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An aside, I managed to see both Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame this weekend. No spoilers – but I do want to note that both movies left me with a reminder of why I am doing what I am with Voluntaryist.​

While action sequences and special effects improve, character dialogue and philosophical thinking continue to grow thin, leaving much to be desired.

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Episode 126 – Galaxy Quest (1:16:40)

It was just earth day, so we thought we’d get off this filthy rock and head out on a Galaxy Quest. This is a fun homage movie to the Star Trek universe that stars Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman among others in a fun jaunt that may not give us much to talk about. We shall see. Never give up, never surrender.

The alumni cast of a cult space TV show have to play their roles as the real thing when an alien race needs their help.

By Grabthar’s Hammer, by the Sons Of Warvan, you shall be avenged!

Check out our guest’s site:  http://www.anarchistmom.com

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Ingrates should get nothing

“Nothing more detestable does the earth produce than an ungrateful man.” — Ausonius

“I think it is a fascinating opportunity to rebrand ourselves,” said Winston-Salem Council Member John Larson. This occurred at a recent meeting held to discuss removing the word “Dixie” from the name of the Dixie Classic Fair.

Indeed, all the usual suspects in this increasingly leftist North Carolina city were out in force in early April, ratcheting up their political and social capital in an effort to rail against the archetype: the white Southern man. The anti-Confederate theme and its slew of sad-sack characters were all so predictable and petulant, as they always are, but division pays in dividends.

Smash the fash! Down with racist sugar! (It is white, so it’s probably filled with white supremacy. May as well be named Nazi Crystals.)

“Dixie does represent the Southern states that fought to hold on to slavery,” remarked misinformation officer Bishop Sir Walter Mack Jr., pastor of Union Baptist Church. The fair’s name is “derogatory and divisive to our community,” he added for surreptitious effect.

“This is not 1969, this is 2019,” mused Reverend Carl Manuel of Burkhead United Methodist Church. “We are in the season of Lent. We need to search our hearts and minds. Let’s repent and start over and give the fair a name everyone will be comfortable going to.”

How about those of us who aren’t comfortable with fellow Christians using Jesus as a tool for political correctness. Oh yeah, no one cares about the archetype’s feelings.

One deviously named group involved in promoting the name change is Love Out Loud. This organization “works to link a number of the city’s various churches together across racial and denominational lines” (read: left-wing activism).

Another is Get Hate Outta Winston, which was instrumental in just last month getting a monument to Confederate dead removed from a downtown courthouse due to “safety reasons.” “We saw what happened in Charlottesville,” dutifully parroted Allen Joines, the cucked city mayor.

In this photo from 1990, these kids don’t seem bothered in the least by the word “Dixie” which had been part of the fair’s name since the 1950s. In fact, it was the event’s popularity among black folks that led to the closure of the Carolina Colored Fair in 1968.

“We are on the right side of history,” exclaimed college student Destiny Blackwell of Get Hate Outta Winston. “We get to tear down white supremacy and build up black history and the achievements of black people.”

Destructive Destiny seems to want Wakanda, but what she forgets is that Winston-Salem owes much to white people, including the universities, British common-law heritage, and Western Christian notions of altruism and justice – all means she uses for her revisionist ends.

Dixie is “a highly charged word and, like the [Confederate Battle] flag, it will increasingly be relegated to the pages of history in a public way,” stated William Ferris, co-editor of “The Encyclopedia of Southern Culture.”

Ferris also happens to be director of the Center for the Study of the American South at the University of North Carolina, where Silent Sam has been ceremoniously torn down by students and its pedestal even removed by the tax-payer-funded school, all in direct violation of state law. The slavery mythos must live on in order to perpetuate the archetype’s destruction.

Silent Sam: the veterans statue to 19th-century Chapel Hill students who left college to volunteer in the armed struggle defending their home state against federal invasion.

Cultural Marxists don’t want history or tradition. They don’t want roots and commonality. They are thieves who want to take and trash what has been bestowed to them by the very people they detest in order to “progress.” They cannot give credit where credit is due. They co-opt and crush. Steal and plunder.

They suck off the beautiful and rich culture of the South, only to turn around and seek even more inglorious “reform.” More puritanical purging. More routing of the sacred old for the abominable, soulless new. It’s all part of the continuing revolution. Such hubris.

“The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” — William Faulkner

They seek a “changing South,” where only “people of color” are put on pedestals. Literally. People not of color are erased. They don’t look at the tapestry of the South, its humanness, and its 400 years of truly diverse history.

They only see a binary: white sinners, blacks saints. POC get to have their Unsung Founders Memorial, making the likes of Destiny all warm and tingly. Difference is, if you mess with this statue, you get arrested and charged with “racist acts of vandalism” and “ethnic intimidation.”

“The South is evolving and considering its future and figuring how to best understand its history,” touted Ferris. “And contesting those memories is one way to do that. The word ‘Dixie’ is part of that re-evaluation of what the South is and how it should be publicly presented.”

This attack on memory by the New South nihilists is a Pandora’s Box. Where does it end? Shall we ban Dixie Cups? Dixie Crystals sugar? The Dixie Chicks? Little Feat’s “Dixie Chicken” or the Band’s “The Night They Drove Ol’ Dixie Down”? Winn-Dixie grocery store? The children’s book “Because of Winn-Dixie”? What about “Designing Women” or “Desperate Housewives” because they featured actress Dixie Carter?

Perhaps my friend’s daughter Dixie should change her “hateful” name? Or my neighbor, whose Labrador is named Dixie, should shoot his “racist” pooch or send just him to the doggy gulag? Seriously, someone please tell Dolly Parton that changing the name of her Dixie Stampede costs her more in the long run; she may sell lots of tickets, but being a sellout leads to spiritual debt.

