Leftists are Above Arguments [podcast]

I frequently talk about the irrationality of those on the left. This past week I thought I would have my first chance to have a real debate with a smug leftist in real life. I’m tired of Facebook arguments. Not only do they waste my time, but they accomplish nothing in terms of expanding my brand or the libertarian cause. Instead, I have been challenging them to a real debate – one where you cannot hide behind keyboards. I would like to put these on my YouTube channel, so more people become familiar with me and hopefully to convince more people to our cause. I have yet to find a leftist up for the challenge.

Most recently, one of the bozos I went to high school with thought he could criticize my views and my debating style. He implied that my views and debates were forcing political discourse to new lows. So, like any rational person actually interested in having better political discourse would do, I challenged him to a debate we could air on YouTube. You already know his answer.

Again, I’m forced to touch on how leftists are done with arguments and how that presents a scary situation to our generation. Millennials are the hero generation, meaning we should face some existential crises in our life – be it economical, political, or social – and we are expected to conquer it. Much like the generation who won WWII. I ponder if a second civil war, WWIII, or an economic collapse will be the catalyst to turn us snowflakes into heroes.

Lastly, I touch on hot topics from the past week in the news.


20 – Leftists are Above Arguments

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Sacramento, I Want a Divorce

The ‘Secession Move’ Californians Really Need

By Hinton Bowers

Summer is fast approaching and now that our tummies are sculpted and legs toned, it’s time for break-up season! As a resident of California, I’ve heard a lot of talk about #Calexit for months now following the November election:

I However, do not favor Federal Secession at this time.

California’s Secession Battle flag (Unofficial)

I’m really not interested in humoring temper tantrums. If there were some deep, principled argument being put forward by the liberty minded people of this state, I would feel more sympathetic;

but, let’s not pretend or hope that Calexit is about anything other than…

“I didn’t get my way, so I need a safe space!”

Breaking from The Union, and it’s constitutional protections for the individual (shaky as those rights may be these days), would be the wrong move for California residents. Were secession to pass: between Governor ‘Moonbeam’ and Commissar Feinstein, every non-conformist living in the state would probably be rounded up by SJW storm troopers and interned in ‘pelican bay’ by the end of the year. Would you trust them to draw-up your constitutional charter? To be your new Washington or Jefferson?

F*ck no, you wouldn’t.
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You Can’t Spell LP Without That L

The Saga of Terrible Marketing Continues

So what if Gary Johnson wasn’t the “best” candidate? The libertarian “purists” need to just toe their party line, we have a real chance to win this time! Because over here in the LP, we are principal’d (intentional misspelling). Gary won. Then he got on his knees and pleaded to the delegates (read: fools) to choose the original libertarian Bill Weld. A battle fought like a true man.

Fortunately Gary and Mr. Weld (or that naked guy) weren’t in the public eye for too long – though they did successfully convince my (lifelong democrat) grandmother that they were a bunch of idiots, after she thought about voting for them. Unfortunately, the saga continues.

In just the past week, the LP’s stellar marketing team has topped United, Spicer, and Pepsi with their stupidity. Of course, they don’t have nearly as big of a reach as the the companies or spokespeople, but we can chalk up that L to their great marketing strategies as well.

If you are unaware, just a few days before Easter Sunday the marketers over at the LP thought it would be a great idea to support Satanism. They posted this picture on their Facebook page. 

I can hear the valiant defenders of the LP screaming now that it’s about the message not where the message originates. Or how they’ve been pulling random quotes from various religions as part of their marketing scheme.

I get it. It doesn’t excuse the fact that most people see this as promoting, or at least sympathizing, with Satanism. It doesn’t excuse the fact that this was posted a few days before Easter Sunday. And it surely doesn’t excuse alienating their target audience.

But if you think that’s all the LP will do – hold their damn beer.

They’re back at it again! This time instead of promoting literally Satanism, they wish to denigrate the name of the most influential libertarian political family – the Pauls.

This was originally posted in 2015, as a way to “convince” people to vote Libertarian, but it has been resurfacing across social media platforms. 


Their logic (if we can even call it that)? Well [Rand] Paul is a part of a famous Republican dynasty family because of his dad???? I think they’re forgetting Ron Paul was the most principled Congressman ever, and never the President.

Really it’s nothing but a childish way to express how salty they are as a party that the leading libertarian politician decided that the he couldn’t spell the LP without the L.

Perhaps they’re forgetting how their libertarian hero, Gary Johnson, was swept off the Republican debates floor with ease back in 2012 – which was the catalyst to lead him to the LP.

