You Don’t Have to Fly on United

You Don’t Have to Fly on United

Yes, WWIII may be commencing. But Americans, on average, don’t care about things unless they can feel emotions now. We get infuriated with what happened on a United Airlines plane instead of being distracted on the important things, like a pending nuclear war. Everyone is outrageously criticizing the company. I just keep thinking that you don’t have to fly on United.

United’s PR group is surely under considerable pressure due to the situation. United overbooked a flight. They had four extra passengers, and were offering $800 vouchers for anyone who wanted to donate their seat. Nobody bit. Three of the four passengers walked off the plane, but one refused. So they channeled their inner government and decided to use force against this man, David Dao. Watch the videos taken by passengers onboard:


Another view:


The officer dragging Dao has been put on leave. United has been doing everything in their power to contain the outrage. Events with as much magnitude as this have a possibility of driving United out of business.

Why Doesn’t Government Work Like That?

To be honest, I’m not really interested in this story. There is, as was aforementioned, more important news stories out there, as Trump’s idiotic and emotional decision to bomb Syria pulls the world closer to WWIII.

However, this story shows how quickly and easily change can occur in the private sector. United will be forever wiped off the planet if they let this happen again. You can only PR your way out of bad situations for so long. And their PR dollars are constrained by their desire to make profit.

Barry Obama’s PR dollars were not constrained by any such desire. He went on to become the president to spend the most amount of money (you know, either taxed away from you, inflated away from your savings, or borrowed at the expense of how many goods your dollars will buy you) on PR. Wow! No wonder he was so cool.

There’s nothing quite like having a guy steal a bunch of your money to use that as a way to convince you of how cool and awesome he is. /sarcasm

Yet time and time again, government is held unaccountable for their actions. Whether it’s the cops killing citizens, military interventionism, or even a new President who claims to be against everything our Federal Government has been doing – nothing changes. If anything does change, it’s usually to redirect more funds to the governmental organization who screwed up. Nothing like incentivizing failure!

It doesn’t change because there’s no reason for the government to change. They have no competition. They have a monopoly on the use of force. They have omnipotent power. A business has none of this. A business must always provide value to their consumers or face the heat. A business surrenders all their power, making the consumers omnipotent.

This bottom-up approach business approach is far superior to the top-down authoritarian government approach.

Man do I miss the Articles of Confederation.

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