Instead, I say we “evolve” even further. Similar to the petition I created regarding my high school’s mascot (see inset), I propose that if the leftists don’t want some of Southern history, they should get absolutely none of it. Why should skulking ingrates and narcissistic nincompoops get to pick and choose? They’re really not that special, y’all.

“Keeping the word ‘Classic’ out there keeps our brand out there,” Mayor Joines opined. Again with the “branding,” as if home and place were products for sale. Man, did the materialist, consumerist, and industrialist Yankee propaganda really take hold in these sycophants. They’d surely sell their granny down the river for 30 pieces of silver.

But if “Dixie” means white supremacy, so does the word “classic.” After all, it’s born of the term “classical,” which is defined as “traditional, enduring” and/or “relating to the ancient Greeks and Romans.” Isn’t it the cultural Marxists who’ve been smashing tradition, annihilating anything enduring, and calling the ancients “dead racist white guys” for years? Yep.

Council Member Robert Clark suggested “Winston-Salem Fair.” Interestingly, the city’s hyphenated name has roots that the historical illiterates won’t like. The city is partially named after Joseph Winston, first cousin of Patrick Henry who settled in North Carolina.

Not surprisingly, this large-land-owning planter owned slaves. Up to 18. Gasp! So, the name “Winston” must be expunged. Forget he was a Revolutionary War hero whose sons included a NC supreme court judge, a lieutenant governor, and two who were major generals in the War of 1812. Forget their sacrifices. Racists must be smashed … it’s 2019, yo!

Damn straight!

What about Salem? Weren’t the Moravians who founded and built this religious settlement pacifists? Well, yes (’cause it’s easy to be a peacenik when you’ve fled your homeland for a place already carved out by pioneers), but they also … wait for it … owned slaves. Another audible gasp! Better toss those delicious Moravian cookies into the trash and burn your handmade Moravian stars while you’re at it.

Okay, okay. At least these Protestants named their settlement after the Hebrew word “Shalom,” which first appears in the Old Testament in Genesis and means “peace.” But, anyone who’s well-versed in biblical history knows that the ancient Israelites too owned slaves, so “Salem” must be blotted out. (Anti-anti-Semites, take note.)

Hmm, what about Forsyth County Fair? Certainly that’s a safe name. Think again. The county in which Winston-Salem resides happens to be named after Benjamin Forsyth, an officer in the War of 1812 and a vast property owner who had seven … you guessed it … slaves. Better start razing anything with Forsyth on it, including the community college, the hospital, and every single governmental building.

Hell, if we want to dive deep into the politically correct rabbit hole, one could argue that the formation of counties themselves is a governmental product of “evil” colonialism. Likewise, the history of fairs can be traced back to those slave-owning ancient Romans, or at the very least, to the Middle Ages, when those white-supremacist Europeans would gather to have their racist festivals of jousting and falconry.

Progressive “civilization” is anything but civilized. If the cultural Marxists are so enlightened and chaste, 2019 would be awesome. It’s not. True human progress builds upon the past, it doesn’t tear it down.

We should definitely expunge “Carolina” while we’re at it. After all, Carolina comes from “Carolus,” the Latin word for Charles, and was meant to honor King Charles I of England, who made the colony’s original land grant. Well wouldn’t ya know, Charles’ reign was knee-deep in the slave trade! Yep, in the name of the oxymoronic god of unity and diversity, we must extinguish any marking or utterance of the word “Carolina,” too. I think that’s in the Bible somewhere, y’all.

Regardless of what the self-proclaimed racial reconcilers name this event, they must search their hearts and minds, like the reverend suggested, and be certain to ban roller coasters and cotton candy, as both were invented by white dudes. Surely, these men were racists by post-modern “standards.” I mean, they were from the 19th century after all.

“We call ‘bad’ one who rejects the fruit he is given for the fruit he is expecting or the fruit he was given last time.” ― C.S. Lewis

So, if the quisling politicians, vengeful anarcho-tyrants, and social-justice swindlers want to continue their covetous cultural genocide, I say they should get nothing. Nada. Zilch. A big fat goose egg. If these pompous presentists are either unwilling or unable to grasp the nuances and complexities of history, let them have none of the benevolent benefits of the heritage they so loathe.

If they’re all so freakin’ great, let them create a fruitful and functioning civilization, instead of riding on the coattails of the true innovators, thinkers, frontiersmen, statesmen, and founders they hate. There’s nothing worse than an ungrateful man who thinks his shit don’t stink.

Source: Dissident Mama – Ingrates should get nothing

Episode 125 – The Passion of the Christ (1:18:05)

We are joined by Stephen from AnarchoChristian to discuss the Mel Gibson movie, “The Passion of the Christ” for Easters. This was a potential powder-keg of an episode with two atheists and a Christian guest with a very controversial movie that intersects the not-polite conversation topics of politics and religion. We cross the streams for this extra-long Easter episode.

The Passion of The Christ focuses on the last twelve hours of Jesus of Nazareth’s life. The film begins in the Garden of Olives where Jesus has gone to pray after The Last Supper. Jesus must resist the temptations of Satan. Betrayed by Judas Iscariot, Jesus is then arrested and taken within the city walls of Jerusalem where leaders of the Pharisees confirm him with the accusations of blasphemy and his trial results in a condemnation to death.

Check out our guest’s site: http://www.anarchochristian.com

Both Robert and I were a little nervous prior to recording this one as we thought this might be a recipe for disaster when it comes to discussing such sensitive topics.