Maybe now you understand why I misspelled principled in the first paragraph. The LP is anything but principled.

More Parties Aren’t the Answer

What’s one of the worst parts surrounding politics? The two party system. How do you make that system even worse? Add even more political parties desperate to gain some of the power the other two parties share.

Parties are inherently corruptible, no matter how principled they claim to be. At one point Democrats were principled. At some other point Republicans were principled. Back in 1988, when Ron Paul ran under the Libertarian banner, they were principled. The LP was definitely principled in 1971 when Murray Rothbard founded it. He’s rolling over in his grave now.

From pandering to leftists, to dissing the Pauls, to electing Gary Johnson, to pretending to be a centrist ideology, to promoting Satanism, the LP can now rest in pieces. And it is high time for them to accept that.

Maybe that’s part of their greater plan. It’s obvious they aren’t too interested in growing the party, and maybe that’s why they wish to alienate the supporters they already have. We can be optimistic, eh?

This is why I stopped volunteering for the LP since they elected Gary Johnson and haven’t regretted it once. This is why I never became a card carrying, big L libertarian. (How’s that one Smashmouth song go?) This is why the LP will never gain my support, even though libertarianism is, by far, the most appealing political ideology. This is why they will continue to Lose.

If you want to see real change in a libertarian direction, we need to infiltrate the Republican Party and work with them, rather than the quasi-libertarians in the LP.

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Hip Hop & Racism [podcast]

Kendrick Lamar (read: Kung fu Kenny) has released a new album, DAMN. While the album takes on many different subjects such as sin, religion, Trump, death, depression, and etc. I have decided to focus on the politics of racism and hip hop music, most notably the Fox News segments Kendrick included in his banger, “DNA”.

This podcast has less to do with Kendrick and more to do with racism as a whole. I try to understand the problem from a [Fox News] conservative to a minority liberal. In the end, I think both sides are missing the most important ingredient to actually solving these issues.

Also, I comment on the Facebook Killer and express my happiness that he decided to kill himself before killing anyone else, and saving taxpayers a few bucks.


19 – Hip Hop & Racism

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The Rise of the Anti-War Right [podcast]

What an interesting time to be alive. Richard Spencer has more credibility than most leftists since they decided to drop the anti-war thing the second Barry O’ was elected. Even worse, the leftist terrorist organization, AntiFa, came to protest (read: elicit violence) the anti-war protest Richard Spencer hosted. This proves the right does have some sense of consistency and they will not blindly accept whatever their God Emperor chooses to do. I applaud them.

Meanwhile, Liberty Hangout just released an article of Bernie saying he is in support of regime change in Syria. Apparently, all the other times regime change failed in the Middle East was just a coincidence. It should now be blatantly obvious that the right is superior to the left. I would go as far to say that all factions of the anti-war right from Tom Woods to Richard Spencer to Tucker Carlson should team up and rally behind this idea of being anti-war.

I also speculate how Facebook introducing their new fake news function will turn out.


18 – The Rise of the Anti-War Right

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You Don’t Have to Fly on United

You Don’t Have to Fly on United

Yes, WWIII may be commencing. But Americans, on average, don’t care about things unless they can feel emotions now. We get infuriated with what happened on a United Airlines plane instead of being distracted on the important things, like a pending nuclear war. Everyone is outrageously criticizing the company. I just keep thinking that you don’t have to fly on United.

United’s PR group is surely under considerable pressure due to the situation. United overbooked a flight. They had four extra passengers, and were offering $800 vouchers for anyone who wanted to donate their seat. Nobody bit. Three of the four passengers walked off the plane, but one refused. So they channeled their inner government and decided to use force against this man, David Dao. Watch the videos taken by passengers onboard:


Another view:


The officer dragging Dao has been put on leave. United has been doing everything in their power to contain the outrage. Events with as much magnitude as this have a possibility of driving United out of business.

Why Doesn’t Government Work Like That?

To be honest, I’m not really interested in this story. There is, as was aforementioned, more important news stories out there, as Trump’s idiotic and emotional decision to bomb Syria pulls the world closer to WWIII.

However, this story shows how quickly and easily change can occur in the private sector. United will be forever wiped off the planet if they let this happen again. You can only PR your way out of bad situations for so long. And their PR dollars are constrained by their desire to make profit.

Barry Obama’s PR dollars were not constrained by any such desire. He went on to become the president to spend the most amount of money (you know, either taxed away from you, inflated away from your savings, or borrowed at the expense of how many goods your dollars will buy you) on PR. Wow! No wonder he was so cool.

