study philosophy, theology, history, physics and countless other subjects online. A guy like me who started off a blue-collar worker (I was an electrician for the first ten years of my adult life) has moved on to academia. I am starting a new job with a major corporation this month (the application and one of the interviews were online). Decades ago I would have been dismissed as “reaching above my station.”

Over the half century of my life doors have not just been opened:

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It’s the Horseshoe Theory, Stupid

The economy is in crisis because the economy does not attempt to give a damn about you.

Why?  Because it’s the horseshoe theory.

Where do we get to see this theory? Well, it is everywhere. It’s just that you don’t choose to look beyond what you think.

How to spot this theory in action? I think there’s no special qualification required to fulfill this criteria.

All you have to do is to grasp the logic, and that is:

“there is no difference between the left-government (communism) and the right-government (democracy)”.

If you believe that there is a huge difference between both then you are stupid enough to not endorse the features of horseshoe theory.

In political science (not rocket science), the horseshoe theory asserts that the left and the right, rather than being at opposite and opposing ends of a linear political continuum, in fact closely resemble one another, much like the ends of a horseshoe. Continue reading “It’s the Horseshoe Theory, Stupid”

Misunderstanding Anarchism

It is fashionable to misunderstand the theory, character, principles and applications of anarchism, in the age of alt-internet. Due to this, anarchism is considered as a ‘ludicrous illusion’ whereas government (the idea so mandatory that violence can civilise people without their consent) is considered to be the best gift of reality.

Misunderstanding anarchism is also an auxiliary activity of the mainstream media, public schools, bureaucrats, politicians, and the ignorant populace.

Their imagination isn’t only limited to the belief that ‘government is a magical institution’ but it also extended to the practice that everyone else should also survive within the limits of their perspectives.  If you attempt to reason or discourse with them then they will ensure that you’re ashamed and defamed.

Thus, the burden of proof is not on the anarchists to prove “why freedom is vital” but on the pro-slavery advocates to prove “why people should be forced to live in a system of organised chaos (government)”. 

Worse, some who call themselves “anarchists” don’t even know the meaning of the term. These people fall, in general, into three classes:

1) advocating that state should be abolished and then replacing the society with collectivism spirit, wherein “anarchists” should not be allowed to reap fruits from their own labor,

2) advocating that state should be abolished and then replacing the ‘welfare policies of Stalin’ with the ‘welfare policies of Mao’, and

3) advocating that the state should be abolished and then replacing the society with ‘Trump’.

Therefore, it is also necessary to save anarchism from such “anarchists”. Continue reading “Misunderstanding Anarchism”

Sacramento, I Want a Divorce

The ‘Secession Move’ Californians Really Need

By Hinton Bowers

Summer is fast approaching and now that our tummies are sculpted and legs toned, it’s time for break-up season! As a resident of California, I’ve heard a lot of talk about #Calexit for months now following the November election:

I However, do not favor Federal Secession at this time.

California’s Secession Battle flag (Unofficial)

I’m really not interested in humoring temper tantrums. If there were some deep, principled argument being put forward by the liberty minded people of this state, I would feel more sympathetic;

but, let’s not pretend or hope that Calexit is about anything other than…

“I didn’t get my way, so I need a safe space!”

Breaking from The Union, and it’s constitutional protections for the individual (shaky as those rights may be these days), would be the wrong move for California residents. Were secession to pass: between Governor ‘Moonbeam’ and Commissar Feinstein, every non-conformist living in the state would probably be rounded up by SJW storm troopers and interned in ‘pelican bay’ by the end of the year. Would you trust them to draw-up your constitutional charter? To be your new Washington or Jefferson?

F*ck no, you wouldn’t.
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Hope Kills! Take Charge of your Defense.

By Lystoy

Stop giving up your rights and don’t cede them to a government that cannot defend or protect you.

Ponder on this, since September 11, 2001, Americans (and residents of many other geographic unions) have ceded many of their natural rights to the state in order to assure their safety.

All our phone calls, emails, texts and other communications are monitored.