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Voluntaryism, Viruses, and Vaccines

The debate about vaccines, immunity, and risk to others is often a complicated topic as there is so much information to digest from ethics, to biology, to risk factors. For the principled Voluntaryist, the question of vaccination is one that is readily answered by going to the root of what vaccination is as relates to individuals and property rights. First, it’s important to understand what vaccination is and what it is not. Vaccination in modern times is the injection of either a live, weakened, or dead virus into the body of an individual, sometimes coupled with an adjuvant (a substance to increase immunity response) to cause the body to produce white blood cells for the sake of fighting off infection from viruses. Vaccines are not cure-alls or some nanotechnology that itself fights infection. Rather, what is injected stimulates the body’s immune system so that the body can fight off future infection from related viruses. Because the act of vaccination involves an invasion of the body by a foreign object (a needle and solution), the Voluntaryist principle of self-ownership comes into play. Forcing an individual to get a vaccine should be, in-and-of itself, considered an ethical harm without consent of the affected individual. Some people attempt to say that not vaccinating produces a great risk of harm to others and, thus, people who do not get vaccines are somehow endangering others and should be viewed as committing a rights violation. This reasoning should be rejected outright when one looks at the nature of viruses and the actual actions taking place in the spread of disease. As viruses are independent agents that exist within the living cells of an organism, they should not be considered a chosen harm unless specifically procured and produced by an individual. This would be viewed no differently than someone who finds that a bee’s nest has been established on a tree in their backyard or a rats nest has been created in the roof of their home, to their annoyance. As a person is not responsible for the independent actions of other organisms, people cannot be charged with responsibility for being infected when it is not of their own will. A person should only be held accountable to the extent they create and/or privatize an independent organism such as intentionally manufacturing anthrax or purchasing a pitbull. In this framework, individuals are only responsible for their specific property rights claims taken on and are responsible for the actions that stem from that privatization. The rightful remedy in response to risk concerns of those who are not vaccinated is to make property rules for entry to various venues. A property owner can make entry to their facilities conditioned on having certain vaccines and, within this permission, be able to bar those who have not had certain vaccines and hold responsible those who violate the rules of the property owner. This method of robustly respecting the rights of individuals and the rights of property owners is key to delineating when a harm has taken place based on specific actors and actions. Of course, it should be noted that the fears about a lack of vaccination should be reckoned with the realities of vaccination. Vaccines are not absolute bars to illness and, as many vaccine manufacturers note, there are varying effectivenesses and protection periods depending on the specific brand and content of the vaccine. In addition, vaccines today do not protect against bacterial infections (just viruses) and the available vaccine options do not cover all possible forms of illness. Many who are eager to push vaccination onto others also do not hold themselves to a strict standard of quarantine as they return to work or school well before the infectious period abates (up to two weeks for the common cold and 8 days for the flu). I mention these facts as a reminder that protection against spreading disease involves more than just vaccination, but a social norm of accepting that people need to be able to stay away from others for extended periods while ill so as to not spread sicknesses. This, of course, can readily be metered through a robust respect of property rights for all people. SOURCES: Virus Vaccine History: Developments by Year Differentiating the wild from the attenuated during a measles outbreak Period of Flu Contagiousness How long is someone infectious after a viral infection? Vaccine Effectiveness – How Well Does the Flu Vaccine Work? Vaccines for Adults The Vaccine-Friendly Plan: Dr. Paul’s Safe and Effective Approach to Immunity and Health-from Pregnancy Through Your Child’s Teen Years Measles Outbreak Traced to Fully Vaccinated Patient for First Time

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Voluntaryist Principles and the Treatment of Children

The treatment of children is often a difficult topic for many to navigate as children are largely unable to take care of themselves. As such, they are dependent on their parents for care, support, and wisdom to flourish into functioning adults. As Voluntaryists try to maximize consent and minimize the initiation of violence, the respect of children’s bodies and wills is an important consideration in fostering and reciprocating peace and love. Of first importance is defining the relationship between parents and children. Unlike Rothbard, I do not see children as being “owned” by their parents. This is because children are independent human beings who are exercising control over their bodies to the exclusion of others. Rather than defining the relationship as “ownership,” I consider the relationship to be a trust relationship where parents are acting as stewards of children until they are mature enough to take care of themselves without their parents’ help. This makes for a clear distinction and rejection of Rothbard’s “market in children” formulation as offering children up for adoption is not a “sale” so much as a negative contractual duty to not claim that someone is the parent or steward of a child. As stewards, parents have the highest trust relationship for children as the biological norm. It is well-known that a child’s biological parents have the closest connection because of the bio-chemical relationship fostered by a child and mother in utero. A mother has the highest investment in the wellbeing of a child in that she has offered up her bodily resources and, thus, should be viewed as having the highest stewardship rights claim. In this environment, parents may exercise their property rights for the sake of rearing a child in a healthy path. A parent can offer a child food, shelter, and companionship so long as those actions are not violating the physical body of a child. A parent can refuse to provide unhealthy things to a child as well to ensure that a child is not harmed by something that he or she cannot handle. In this realm, young children are not able to fully consent to all activities an adult can because they do not have the brain capacity to be able to understand what it is they are engaging in. This is where the stewardship of the parent exists to help protect a child from poor choices or unknown risks and dangers. A Voluntaryist parent who wishes to help a child build a strong foundation for independence so that their children can meaningfully consent one day ought to use peaceful parenting tactics based in reason and evidence as opposed to spanking, threats, and yelling. If you’re not familiar with peaceful parenting, that is okay. For now, it can be summed as looking to use words and empathetic touch over threats and physical hitting to help children learn how to manage their thoughts, emotions, and bodily functions. (You can read several books on how to be an effective peaceful parent and non-violent communicator below.) Voluntaryist parenting discipline, if required, is focused on removing rewards/good things rather than using hitting and threats. In this manner, Voluntaryists seek to provide such a loving and building home environment that a child would want to behave in a peaceful manner to continue enjoying their fun activities. A parent can of course stop a child’s dangerous behavior through force, but this does not need to be escalated to hitting to help a child learn. For example, many mistakenly make a hyperbolic assertion that a parent cannot stop a child from touching a hot stove or running across a road with traffic because it stops the “will” of the child. This is a mistake of thinking that stems from not analyzing all property rights norms in the environment. At home, the stove belongs to the parent, and a parent has a property right to stop a child from touching a hot stove as it is their property. A parent could, in teaching a lesson, even hold a child’s hands above a hot stove if a child is curious while saying “hot” to communicate to a child the dangers of touching a stove. Likewise, a parent stopping a child from walking into a busy intersection is providing property rights defense for oncoming drivers as the child walking into their moving cars would be a violation of that driver’s property right in their car. While describing a parent’s right to stop a child from danger in property rights terms may seem a bit academic and pedantic to explore, it is an important analysis to build a consistent framework of philosophy so that the ethical treatment of children can be advanced. Eventually, when a young person is ready and able to leave out on their own, their journey into adulthood will be complete and social norms built on the Voluntaryist ethic will lead to respect of a young person’s decision to start their own independent life. If you wish to build your own toolkit for helping children grow up in a peaceful and supportive home, please get and read the following books below: Healing The Child Within: Discovery and Recovery for Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families Paperback by Charles L. Whitfield M.D. https://amzn.to/2UOu7Qt Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life, 3rd Edition: Life-Changing Tools for Healthy Relationships by Marshall B. Rosenberg Ph.D. https://amzn.to/2V8hOxG Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting by Dr. Laura Markham https://amzn.to/2GnKyck Free to Learn: Why Unleashing the Instinct to Play Will Make Our Children Happier, More Self-Reliant, and Better Students for Life by Peter Gray https://amzn.to/2VfFnVq

