Episode 140 – Star Trek: TNG – S3E16 The Offspring (56:04)

We venture back to the neutral zone and boldly go where no man has before to discuss another episode of Star Trek: the Next Generation with Pat MacFarlane of Liberty Weekly.   This is our continuing mission to cover a few key episodes of this thought-provoking series for this summer.

Picking up decades after Gene Roddenberry’s original Star Trek series, The Next Generation follows the intergalactic adventures of Capt. Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) and his loyal crew aboard the all-new USS Enterprise NCC-1701D, as they explore new worlds.

Hoping to further his creator’s work and perpetuate his species, Data creates an android named Lal, who identifies as female.

Is she a creation or an offspring? Do the rights afforded the father extend to his creation? There are some administrative fireworks between Picard and Admiral Haftel that are unfortunately defused by the plot convenience of Lal’s cascade failure, but this is still a fun episode that explores the concepts and situations around parenting, social interactions, and education.

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You Should Not Join Politics. This is why.

If you believe that you possess a good conscience with devilish motives, then politics is a vocation meant for you because it gives you the monopoly on accessing unaccountable power for performing sadistic activities at the expense of your exchequers.

I know many people believe that “one should join politics to do ‘greater good’ for the society” but they fail to consciously understand that politics is a profession designed to degrade, dictate and debauch the liberties of all individuals except for the establishment.

Therefore, politics is a medium to organically achieve the disastrous conclusions.

It’s the power that attracts the miscreants toward politics, otherwise, why wouldn’t you become an entrepreneur, social volunteer, educator, anarchist or an agorist to serve the economic needs, anthropological desires and empathetic expectations of the people?

I am sure that you would not join the Taliban group to “change” the theme of Islamic terrorism “from within”. Similarly, what’s so magical about ‘joining politics to change politics from within’?

In this case, the only good thing about Taliban terrorists is that:

1) they do not fund the media,

2) camouflage people’s opinion,

3) fake electionery promises,

4) lobby with cronyists and

5) deliver unaccountable GDP results.

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Have Hope: It is a Wonderful Time to be Alive

Despite all the evil perpetrated by the collective, the world is an amazing and wonderful place.

We live in prosperous times.

Our water is clean and sewage free, transportation is readily available, communication is instantaneous, and entertainment is available on demand.

We live in a world of rapid communication and wondrous new technologies. There are people here in the world whom I have never met in person, yet we have had wonderful discussions, we have shared hopes and even some dreams. We have collaborated on projects and we have exchanged ideas and argued points. These people are my friends and they are no different than the people with whom I share my “normal” life.

I just completed a terminal degree. I stopped working and through the powers of technology I was able to research and publish a dissertation, without having to attend classes in person. In fact I completed all three of my college degrees through the internet, no one can tell from my diploma that I am any different than any other graduate of that school.

After composing music for 35 years, I realized my lifelong dream and released a CD. The album is available on BandCamp, they are a company that simply takes a small percentage of what I collect to provide me an avenue of distribution. Years ago, I would have had no avenue to even consider recording my music, today I can do it in the privacy of my home office/studio for a minimal investment (maybe a month’s salary altogether).

I have access to the works of the great philosophers through online resources (like Liberty Classroom) that provide structured self-paced classes for a very small fee.

I order food, music, fountain pens, movies, car parts, motorcycle parts and countless other things online and it is delivered to my door, even on Sundays.

I study philosophy, theology, history, physics and countless other subjects online. A guy like me who started off a blue-collar worker (I was an electrician for the first ten years of my adult life) has moved on to academia. I am starting a new job with a major corporation this month (the application and one of the interviews were online). Decades ago I would have been dismissed as “reaching above my station.”

Over the half century of my life doors have not just been opened:

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A Political Guide To Destroying Your Economy

WARNING:  Before you implement the pieces of advice, it is necessary for you to have a nuke or else it is not easy to declare yourself as a legal thug who is going to constitutionally take care of everything at the expense of everyone else except yourself.