There’s nothing quite like having a guy steal a bunch of your money to use that as a way to convince you of how cool and awesome he is. /sarcasm

Yet time and time again, government is held unaccountable for their actions. Whether it’s the cops killing citizens, military interventionism, or even a new President who claims to be against everything our Federal Government has been doing – nothing changes. If anything does change, it’s usually to redirect more funds to the governmental organization who screwed up. Nothing like incentivizing failure!

It doesn’t change because there’s no reason for the government to change. They have no competition. They have a monopoly on the use of force. They have omnipotent power. A business has none of this. A business must always provide value to their consumers or face the heat. A business surrenders all their power, making the consumers omnipotent.

This bottom-up approach business approach is far superior to the top-down authoritarian government approach.

Man do I miss the Articles of Confederation.

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Trump’s Decision to Bomb Syria Splits his Supporters into Two

The Great Conservative Divide

We’ve all witnessed the complete 180 degree shift Trump has had on foreign policy in regard to Syria. Trump’s decision to bomb Syria has severed his supporters into two factions: those who blindly follow a President with an R next to their name and those who are anti-war.

Candidate Trump preached noninterventionism, America first, and letting Assad and Russia fight ISIS. President Trump gets questionable intelligence – that on the eve of peace talks to end the Syrian Civil War with Assad on top, Assad used chemical warfare against his own citizenry – and decides to bomb them.

Faction One: Blindly Follow their Party

This cult mindset surrounding politics is dangerous. The past eight years we saw the anti-war left disappear into blind allegiance of whatever war their party wanted to start. Either they blamed the problem on the previous administration or ignored it. Obama ended his presidency with a Nobel Peace Prize, the record for being at war every single day of his presidency, dropping over 100,000 bombs and drone strikes, and unanimous support from his party.

All this time, Republicans were criticizing Obama. But it turns out, they wanted more bombs dropped, more people displaced, more terrorism spread, all under the guise of strength. (Pro-tip: Strength doesn’t have something to prove.)

During the Presidential election, Republicans cheered Donald Trump’s America first idea. Hillary Clinton mentioned we needed to intervene more in Syria, while Trump was saying it was none of our business. He became “Putin’s Puppet”. The consequence of this false rhetoric could feasibly include bombing Syria. Was it worth it?

And now, half of the Republicans are cheering on the same idea they booed when it came from Hillary Clinton’s mouth. Or Barry Obama’s drone, instead of Trump’s Tomahawk missile. Politics, right?

But all hope isn’t lost! On aggregate, the Republicans aren’t as bad as the Democrats when it comes to blind allegiance to their party.

Faction Two: The Emergence of the Anti-War Right

Trump’s decision to bomb Syria has given rise to quite a peculiar moment in history.

The media created a new boogeyman during the election cycle, the alt-right. Their “Neo-Nazi” leader, Richard Spencer, was caught raising a glass and yelling “Hail Trump” in salute to Trump’s victory. Outraged followed.

Spencer was consequently called a white nationalist, and accused of wanting to use violence against people with different skin colors. Except, while the entirety of the mainstream media from CNN to Fox News, were pounding the war drums, and bringing Syrian children to elicit an emotional response to garner up support for more military action, Spencer led an anti-war protest.

Let that sink in: the “Neo-Nazi” Richard Spencer is one of the few individuals in Americans not eager for every possible new war. Libertarians share the same values. There is limited support from the left. Only one prominent figure: Tulsi Gabbard.

Other prominent Trump supporters who came out against Trump’s decision to bomb Syria include: Stefan Molyneaux, Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones, Mike Cernovich, Ann Coulter, Tucker Carlson, and many more of the paleoconservatives, alt-right, and libertarians.

If libertarians are to ally themselves with anybody, it should be with other anti-war groups. War is the greatest catastrophe of modern times. And it seems that conservatives are more trustworthy with being anti-war than the progressives are.

I applaud the conservatives who are now condemning Trump for his act of war on Syria. This is not America’s battle.

I’d advise the conservatives in support of Trump’s decision to reflect on it deeply, and the possible mayday that could break out as a result. They need to look in the mirror, Trump is morphing into Obama. He needs to be held accountable. Or else he’ll be as indistinguishable from Obama as Obama was to Bush. Sad!

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Trump Bombs Syria [podcast]

Well it didn’t take long for the Deep State to sink its teeth into Trump’s spine. When the State wants a war, the State gets a war. Show some pictures of dead babies, mix it with nonstop propaganda by the mainstream media and Boom! You’re sending 60 some missiles to a third world country during a civil war.