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Voluntaryist Principles and Abortion

The topic of abortion is a heated subject that has been debated by philosophers for centuries. While many people focus more on the end results for analysis, the principled Voluntaryist first must analyze the situation from inception and apply the core philosophical principles to the entire process that leads to children being born. In doing so, it becomes much easier to balance the negative rights of the mother and child without creating contradictory assertions and unlimited duties. To properly analyze the situation, we must first look at the nature of conception itself. Pre-existing humans came to be through the evolution of organisms over time. Without reproduction, there are no humans to even have a philosophical discourse about. If no one reproduces, within a generation, all humans would die off. Seeing this fact sets the groundwork that reproductive action is a biological function and a predicate to existence. Next, we must look at the nature of conception and how that fits within the non-aggression principle ethic. As Voluntaryists seek to maximize consent and minimize the initiation of violence, it becomes difficult to tackle the nature of conception as children are created without their consent. It is physically impossible (as far as we know) to gain consent from a conscious being before they have consciousness with which to consent. Which would mean that, if we hold the N.A.P. standard to conception, it would justify stopping parents from procreating as their action forces a child to come to life without their consent. This absurdity cannot be metered without reaching a nihilistic, anti-human end where humans would eventually go extinct if kept from procreating on the notion that a child cannot consent to being created. To avoid this self-defeating conclusion, the act of conception should be considered in-and-of-itself a biological process that is a-moral, much like the act of having blood or breathing air. As conception is itself a necessary predicate to existence and human life, the N.A.P. analysis cannot be applied to it as it would lead to human extinction. With this in mind, arguments about parents choosing to have sex and, thus, being held responsible for a child’s existence as a unilateral duty can be rejected. If unnerved by this rejection, we can look what applying the N.A.P. to conception would look like for the other absurd results in consequence. 1.) If procreation creates a duty-causing violation, then people would be justified in using defensive force to stop would-be parents from procreating. 2.) If procreation creates a duty-causing violation, then parents can be held as indentured servants to their child for their child’s life as the N.A.P. violation is life-long. 3.) If procreation creates a duty-causing violation, people are justified in investigating whether a woman’s miscarriage was caused by the woman, either by intentional force or by negligent or reckless behavior. 4.) If procreation creates a duty-causing violation, and a mother has an abortion, that woman could be killed for their violation under estoppel, as women cannot claim that they should not be killed if they themselves murder. 5.) If procreation creates a duty-causing violation, then people can use physical force to compel a mother to provide whatever a child demands, as there is no minimum or maximum standard of care to limit what a parent should be providing save the victim’s demands. As you can see, the idea of holding a parent as having a duty to a child because of a unilateral responsibility from “forcing” a child to exist would create some bizarre situations that would encourage force being used against mothers and fathers. In addition to these deductive conclusions, it is also important to note the current biological conditions of mothers in procreation. Miscarriage, a biological eviction, currently takes place in 20-30% of conceptions depending on access to medical care. Because of this, one should also consider the fact that attempting to have a child is itself a risk of a child dying. Put into perspective, this 1-in-5 chance of miscarriage would be akin to running over and killing a child unintentionally 1-in-5 days of going to work. Would most people drive cars to work if one day each week they ran over and killed a child? Probably not. Yet, this takes place in millions of iterations as billions of people around the world have sex and, in many cases, conceive but then lose the child. While some people try to suggest miscarriage is a special situation as it is not necessarily chosen, one should recognize that miscarriage risks are known and that a woman could reduce miscarriage risk or choose not to procreate should the risk be too high. Some factors that increase miscarriage rates includes obesity, weak uterine lining, and unhealthy food and drink choices. Women who have had a prior miscarriage are also at a significantly higher risk for future miscarriage as well. So, if in other areas of life, risky behavior can make someone considered liable for unintended consequences, why would the act of procreation receive special pleading? For example, driving and texting (distracted driving) is a known risk that can lead to someone’s death if they are run over. If someone was distracted while driving and hit a child, killing that child, they would be considered negligent or reckless in causing that child’s death, even if they did not intend it. To be consistent, women who attempt to procreate with known risks, and whose attempts lead to miscarriage, should be held liable if holding a strict N.A.P. standard. Of course, few, if any, proponents who consider abortion outright “murder” hold this standard. Instead, they attempt to downplay the risks and outcomes of attempted procreation while holding women to a standard of care only if their mind wishes for the abortion/eviction to take place. Between the inherent risk of miscarriage and the focus on not causing infant death, one would expect that a robust application of the N.A.P. to procreation would put a duty on women to only attempt procreation if they are healthy enough to do so with minimal risk. This standard is not generally held and, thus, should be another factor in rejecting the argument of anyone trying to suggest that abortion/eviction is always outright murder. If one is unwilling to place a duty of care on a mother to not procreate if there is risk, but they will put a duty of care for other activities that can lead to unintended deaths, then they are hypocrites. So what then is the ethical conclusion about what a mother could do with a child in her body? For the sake of argument, we