Libertarianism 102

Ask any libertarian about why libertarianism and there is a story about the time BBL: before being libertarian. I have mine, too.

The key point I came to learn about libertarianism is the NAP, the Non-Aggression Principle. Sounds easy enough. Don’t hurt people.

Listen to a libertarian long enough and you’ll hear something about taxation is theft: property rights.

There are discussions aplenty about the unconstitutionality of taxation, the immorality of taxation, the lack of need for taxation and more. Passions run deep on both sides of the position and those lines can broadly be understood to be the libertarians against taxation and the statist for taxation. Taxation as theft produces a second phrase to our NAP, and the two are cleverly synthesized to “Don’t Hurt People; Don’t Take Their Stuff.”

That’s where I came in. Don’t hurt people seems pretty cut and dried. Don’t aggress: easy. The clarification we make is offensive aggression. People have a right to defend themselves, so defensive aggression against harm done to me or my family is allowed, and maybe even demanded.

Hurt not; steal not. I can do this. As I listened and read and watched more libertarian thinkers, I came to learn who the heavy hitters are. And, boy, we’ve got some doozies. Hans Herman Hoppe and Murray Rothbard and Walter Block and Ludwig von Mises and Tom Woods the list grows. I admit, I didn’t know that libertarians had a thought process. I really thought that a libertarian was a disgruntled Republican who didn’t want to affiliate any longer. I was wrong.

Don’t aggress is easy when it’s you not aggressing. What of the state or the military or the police? Well, come on, that doesn’t happen. It does. That it does is bothersome and, frankly, both scary and unsettling.

At a point like this, with the curtain pulled back, there are two choices. Run or push on. I pushed on. I learned that the state does aggress in forms less than obvious. Yeah, there is that taxation thing. I know I said it was stealing, but what if you don’t pay? The state will come and, after haggling, you still refuse to pay, put you in a cage. Continue reading “Libertarianism 102”

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.…Ludwig von Mises on why recessions aren’t just causeless, spontaneous occurrences and are not the result of so-called “contradictions of capitalism.” They’re caused by tinkering with the free market, and particularly by pushing interest rates lower than the market wants to set them – like they are right now

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Episode 27 – Finding Nemo (1:15:03)

Happy Father’s Day! With many movies to choose from, we were happy to choose one that is a favorite of our guest: Finding Nemo. The story of one father’s quest to save his last-surviving child. He overcomes the trauma of losing his wife and most of his other kids to travel thousands of miles from home encountering killer sharks, war refuse mines, surfer turtles dude-bruh, stinging jellyfish (don’t tase me bro!), and a forgetful friend.

Our guest is Jeremiah Martin who we met in the Tom Woods supporting listeners group.  It’s a great conversation with a legitimate movie-reviewer angle.  Also, just so you all know.  Tom hates Crush.

Dude…buddy…whoa…like totally….

The story in the movie is pretty good and well done, but it reminded me a throwaway line in another movie I like:

From the film, “A Cabin in the Woods”

Here is the Google info:

Marlin (Albert Brooks), a clown fish, is overly cautious with his son, Nemo (Alexander Gould), who has a foreshortened fin. When Nemo swims too close to the surface to prove himself, he is caught by a diver, and horrified Marlin must set out to find him. A blue reef fish named Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) — who has a really short memory — joins Marlin and complicates the encounters with sharks, jellyfish, and a host of ocean dangers. Meanwhile, Nemo plots his escape from a dentist’s fish tank.

Continue reading “Episode 27 – Finding Nemo (1:15:03)”

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Diet Coke of Fascism

There’s a self-proclaimed intellectual tribe which believes in a contradictory premise and that is “removing 80% of the tumor solves the cancer, while the remaining 20% should be left intact”.

It is just not a belief but also a modern ideology. They worship this political ideology, like the way jihadists worship Islam, but without directly initiating violence. The tribe also believes that it is morally correct to have freedom in all economic activities because they trust the principles of government-constituted free market.

When it comes to defense, police and courts or law, the tribe would not mind distrusting the principles of laissez-faire. To add, the tribe does not realise that it suffers from a psychotic disorder called ‘stockholm syndrome’ (which means, sympathising with the crime doer).

For example: they chant, blog & podcast “government is evil” (without realising that they’re the ones who are always eager to necessitate the evil at the expense of everyone else). They tend to forget that ‘limiting’ the evil does not equate to abolishment of evil.

Evil is evil, no matter what’s the size of it.

I do not intend to bash these intellectuals in this article. I am simply analysing their unnoticed hypocrisy.

Drink in the hypocrisy of minarchism

What makes their myth so different from other political ideologies like democracy, communism, etc., when their own ideology is a diet coke of all the fascist tendencies? Continue reading “Diet Coke of Fascism”

The Libertarian Party has Strayed from Founding Principles

By Tyler Leonhardt

The Libertarian Party is a waste, an absolute cesspool of nonsense.

Instead of promoting what should be the most consistent ideology in politics (the opposition to violence against peaceful people), they sit and argue over whether they should be Republican Lite or Democrat Lite, or in other words anti-tax liberals or pro-pot conservatives.

We are not “socially accepting and fiscally responsible”. We do not fight for any particular race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or miscellaneous.

Rather, we fight against the encroaching power of the state, and the rest fall into line. We do not promote or disparage culture or values, or encourage opinions or beliefs. That is for the realm of the family and social organizations. A religious organization has just as much right to state their views an individual. But we do not fight for religion any more than we fight for homosexuality. Rather we fight for the rights of the religious and the homosexual.

We fight for freedom of association and freedom of property. Continue reading “The Libertarian Party has Strayed from Founding Principles”