There are cameras everywhere. There are microphones all over major metropolitan areas. We are told that if we “see something, say something.” In a most Orwellian fashion, travel has become a hassle where we are required to allow ourselves to be molested on a regular basis to ensure our safety.

Yet, there is an “epidemic of violence.”

What we are led to believe by the “media” is that the surveillance state is unable to root these radical elements out. Let’s throw the next pail of fuel onto the fire, we have spent billions and billions of dollars fighting “Islamic radicalism” on foreign soil, so we “don’t have to fight them here.” I propose that these government boondoggles, whether they be perpetual war or the creation of a surveillance state, have had nothing to do with your safety and security and everything to do with transferring wealth and controlling “free” Americans.

In many cases, government agencies funded and armed the very radical elements the military is fighting. Rabbi Daniel Lapin says that if someone tells you there is one answer to any complex issue, you need to be very skeptical. The good Rabbi is correct, we are dealing with a complex situation involving multiple interests, none that involve maintaining the “land of the free and the home of the brave.”

I ask that you consider this. Firing up Americans and convincing us that we need to give up our rights seems to be a media standard, do not succumb to their manipulation. Spending our money (that was coopted through coercion) to fight wars without end and without a goal does nothing but create terrorists.

The surveillance state by any measure is a huge failure, if it cannot do the job (and time has proven it cannot) it must be disestablished and the agencies in charge of it must be defunded.

Every person needs to attend classes, purchase a firearm, apply for your concealed carry permit (if you live in an unfree place and you choose to comply) and carry that firearm. You need to train and take follow up classes regularly.

The FBI’s own data shows that the higher the number of CCP holders in an area, the lower the crime.

Please do not become a victim cowering under a table begging for your life. Hope kills!!! and it breaks my heart to know that good people died hoping someone would save them.

In the future, I will be discussing how you can attain a level of freedom in a very unfree society. I begin by asking you to secure yourself, your family and your property.

Waiting for minutes for help from government agents is not a plan to protect anyone, it is a plan for failure. You have the power to defend yourself from an aggressor and you need to have a plan to do so.

Hope is not a plan, yes we leave the house each day hoping not to be accosted by a bad person, we hope he does not get violent, we hope he doesn’t have a gun, and we hope he doesn’t kill us.

You are loved and cherished by someone in this world, please have a plan to stick around for them as long as you can.

I hope you will listen!

You Like to Meddle!

“We meddle. People don’t like to be meddled with. We tell them what to do, what to think. Don’t run, don’t walk. We’re in their homes and in their heads and we haven’t the right. We’re meddlesome.”River Tam, Serenity

As I get older I find myself unaligned with any political movement. I have never had much interest in the party steeped in institutional racism, home of the Klan, the Great Society, the party that defines Hispanics as “taco bowl voters.

I also have found that the party of corporate welfare and social regulation holds no appeal.

The party that purports to represent people like me, runs a series of candidates that seem to take the worst elements of the two major parties, they are not relevant (Bob Barr anyone?).

So where does that leave me?

Outside of Dr. Ron Paul and few others, it leaves me as a person whose views are not even moderately represented. In the tyranny of democracy, people like me are unheard and disregarded. Why?

We want to leave you alone and we want you to leave us alone, you find that offensive.

You meddle. Continue reading “You Like to Meddle!”

“Arrival,” Market Anarchy, and the Kardashev Scale

So, apparently the Oscars were held last night.

I don’t really pay attention to what happens in Hollywood, but I like films (who doesn’t). I particularly enjoyed the murky tone and feeling of Arrival, which won an Oscar in the category of “Best Sound Editing.”

–There are no spoilers in this article–

The film employs an overarching plot device in order to tell a very intimate story of loss, personal conflict, and discovery. In this respect, it is very similar in construction to other recent films like Interstellar [2014] and Moon [2009].

Of course the overarching plot in Arrival is first contact with extraterrestrials, who arrive on Earth in 12 separate, but identical spacecraft. Even though the film itself is about first contact with aliens, the  movie’s overall message has nothing to do with aliens, and instead grapples with questions of determinism and the Sapir-Worf Hypothesis.

However, I wanted to use Arrival to discuss my theory that mankind’s use of government is merely an evolutionary stage in our development as a species–one that we either will, or must outgrow in order to continue our existence.