can assume that a child should be considered a full human being at the point of conception. This helps to eliminate any ambiguity and gives the most favorable position to respecting the body and property rights of a conceived child. It’s also a reasonable position to take as all the genetic information for a child is present when the egg meets sperm and the process of cellular division begins. Given a most-favorable light position to a child in the womb, one can then analyze how to meter out the hierarchy of property rights and self-ownership. As the mother pre-exists the child, and the child only comes into existence through the grace of the mother’s continued supply of blood and nutrients, it should be noted that the mother’s claim to her own body is at a higher right of claim than a child’s. A child cannot be owed a duty and a right to the mother’s bodily resources as this is a forcible taking of the mother’s bodily resources. Any attempt to create an analogy to this situation with third parties fails for a lack of true similarity. For example, some suggest an analogy to conception with someone who accidentally ends up on an airplane. The person who ends up on the plane may have drunkenly stumbled into the plane or may have been a worker who was knocked unconscious by a falling suitcase while putting bags into the plane. Someone unwittingly ending up on a plane is not analogous to conception and child carriage as a child’s existence is wholly predicated on the actions and givings of the mother, unlike a stranger caught in someone else’s property. This is important to remember as the argument for suggesting a duty to a child can also be conversely argued in similar fashion of a child owing a duty to a mother and father. It could be said that, as a child’s life is formed from a property giving of a mother’s body, that the child should be the mother’s property or, at least, “owe” his or her parents for his life. This, of course, should be rejected for the aforementioned idea of considering conception a-moral to avoid unlimited, unilateral duties and, as well, for the logical absurdity of outright human ownership (explained in another article here: https://vassociation.com/2018/07/30/property-rights-norms-under-voluntaryism/) Looking at the mother and child’s independent rights to their bodily property and the existing hierarchy, it can be argued that a mother has the right to remove the child from her body. Walter Block has called this process “evictionism.” However, unlike Walter Block’s position, I do not argue that a mother has a duty to pay for and use life-sustaining technology to keep a child alive. Rather, a mother has a right to expel a child from her body and, if that child dies in the process, such is a consequence of the exercising of said rights. While I do not personally find this to be an admirable thing, it is an important consistency to hold to avoid rationalizing other people escalating violence against mothers. To uphold the Voluntaryist prongs of maximizing consent and minimizing the initiation of violence, a mother should avoid going out of her way to kill a child i.e. killing a child as a focus rather than as a result. Where this comes most clearly into play is where a mother is nearing term and the eviction of a child would still leave a child alive outside the womb. Killing a child intentionally, such as with using scissors or a vacuum on the way out, should be considered an escalation of violence as it goes beyond removal. In sum, killing a child who would otherwise survive the chosen removal process would be a violation of the child’s bodily property rights. What this standard does is permit respect of a mother’s bodily property right to expel unwanted persons from her body while also respecting that other human beings should not intentionally kill a child outside of the removal process. In tandem with this, a mother has a negative duty to not harm a child physically beyond removal and, thus, a mother cannot forcibly keep a child from care offered by others. Holding this standard both avoids imposing a duty on a mother to provide care but also permits the opportunity for a child to receive care from willing persons. The reason why this standard is wise to maintain beyond the deductions from establishing property right hierarchies is to recognize that unwilling mothers are going to be problematic in how a child is treated. Forcing motherhood on an unwilling mother would likely have serious consequences for how a child is cared for growing up. Further, any deviation from this reciprocal standard would also rationalize physical, violent force being used against a mother to both take care of a child prenatally and after a child is born. Anyone who tries to impose a duty but who will not articulate a standard of care for how a child should be treated before and after birth and, for what duration, is trying to hide behind ambiguities. They have no skin in the philosophical game for a “compared to what” of what a mother should do for her child to not be considered negligent and for how long she should offer a child care to not be considered abusive. Continuing with this line of thought provides a clear framework that parents should not be held to a standard of care outside of N.A.P. thinism and that children, likewise, cannot be forced to remain with parents who are hurting them through physical violence or starvation. This makes the most sense when one internalizes that “good parenting,” whatever that may entail depending on the social sphere, cannot be forced without creating more opportunities for physical violence against both parents and children who are threatened to conform to some amorphous outside social sphere of “right” or “wrong” parenting styles. Of course, with education and technology, abortion and eviction can be reduced, trending toward zero. This requires a change in culture where people are actively thinking about how to respect the bodies and properties of others so that they can grow in empathy and prudence. Rationalizing more opportunities for violence against women exerting their bodily property rights is only going to lead to a rationalization for interventionism and spying on women and their families. Sources: MISCARRIAGE https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miscarriage https://www.marchofdimes.org/complications/miscarriage.aspx Miscarriage Probability Chart https://datayze.com/miscarriage-chart.php Mens Rea https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mens_rea Evictionism https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evictionism

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Voluntaryism and Animals – Does the N.A.P. Apply?

