FPF #130 – Yemen & Israel with Will Porter

On FPF #130, Will Porter returns to the show to discuss his new article on Yemen and the situation in Israel. Will’s article explains how deaths in Yemen have been undercounted during the Saudi/US war against Yemen. Will talked with several sources to gain a better understanding of the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen. Will also discussed the NY subway terror attack and how that it was blowback from Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. 

Source: Foreign Policy Focus – FPF #130 – Yemen & Israel with Will Porter

FPF #129 – Q & A Show

On FPF #129, I take questions for the first Q and A show. I answer questions on Yemen, Trump, and Israel. I explain Trump’s possible reasons for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. I also discuss CNN’s fake bombshell report on a connection between Wikileaks and the Trump Campaign. 

Source: Foreign Policy Focus – FPF #129 – Q & A Show

Ep. 20 – Sex Work And The Age Of Consent

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Today we are joined by fellow Libertarian Union members: Patrick, Daniel, and Robert.  This is a snippet from a much longer recording session in which we discussed the age of consent and sex work laws.  This is a quick introduciton into a topic that we will have much more to say on in the future.  Enjoy!

Recorded – 11/17/17


John Stossel on Who Owns Your Body? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bb1Bp7wxePk&feature=youtu.be

Ray Allen Gets Catfished http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/21503707/ray-allen-tells-orlando-court-was-catfished

Actual Anarchy Discuss The Greatest Porn Audition Of All Time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fN3eyijZ6Ew&feature=youtu.be

Seattle Man Tricks Women Into Sex By Pretending He Was A Porn Recruiter https://jezebel.com/six-women-claim-a-seattle-man-posed-as-a-fake-female-po-1781506270

Source: Don’t Waste Your Hate Podcast – Ep. 20 – Sex Work And The Age Of Consent

FPF #128 – The Execution of Daniel Shaver

On FPF #128, I discuss the execution of Daniel Shaver by police officer Phillip Brailsford. The shooting occurred in January 2016 and Brailsford has been acquitted by a jury of all charges. A judge finally allowed the body cam footage to the public. I react to the video and give some analysis. I also explain how America’s are not holding out military and police to a high enough moral standard. 

Link to video

Source: Foreign Policy Focus – FPF #128 – The Execution of Daniel Shaver

This is your security force

It was announced this morning that Ex-Mesa, AZ police officer Philip Brailsford was acquitted of second degree murder and reckless manslaughter.

This will come to no surprise to anyone familiar with criminal justice reform, being as the thin blue line of legal protection benefits the monopoly security forces throughout America.  Police are all but trained to shoot first and ask questions later, and there is no better case than the deadly encounter which ended the life of Daniel Shaver.  Warning, this video is very graphic, but is important to observe the near execution style tactic officer Brailsford coldly employed.  

Here are the facts.  Daniel Shaver (a pest control worker) was showing off his pellet gun in his hotel room, when some busybody saw the gun through a window.  These guests told the hotel management, who called police, then the video linked above ensued.  Panicking and obviously confused, Daniel frantically attempts to obey every single command the officer screams at him while a gun is pointed at him while begging for his life.  He is told to crawl with his left ankle wrapped around his right ankle.  Daniel is wearing what looks like ill fitting gym pants and pauses at one moment to pull up his pants (as a result of the commands officers were giving him), causing the officers to shoot him in response to him reaching for his waistband.

Nowhere in the video is it apparent that Mr Shaver was armed.  Nowhere in the video is it apparent that this person is criminally insane.  The video shows a scared young man who was gunned down in cold blood.  What is apparent to me is that we have a very real problem with police violence that people have put up with for far too long.

Please consider donating to Daniels Memorial Fund, to help Daniel’s family recover from this unjust killing.

Source: Subversion – This is your security force

FPF #127 – From Their Perspective

On FPF #127, I look at current events from the perspective of people in other countries. I explain how US war games create fear among North Koreas. I describe how the US moving of the US Embassy in Israel impacts the Palestinians. I update Lebanon’s Prime Minister Hariri announcing his resending of his resignation and how the could delegitimize him in the eyes of the Lebanese people. I also detail how the current US occupation of Syria could upset the Syrian people. 