While the alien species does seem to be organized in some general way, it is not apparent in the film whether if that organization is governmental. There is nothing in the film to suggest that it is. I would argue that interstellar travel would effectively be impossible unless human civilization can shed itself from the yoke of government. Continue reading ““Arrival,” Market Anarchy, and the Kardashev Scale”

Star Wars–Rogue One: Why I Wouldn’t Join the Rebel Alliance

By Patrick McFarlane

While  I would not consider myself a hardcore fan of the Star Wars franchise (I do not have the benefit of nostalgia), I really enjoyed Rogue One. Why? Because it contains the franchise’s most visceral, realistic depiction of war and grappled with some of my feelings on the role of revolution in libertarian rhetoric.

According to the Star Wars Fandom Wiki, the Rebel Alliance’s main goals are to fight the Galactic Empire and restore the Old Republic. This shakes out to be a constitutional democratic republic, mirroring the system that we currently see in the United States, with a federal government in control of the federal leviathan and state, or local governments in control of planets or planetary systems.

I would not bind myself to the Rebel Alliance for several reasons.

First is that war, even in the interest of propagating liberty, is not to be celebrated. As we have previously discussed in Liberty Weekly, mankind has a natural, deep set tendency for peace.

Second: Even without the emergence of the First Order, the Rebel Alliance would quickly turn into the Empire. As highlighted in the events of Rogue One, the rebellion is not an ideologically pure movement. I won’t go into spoilers (who hasn’t seen the film at this point), but the rebel alliance does some pretty evil things.

Third: Why would the local planetary bodies in Star Wars even need to band together for any reason other than mutual security? A federal government with the power to encompass several star systems would, by nature, be a terrifying force against liberty and would never work.

In the real world, tremendous cracks are emerging in the foundations of the movement for global, or universal governance.  While not necessarily in favor of liberty, emerging national populist movements should make clear to all that one-size-fits-all solutions and large government undermine popular sovereignty by depriving individuals of self-rule (or the illusion thereof).

In order to maintain the New Republic and enforce its rule,  the Rebel Alliance would–by necessity–become the Empire. With its unprincipled behavior on display in Rogue One, the precedent is already there. Once the federal level of the New Republic is given power, it would be ripe for corruption.

Likewise, I would never support an armed rebellion against the government, even if it was principled in strict voluntarist ethics (defending my own life, liberty, and property from IMMINENT attack is another story).

The very process of rebellion would corrupt the rebellion. War is the game (and the health) of the state, not of peaceful people. Besides, while the state itself is evil, the state’s actors are just individual people acting in their own self-interest. Local policemen do not deserve to be killed for carrying out failed state policies.

The good news is that we don’t have to rebel against the government (and I would suspect that the Rebel Alliance wouldn’t have to either), because these governments defeat themselves from within. Could you imagine what central banking magic would emerge from the New Republic? The very thought of it makes me laugh.

Source: Liberty Weekly

The Confusion Between Government and Society

By Andrew Kern of the Principled Libertarian

Being a commonly misunderstood fellow, I am often wrongly accused of many things. The number of times I have been accused of wanting to get rid of roads is uncountable and the times I have been thought of as selfish or uncaring on account of my apprehension to support government welfare is likely nearly as many.

Many people will say things like, “We can do better as a society” – or – “We need to help those in need.” It is a considerable misconception to think I disagree with these statements.

Frédéric Bastiat summed it up well:

Frédéric Bastiat

“Socialism, like the ancient ideas from which it springs, confuses the distinction between government and society. As a result of this, every time we object to a thing being done by government, the socialists conclude that we object to its being done at all. We disapprove of state education. Then the socialists say that we are opposed to any education. We object to a state religion. Then the socialists say that we want no religion at all. We object to a state-enforced equality. Then they say that we are against equality. And so on, and so on. It is as if the socialists were to accuse us of not wanting persons to eat because we do not want the state to raise grain.”

Society is a group of people who work together for the benefit of one another. Government is an organization that interferes in society. Continue reading “The Confusion Between Government and Society”