Voluntaryism and Animals Voluntaryist philosophy naturally revolves around human beings and their interaction because, by-and-large, it is human beings who are coming up with the concepts of property rights and applying those concepts in social and market norms. Despite this being the normal relationship dynamic, some people wish to extend the Voluntaryist ethic and, of specific concern, the non-aggression principle, to species outside of homo sapiens. This article demonstrates why Voluntaryist values cannot be extended to animals and, in tandem, offers a methodology of what it takes to foster a consistent application of Voluntaryist norms. First, Voluntaryist norms applying to humans does not need to have argumentation to support it outside of axiom. One could assume the set of actors (human beings) and simply apply the principles as a positivism as human beings are the ones who are acting on the principles and are the class of organisms looking to communicate and apply these principles among themselves. However, we can also produce a meaningful logical framework that not only shows why human beings should be the only species considered (given known lifeforms), but the problematic consequences of attempting to apply the N.A.P. to other organisms that do not have the intellectual capacity of human beings. The primary reason why human beings are the subject class for Voluntaryist ethics is that human beings are generally viewed as having the capacity to understand and reciprocate property rights. This is a crucial feature because any system of ethics where the subject class of actors cannot meaningfully hold the tenets will soon fall into violent chaos. Take an extreme case to see what this means. For example, if I were to come up with an ethical rule/principle that stated, “It is unethical for human beings to breathe air,” this would be rather problematic. If held consistently, all human beings would immediately begin to suffocate and, within minutes, die off. As can be seen, coming up with an ethical rule that causes all or most all members within a group to immediately perish would be problematic as those members cannot reasonably be expected to uphold the rule or they will die. Likewise, creating and applying ethical rules that would inherently be broken to an extreme degree is also poor philosophy as people will then either suffer or be subject to punishment for breaking rules they inherently are going to break. If people cannot be expected to uphold certain ethical rules, then they cannot be held liable for their actions, no more than a fish could be found at fault for swimming or a baby be blamed for burping. When it comes to the non-aggression principle, Voluntaryists have the expectation that people at large are at least capable of respecting the physical bodies and the physical properties of others. This expectation and ability to reciprocate is what underpins the psychological drive of “justice” and “responsibility” for human action. Of course, within the whole of human diversity, there are those who are unable to understand and reciprocate norms due to developmental stage, like young children, and those who cannot understand due to biological dysfunction such as those suffering Alzheimer’s or those with Down Syndrome. To accommodate for this diversity, the principle for species-wide reciprocity should be executed for application when the average member of a species is capable of understanding and reciprocating respect of other people’s bodies and properties. Human beings have the brain size and raw intelligence for this kind of understanding that most all animals simply do not have. To further see why the “average member” metric is important, consider what the world would look like if most people could NOT understand and reciprocate some form of property rights. In that world, people would be taking things from others, destroying other people’s property, and causing physical harm at large to others through rape, battery, and murder. Such a world would be littered with violence beyond imagination, and even having the time to philosophize would be ignored to focus on fighting for survival against a brutal horde of human predators. In such a world, there would be so many violations, that people would essentially be focused on protecting themselves and exacting retribution for violations of their body and property. Thankfully, we live in a world where most people can maintain some semblance of respect of body and property. Largely, people only make exceptions to this expectation when it comes to rationalizations of proxy violence through the state. Animals, on the other hand, do not have the ability to internalize and act on property rights to any meaningful degree. Carnivores would, categorically, be engaged in the business of committing violations against other living creatures. Herbivores would, by nature, violate physical property norms and even some standards of recklessness and negligence in accidentally killing other creatures they step on. Because of this, we can see absurdities emerge in applying the non-aggression principle to animals. First, human beings would be justified in stopping all carnivores from eating other animals. They would even able to use deadly self-defense on behalf of herbivores. This would lead to a kind of eugenics for carnivorous animals until they go extinct, disrupting the ecosystem dramatically. Secondly, applying the N.A.P. to animals as against humans would also produce a justification for human beings to use force, even deadly force, against other humans for violating the bodies or possibly even noted “properties” of animals. A human being killing an animal for food or clothing would be viewed as murderer meriting punishment. Any attempt to craft special categories for animals as compared to humans would inherently create special pleading. For example, if one rationalizes carnivores eating other animals, then one could not really suggest that they are upholding the N.A.P. for animals as they are permitting violations to happen for one group, but not another. Trying to use the term “need” puts the cart before the horse biologically as well, as all living things are evolutionary products of their environment and a “need” to eat a living organisms is itself a product of genetic gravitation from survival selection of food source. In simpler terms, the very reason why there are carnivorous organisms is because some creatures long ago were able to eat other organisms and then become dependent on that kind of nutrition with adaptation over time. To rationalize carnivorous animal activity is to put a stamp of approval on continuing the genetic dependence of killing other animals for food. If this same property were to be reciprocated to humans, human beings could not have arisen as they are a product of eating meat, which was what allowed humans to grow such a large brain size in the first place. Holding different standards for carnivorous creatures here commits a special pleading and, thus, should be rejected outright for being inconsistent with the supposed first intent of trying to end the killing of animals through the application of the N.A.P. Secondly, one can readily see that the expectation of reciprocity is not consistently held for animals. To see this in concrete terms, it can be understood that human beings can be expected to not step on or drive over other humans. To do so typically imports a kind of negligent or reckless behavior analysis. However, human beings regularly kill and maim other creatures, from hitting them with planes, trains, and automobiles, to killing and displacing them in the construction of homes and roads. Outside the sophistry of state violence, people at large would not rationalize killing thousands of humans by steam-rolling them over to pave a road or build an apartment complex. (And, if they did at first, they would likely backtrack upon performing a comparative test where the killing involved themselves and their loved ones instead of strangers.) Because of this, it is clear that the very fundamental nature of human existence comes from the ingestion of and killing of other animals in a manner that cannot be meaningfully abated or stopped without causing mass starvation and/or death to humans for their otherwise mundane activity. If each person was held accountable for any animal he or she killed, directly or indirectly through use of modern facilities, they would be worthy of the death penalty or a life sentence for the death they have brought to other living things. As was noted before, any ethical rule which quickly leads to a justification for mass violence and death of an extinction or near-extinction level of a species is a principle which ought to be rejected lest there are no more actors left to even engage with the philosophy. Anyone trying to suggest that animals could be treated with respect on a different scale is then also devolving away from the original premise of applying the N.A.P. animals. Again, by holding two different standards between animals and humans, the proponent is now trying to create an apartheid system of ethics where human beings are treated more harshly for the same actions taken by other animals in the wild. Why should force be permitted to stop a human from eating deer, but not a lion? This cannot be answered without abandoning a consistent application of the non-aggression principle through creating a two-tiered ethics system. Ultimately, what this means is that human beings cannot, and should not, use force against other humans for their actions against animals at large. Rather, animals should be treated under the property rights ethic of privatization until it can be shown that the average member of a particular species is capable of understanding and reciprocating property rights. Should there be an exceptionally intelligent animal, that particular creature could be considered a moral agent exception to the rule. However, this is something that is more likely relegated to science fiction than a meaningful, present-day concern. If people wish for the treatment of animals to change, that must come through voluntary social norms in changing minds – not through physical violence whether done through a private actor or someone acting under the auspices of “the state.” Any other standard will inherently lead to human beings enacting violence against other human beings for participating in activities that are already rampant in nature and are not going to be meaningfully stopped by the people who supposedly care about animal wellbeing. Remember that the aim of Voluntaryism is to maximize consent and minimize the initiation of violence as among humans, so any principle that would validate human-on-human violence where a human is not violating the property or body of another human will only amplify the discord as among humans. Sources: Meat and Nicotinamide: A Causal Role in Human Evolution, History, and Demographicshttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5417583/ Sorry Vegans: Here’s How Meat-Eating Made Us Human http://time.com/4252373/meat-eating-veganism-evolution/ Evolutionary Adaptations to Dietary Changeshttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4163920/

