Dissident Mama, episode 48 – Jared from Hoppean.org

Jared is the founder and proprietor of Hoppean.org, a website “dedicated to the furtherance of the ideas of Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe and his ideological forebearers.” But Jared isn’t your typical adherent of libertarianism, which he says has become “a haven for grifters, egalitarians, socialists, degenerates, and the mentally incapacitated.” Rather, he’s a self-described paleolibertarian, who also happens to be a stalwart defender of Southern heritage. Yep, Jared sounds like my kinda people, so we discuss his personal philosophy, Confederate ancestry, terminology, postmodern reconstruction, and Hoppe, of course, while also connecting the dots of a few hot topics with the big-picture assault on liberty, tradition, and culture.

Also pertinent to our conversation is Murray Rothbard’s “Nations By Consent” and “Anatomy of the State,” my interviews with Michael Lankford and James Ronald Kennedy, and two of my related essays in which I reference the great Hoppe. Be sure to follow Jared on Twitter at @EndDemocracy, enter the Hoppean 5k Giveaway for your chance to win Hoppe’s “Getting Libertarianism Right” and “Democracy: The God That Failed,” and keep an eye out for Jared’s forthcoming book, “The Nature of Order: A Rightwing Perspective on Liberty.”

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Source: Dissident Mama – Dissident Mama, episode 48 – Jared from Hoppean.org

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