Misunderstanding Anarchism

It is fashionable to misunderstand the theory, character, principles and applications of anarchism, in the age of alt-internet. Due to this, anarchism is considered as a ‘ludicrous illusion’ whereas government (the idea so mandatory that violence can civilise people without their consent) is considered to be the best gift of reality.

Misunderstanding anarchism is also an auxiliary activity of the mainstream media, public schools, bureaucrats, politicians, and the ignorant populace.

Their imagination isn’t only limited to the belief that ‘government is a magical institution’ but it also extended to the practice that everyone else should also survive within the limits of their perspectives.  If you attempt to reason or discourse with them then they will ensure that you’re ashamed and defamed.

Thus, the burden of proof is not on the anarchists to prove “why freedom is vital” but on the pro-slavery advocates to prove “why people should be forced to live in a system of organised chaos (government)”. 

Worse, some who call themselves “anarchists” don’t even know the meaning of the term. These people fall, in general, into three classes:

1) advocating that state should be abolished and then replacing the society with collectivism spirit, wherein “anarchists” should not be allowed to reap fruits from their own labor,

2) advocating that state should be abolished and then replacing the ‘welfare policies of Stalin’ with the ‘welfare policies of Mao’, and

3) advocating that the state should be abolished and then replacing the society with ‘Trump’.

Therefore, it is also necessary to save anarchism from such “anarchists”.

Many ignoramuses continue to believe that “anarchism is terrorism” because they’re taught to believe that anarchists blow up the buildings, bridges and ‘roads’. This is the height of today’s modern education, in fact.

Anarchists are not the ‘violent creatures’ who believe that people have a compulsory obligation to follow incoherent and illusionary ideologies like republicanism, communism or parliamentary democracy. Instead, anarchists are the ‘voluntary creatures’ who intend to tranquilly denounce the general belief i..e “there should be rulers to police, discipline and indoctrinate the populace”.

Please note that anarchism is not an anti-freedom philosophy that calls for the initiation of violence on peaceful people who simply disagree or dissent, otherwise, why do you think the government officials had such a hard time defining the word “terrorism”?

The answer is that every time they defined the word ‘terrorism’ they admitted to this stunning fact that the government’s action utilises the use of terror on peaceful people. A government can only survive via the initiation of violence of individual’s property rights.

Without the use of terrorism, the government would cease to exist, and a propertarian society would ensue wherein peaceful people are free to do as they wish as long as they don’t infringe on others. In social relations between people, certain voluntary social norms will have to be accepted, namely, the obligation to fulfill a freely accepted agreement.

In this case, it is advisable to ratiocinate [form judgments by a process of logic; reason] that:  anarchism is not anti-rules, but anti-rulers.

To sum up, anarchism is self-government (or its equivalent, self-administration). Self-government is the best form of government, which people rarely talk about because they have more faith in a ‘few strangers’ ruling them and others at the expense of everyone else.

Self-government starts with self-discipline. If you cannot discipline yourself then you have no right to misunderstand anarchism. You can move to North Korea to get policed morally and bodily before bashing the theory of anarchism for the sake of criticism.

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