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Episode 124 – Dodgeball (59:30)

We dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge our way through the mid-aughts classic, Dodgeball with our new friend Tyler. A group of misfits enter a Las Vegas dodgeball tournament in order to save their cherished local gym from the onslaught of a corporate health fitness chain. It’s a bold strategy Cotton, but we’re going to go balls deep into the NAP on this one.

This one took a bit of effort to squeeze some blood out of this turnip. But it just goes to show you that we can milk just about any movie for an hour’s worth of discussion.

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Don’t get conned, y’all

So, smart moms in two homeschool social-media groups of which I’m a member are super-excited about Hillsdale College’s free “Constitution 101” course. “Hillsdale’s conservative, so it must be teaching Christian-centered history,” they say.

“Hillsdale doesn’t accept grants from the federal government or participate in federal financial-aid or student-loan programs. How principled,” they opine. “Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levine both endorse Hillsdale as being an ‘authority on the Constitution’, so it must be quality curriculum,” they hope.

Hey now, not so fast. Let’s not take all these assumptions on face value.

For years, I’ve been receiving and reading Hillsdale’s monthly mailed newsletter Imprimus, which highlights guest lectures, speeches by visiting professors, and articles by intellectuals associated with the college. It sometimes features valuable articles by modern thinkers I respect and offer up opinions that are not status quo. But not always.

In fact, Hillsdale as a place of learning is overall a neocon institution. Sure, there are exceptions to the rule, like history professor Brad Birzer, and his wife and history lecturer Dedra Birzer.

Much has been written and discussed about neoconservatism. In short, they were ex-Trotskyites who abandoned the left decades ago, and they and their descendants have been pushing for foreign interventionism, open borders, and giving up on the culture war, all while claiming to be for “Founding principles.” These wolves in sheep’s clothing pretend to be patriotic, yet undergird the very ideologies that are tearing America apart.

“… With the modern displacement by the Neocons of the traditional (and Southern) conservatives and their opposition to the growth in government and to the destruction of those bonds and traditions that characterized the country for centuries, the results we observe around us do not augur well for the future.”

Dr. Boyd D. Cathey

Larry P. Arnn, who delivers the first video lecture, is president of Hillsdale and also on the Board of Trustees of the Heritage Foundation – a neocon think tank that claims to advocate for limited government and fiscal responsibility, but simultaneously lobbies for foreign entanglements and “spreading democracy” through bombing campaigns. In other words: globalism a la the military-industrial complex while America burns.

This isn’t guilt by association. Rather, it’s just connecting the dots. So, is it any wonder that I’m skeptical of this free Constitution course? Therefore, I signed up to see what all the fuss is about.

One need look no further than the welcome email. The “about” section describes how the course will dive into “the Declaration of Independence and The Federalist Papers,” yet no mention of The Anti-Federalist Papers.

So, already we know that the curriculum is slanted toward the Hamiltonian view of America, and not the decentralized view of Founders like Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, George Mason, Sam Adams, Richard Henry Lee, and James Monroe. Thus, Hillsdale is planting their flag on the hill of empire, not that of states’ rights. THIS is a problem, my friends.