Otherwise, you would have a difficult time in organising the slaves and call yourself “the government”.

To destroy your nation’s economy, you need to abhor freedom of others. If you lack this quality, you are not “mentally fit” to envy and expropriate others. All your actions can be justified by a piece of paper called “constitution”. There’s nothing to worry about, except anarchists.

Second thing, you should never learn economics. What matters is sociology because it helps us to “screech autistically” and attain the status of victimhood, followed by a biased understanding of the history subject.

Professional Victim

By the way, if you come across any “critical thinker” or “learned person” then it is your moral duty to shun his/her opinion without using facts, but sentiments.

Anyway, the above premises are the fundamental and foundational qualities to embrace the civility of a good politician. Only Ron Paul can be a bad politician because he does not support this guide/blog. I condemn him for that. Continue reading “A Political Guide To Destroying Your Economy”

Featured on the Battle for Liberty Podcast

Robert and I were interviewed by Mike Tilden at the Battle for Liberty to discuss what we do in our efforts to promote the ideas of anarchy and liberty through our show and websites.

Here is the link to the show:


He is a great host and produces excellent work documenting his journey in educating himself and his listeners as they fight their statist indoctrination in their very personal battles for liberty.


Look for him to be a guest on one of our shows in the coming weeks!

Misunderstanding Anarchism

It is fashionable to misunderstand the theory, character, principles and applications of anarchism, in the age of alt-internet. Due to this, anarchism is considered as a ‘ludicrous illusion’ whereas government (the idea so mandatory that violence can civilise people without their consent) is considered to be the best gift of reality.

Misunderstanding anarchism is also an auxiliary activity of the mainstream media, public schools, bureaucrats, politicians, and the ignorant populace.

Their imagination isn’t only limited to the belief that ‘government is a magical institution’ but it also extended to the practice that everyone else should also survive within the limits of their perspectives.  If you attempt to reason or discourse with them then they will ensure that you’re ashamed and defamed.

Thus, the burden of proof is not on the anarchists to prove “why freedom is vital” but on the pro-slavery advocates to prove “why people should be forced to live in a system of organised chaos (government)”. 

Worse, some who call themselves “anarchists” don’t even know the meaning of the term. These people fall, in general, into three classes:

1) advocating that state should be abolished and then replacing the society with collectivism spirit, wherein “anarchists” should not be allowed to reap fruits from their own labor,

2) advocating that state should be abolished and then replacing the ‘welfare policies of Stalin’ with the ‘welfare policies of Mao’, and

3) advocating that the state should be abolished and then replacing the society with ‘Trump’.

Therefore, it is also necessary to save anarchism from such “anarchists”. Continue reading “Misunderstanding Anarchism”

School Sucks: HOMESCHOOL your child!


By LyStoy

So you think your schooling’s phony
I guess it’s hard not to agree
You say it all depends on money
And who is in your family tree

– Supertramp, Bloody Well Right

I am returning to my thoughts on education this week. Here are some of the ideas/theories I have developed regarding education as a former public school teacher and parent:


The best way to educate a child is in a homeschool environment. Homeschool does not necessarily mean that the parent educates the child all the time, parent cooperatives, child directed learning and online schooling all fall under the umbrella of homeschooling for the purposes of this discussion.

Homeschool students are better prepared for college.

The second-best option is a classically oriented private school that a parent has personally vetted. If you have a particularly bright child (and don’t we all) this may be a viable option if you want her to learn Latin and Greek or any other subject you may not have mastered. Just remember not all private schools are created equally.

You may want to combine homeschooling in early years with classical education in later years.