I don’t believe for a second Assad was behind this. It makes no strategic sense to gas your own people on the eve of your victory. When the entire media suddenly agrees on one thing, with the end result being war, you know something fishy is going on.

Here’s some of the people who are happy because of this: Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan. Not good company.

I give my raw emotions on this ordeal, so make sure you tune in.


Trump Bombs Syria

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Coming Out: Democrat in Disguise

I think I have fooled many of you suckers by this point. I figured I would make a blog, talking about the most ridiculous ideas I could dream up. What was a more lucrative and backwards idea than anarchy mixed with capitalism?

Anarchy, this moronic theory that people don’t need to be governed. HA! No way people actually believe this? Unfortunately, there are.

How? I don’t know. You’d think that more people have seen The Purge. That’s what you get with anarchy, losers, chaos. Then I thought maybe these people were just so evil that they actually wanted a purge type event. I think I’m on to something.

I figured, well what economic system has killed more people than any other one in history? Capitalism.

So I continued my covert mission to infiltrate the alt-right and people infatuated with unfettered freedom. It turns out, the alt-right isn’t so bad after all. They kinda embrace socialism, which is at least a step in the right direction. Their racism is nasty, but hey, at least they aren’t capitalists!

These “anarchists” on the other hand are dangerous. Not only do they want a world with no laws and absolute freedom, but they believe in capitalism. It’s just preposterous.

They want to have the freedom to murder anyone! Every single time I saw them conversing I just kept thinking of this totally original and funny joke I came up with:

Ayn Rand, Rand Paul, and Paul Ryan walk into a bar. Then they all die from their poisonous drinks because they unregulated all the markets. HA!

During my furtive mission, I think I realized what these people were really after.

They disguise their racist, sexist, misogynist, fascist, bigoted, homophobic, anti-semitic, xenophobic, Neo-Nazi, white supremacist, deplorable, velcro shoe wearing, fake news supporting, intolerant, hateful views behind the guise of a potentially even more ludicrous term, “anarcho-capitalism”.

I don’t think they actually believe it, but they are trying to trick people into a fascistic government which allows them to kill anyone they wish because they want to deregulate the entire economy!

Yes, these people have been conned into believing destroying Earth will somehow be beneficial to them. Sad!

After my super secret mission, I have concluded these people are the most dangerous and radical people on Earth.

They must be stopped.

They even make Donald Trump seem not so bad.



















Happy April Fools!

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Where is Ben Swann?

Remember Ben Swann? He was a journalist at CBS46 in Atlanta who’s popular segment, “Reality Check with Ben Swann”, became an internet sensation. Additionally, his website Truth in Media, was a popular source of information.

He dug into the facts and was likely the best journalist America had, despite being a local reporter with ambition.

After reporting on the potential scandal of #pizzagate, Swann had disappeared from the internet. His social media was shut down, his website was taken down, and he didn’t appear on CBS46 for a week.

The internet was crazed with the question: Where is Ben Swann?

Then, due to the rather short attention span of people on the internet, myself included, people sort of forgot about Ben Swann.

It turns out he is physically fine. Many people were speculating that something terrible happened to him. Perhaps even death. But something terrible did happen:

He lost his Taggart Transcontinental. He is being confined to local news indefinitely. Without his segment Reality Check, and with his Truth in Media site down, Ben Swann is playing John Galt – taking a undistinguished job – without the underlying motivation to do so.

Before his internet blackout, Swann had over 428,000 fans on Facebook, as well as many donors to his site. Now, it’s irrevocably gone, and he’s stuck to reporting on local stories.

I realize I am late to this party of realizing he is back. But I figured you might be too.

I saw the video I posted above just today (in Tom Wood’s secret Facebook group you should join), and it was the first time I have seen Ben Swann since his final, scandalous episode of “Reality Check”.

I’m happy he’s safe, but I’m disappointed with the answer of Where is Ben Swann? America’s star journalist is working at a local television station, reporting on local problems, with no voice to speak on potentially paramount national issues.

When you type in Ben Swann on Google, the first source that comes up is a short bio about him while he worked at Fox19 in Cincinnati, which he left in 2008. Bing has quite different results.

The suspicious surrounding #pizzagate intensifies, as just this week, Alex Jones apologized about covering it. Alex Jones obviously isn’t the greatest source of information, but can you remember the last time he apologized about something? I can’t.

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