With the most charitable view possible, I understand that this could be an oversight. After all, many learned people don’t even know that there’s a collection of writings called The Anti-Federalist Papers, which argued that the U.S. Constitution would grow the federal government and eventually lead to an all-powerful executive branch akin to monarchy. Prescient, wouldn’t you say?

In fact, if it wasn’t for the anti-federalists, we wouldn’t even have a Bill of Rights – the only fleeting safeguard against federal overreach and the complete eradication of our God-given liberties. These amendments sure ain’t a cure, but can you just imagine how even more embroiled in tyranny our lives would be without it?

Okay, this was probably just an innocent mistake, you say. So then, let’s take a gander at the “overview” portion of the email. Hillsdale faculty who teach the lecture series tell us that “American political history is defined by three great crises.”

One: the American Revolution. No duh.

Three: progressivism. Yep, couldn’t agree more.

But two? Hmm. Here’s what they say.

“The second crisis was the crisis over slavery that culminated in the Civil War. While the Founders had opposed slavery in principle, but had been forced to compromise with the institution in practice for the sake of the Union, the rise of the “positive good” school of slavery in the South marked a turn away from the Founders’ principles, and their practice. In response, Abraham Lincoln explained and defended the Founder’s approach.”

No, no, no. This is complete historical revisionism. It’s the stuff of Marxist Eric Foner and Straussian Harry Jaffa, and plagiarist and “Lincoln idolater” Doris Kearns Goodwin, who’s wont to demonize Robert E. Lee as a foot fetishist. Yet, these snake-oil salesmen are all lauded as the popular “historians” of the Washington elite.

Why? Because they and their neocon ilk, like Victor Davis Hanson, Dinesh D’Souza, Jonah Goldberg, Ben Shapiro, and all the talking heads at Fox News (save Tucker Carlson), use this misinformation to construct a narrative of America as an “idea” that wasn’t realized until St. Lincoln “freed the slaves” and smashed those evil racists below the Mason-Dixon Line.

America must be cleansed of her “original sin” of slavery. It’s all presentist rubbish. Lincoln was no friend of the black man and certainly no freedom fighter.

In fact, no American’s ideology has ever been more contrary to Founding principles than was Dishonest Abe’s. Because of his totalitarianism and subsequent worship, we now have a federal government that micromanages every aspect of our lives, as well as increased social division. We have lost states’ rights and voluntary association, which were cornerstones of America’s founding. We have attained the “idea,” and people couldn’t be any unhappier.

We are living in the Hamiltonian vision of America, which metastasized into the cancer known as Lincolnian nationalism throughout the 20th century and has devolved into today’s “managerial state” (as the late Sam Francis called it). Out with the voluntary compact of sovereign states. In with the cult of Unionism and pegging Confederates as the heretics.

It is this “propositional nation” mythos which is the basis for all this “reform” we’re drowning in today. It has opened the door for secular-humanism, radical egalitarianism, and universalism. It has smashed localism for centralization; destroyed equal justice under the law for the evils of “equality;” routed traditionalism for post-modernism; and annihilated self-determination for statism. The tale is how the neocons and their uber-leftist cohorts push for “permanent revolution.”

And to do this, they must incessantly tear down the traditions that rooted Jeffersonian America up until 1861. Since the progressive notion of “exceptionalism” was fashionably spreading across the growing 19th-century landscape, the remnants of subsidiarity that survived only in the South had to be extinguished to attain the nation-state. And because it is still the only place where this Jeffersonian ideal exists, her people must be maligned and their culture razed.

In the name of “progress,” the South must continually be demonized and distorted in order to “deify the idea of America.” To attain this new world order, the “pogrom against Southern history and symbols,” as historian Clyde Wilson describes it, must carry forward. It is the linchpin for the con.

Today, the invasion (Third-World socialists, instead of Yankee soldiers and carpet-baggers) and total war (political correctness, cultural genocide, and anarcho-tyranny, instead of amassed Federal armies invading, killing, raping, pillaging, and burning cities to the sea) may look different. But make no mistake, Puritan conquest and Reconstruction still roll on. There may not have been 700,000 deaths … yet, but the goal is nonetheless the same.

The agents of Big Conservatism are just as responsible as are their leftist counterparts of seeking to fundamentally transform America by radically rewriting its history.

Jack Kerwick

If Americans get this wrong (meaning, the real crisis that occurred from 1861-1865 and the ensuing “remaking” of America that has followed unabated), we cannot fully understand any history, much less have a firm grasp on current events, keen eyes for charlatans, or an understanding of modern threats which imperil any shreds of liberty that may be salvaged from the Lincolnian wreckage.

Like all good propaganda, the Hillsdale hearsay is peppered with grains of truth, giving it the illusion of fact. Christian homeschoolers, please do your homework before buying into this dangerous paradigm. Don’t get conned. After all, there’s nothing more important than truth.

Just because something’s free doesn’t mean it’s worth your time or money … or soul. In fact, it will end up costing your children and their posterity more in the long run.

For more on neoconservatism, dig into the voluminous writings of American sage Patrick J. Buchanan, historian Boyd Cathey, and retired humanities professor and author Paul Gottfried.

• For the truth about the War Between the States, check out the work of historian Clyde Wilson and professor Thomas DiLorenzo, the blogs of yours truly (many of which are linked within this story), and read and listen to historian Brion McClanahan and the Abbeville Institute.

• And for politically incorrect curriculum, please consider purchasing real history courses at Liberty Classroom and McClanahan Academy. I promise: they’re worth every Lincoln penny.

Source: Dissident Mama – Don’t get conned, y’all