Use immersion prior to age 12 (the earlier the better), to help your child learn a/many foreign languages. I personally believe that we would all be better equipped to travel throughout most of the world if we knew Spanish, French (particularly for travel in Africa), and Mandarin. Latin is great preparation for the SAT and later scholarship. Anecdotally, the multilingual people I know all learned multiple languages early in life. I encourage the use of television, radio broadcasts, movies and visiting ethnic communities where your child has no option but to learn the language. Continue reading “School Sucks: HOMESCHOOL your child!”

Public Schools: State sponsored child abuse!

Public education is state sponsored child abuse. There I said it.

Now for confession time, I was a public school teacher for ten years. That’s right! I participated in this evil, vile system designed to destroy the innate curiosity of children and force them into boxes that result in a compliant populous.

Some of you are sitting there saying, “Lystoy you are right about politicians, you are right about double standards, you are probably even right about the pay-gap. But man you have lost it here. Schools suck, but state sponsored child abuse? C’mon, buy a clue.”

Okay, I suppose it all depends on how you classify child abuse.

  • Would forcing a child to sit still for hours on end be classified as child abuse?
  • How about forcing students to take highly structured tests that last hours each day for ten consecutive days?
  • How about locking them inside and only allowing them to play for 20 minutes in 6 hours?
  • How about punishing them for age appropriate behavior?
  • How about teaching them the party line and disallowing independent thought?

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The Voluntaryist on Public Education

It breaks my heart to see how many young people are being broken down by the statist indoctrination system called public school.

I cannot stress enough how important it is this 2017 forward to focus our efforts on reaching the next generation with the message of liberty and striving every day to help free them from the oppressive compulsory schooling system.

Education is not the equivalent of Prussian-model school.

We can do better than this with Voluntaryist virtues and self-directed education. #unschool

The Voluntaryist

Murray Rothbard’s excellent book, Education:  Free & Compulsory


Money & Government: Part 1

False Perceptions

By Steven Clyde

“Money, get away. Get a good job with more pay and you’re O.K.

Money, it’s a gas, grab that cash with both hands and make a stash. New car, caviar, four star daydream. Think I’ll buy me a football team.

Money, get back. I’m all right, Jack, keep your hands off of my stack.

Money, it’s a hit. Don’t give me that do goody good bullshit. I’m in the hi-fi fidelity first class traveling set. And I think I need a Lear jet.

Money, it’s a crime. Share it fairly but don’t take a slice of my pie.

Money, so they say, is the root of all evil today. But if you ask for a rise it’s no surprise that they’re giving none away.”[1]

Money is one of the most misunderstood facets of our personal lives, and we spend a large portion of our existence attempting to acquire more of it. Furthermore, the general public lacks a realistic sense of the world we live in based on media propaganda and misinformation spread through the lens of “conventional wisdom”; so it’s no mystery why there exists this gap of knowledge.

Still it must be true that at least some of us realize in some aspect that this same thing we use every day is exorbitantly complex in nature. Does the average citizen really know what the Federal Reserve is? What a reserve ratio is? What inflation is (beyond the thought of their price of living rising)? Should they be expected to?

To quote Murray Rothbard from a 1970 piece when he was attacking the Anarcho-Communist school of thought, which was heavily attracting Marxist-Stalinists at the time:

“It is no accident that it was precisely the economists in the Communist countries who led the rush away from communism, socialism, and central planning, and toward free markets. It is no crime to be ignorant of economics, which is, after all, a specialized discipline and one that most people consider to be a “dismal science.” But it is totally irresponsible to have a loud and vociferous opinion on economic subjects while remaining in this state of ignorance. Yet this sort of aggressive ignorance is inherent in the creed of anarcho-communism.”[2]

Murray N. Rothbard

Yet, to this day most have not even the slightest interest in economics or history, yet take positions which would have to imply they are masters of both.

Before we examine money in full, a few examples of how our thinking is heavily influenced by information that is false will illustrate why it’s critical to dissect these assertions. There will never come a time when it won’t be important to stress the pontifications of the main stream media, and their half-truths.

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