  • The US plans to spend $14.4 million to reopen a Cold War Era base in Iceland. [Link]
  • Trump is expected to announce the US embassy in Israel will move from Tel Aviv to Jerulesum. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia and the UAE announce new partnership separate from the GCC. [Link]
  • Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced he will no longer be resigning. [Link]
  • Fighting between ISIS-K and the Taliban breaks out in Afghanistan. [Link] 
  • The US has increased the number of airstrikes in Afghanistan and killing more Afghani civilians. [Link] 
  • The Pentagon says the US will remain in Syria “as long as we need to.” [Link]
  • Iona Craig details the horrors Yemeni children live under. [Link] 
  • US bombs being used on civilian targets in Yemen. [Link]
  • Honduran President Hernandez is said to be still ahead in the voting after a partial recount of the presidential election. [Link]
  • The US and South Korean air forces are holding massive war games in South Korea. NSA McMaster says war with North Korea more likely. [Link]
  • Former SDF spokesmen speaks out about SDF ties to the PKK.  [Link] 
  • Israel carried out more airstrikes on Assad allied targets near Damascus. [Link] 
  • The US missile defense system likely failed to hit Houthi converted SCUD missile fired at Saudi Arabia. [Link] 

Source: Foreign Policy Focus – FPF #127 – From Their Perspective

Ep. 19 – Swamp Drainage and Monopoly Busting Microgrid Energy Technology

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Part 3 of Jeff and Tony’s rambling session with Rob of RBV. We discuss Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation into Russian ties and campaign corruption in general, specifically as it relates to Ukranian dealings between former Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort and a company founded by Clinton leuitenant John Podesta and brother Tony.

Later, we move on to microgrid energy technologies being explored by states, municipalities, and even hospitals and residential complexes to create disaster redundancies, and the potential for such a movement to pressure the long standing government granted monopoly system entrenched around much of the US.

Recorded 11/2/17 – Show Links Below

Tucker Carlson’s story on the Manafort/Podesta investigation

Microgrid Exploration in NJ (1)

Microgrid Exploration in NJ (2)

Microgrid Exploration in NJ (3)

Microgrid Exploration in NY

Interview with Tim Jackson, EVP of Technology at Tenneco where he projects that by 2025 gasoline powered cars will have a net cleaning effect on air quality (recorded 10/21/2016)

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Source: Don’t Waste Your Hate Podcast – Ep. 19 – Swamp Drainage and Monopoly Busting Microgrid Energy Technology

FPF #126 – Hillary's Foreign Policy Blunders

On FPF #126, I discuss three states were Hillary Clinton played a large role in the direction of the country’s future while she was Secretary of State. In Honduras, Hillary Clinton gave legitimacy to a military coup and helped elected a leader against the will of the Honduran people. A recent election stoled by a president supported by Hillary Clinton lead to protests. The protesters are being suppressed by forces trained by the US. In Yemen, a one-man election organized by Hillary Clinton set off a chain of events leading to civil war and famine. Recent fighting has lead to the split of the Houthi/Salah alliance and the death of the former president of Yemen Salah. In Libya, Hillary Clinton pushed for war against the Libyan leader Gaddafi. The death of Gaddafi led to a failed state in Libya. Competing government in Liyba are weaponizing rape and salves are openly sold. 

Source: Foreign Policy Focus – FPF #126 – Hillary's Foreign Policy Blunders

Police Have No Duty to Protect You: The Truth About Warren v. District of Columbia Ep. 46

Warren v. DC is a DC Court of Appeals case that is often cited by anarcho-capitalists and voluntaryists to support the fact that police owe no duty to protect specific individuals. In this scholarly episode of the podcast, I break down the Court’s opinion into digestible chunks. In doing so, I confirm the assertion and explain the Court’s reasoning, which ultimately does underscore the need for privatized policing.

I highly recommend that the listeners download and read the opinion for themselves. Warren v. District of Columbia, 444 A.2d 1 (D.C. App. 1981).

Nothing stated in this Episode is to be construed as constituting legal advice or an offer to provide legal advice or services. I am still a law student and not an attorney.

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Source: The Liberty Weekly Podcast – Police Have No Duty to Protect You: The Truth About Warren v. District of Columbia Ep. 46

FPF #125 – Why American Foreign Policy Fails

On FPF #125, I explain the recurring failure of US foreign policy through the lens of the massacre in Bariire. In the missions that lead to the massacre, the SEALs allied themselves with former al-Shabaab fighters and used a translator know for giving false information. The SEALs failed to understand the local politics and warring tribes complicated the situation on the ground. In the end, the mission ended in a massacre, and a terror attack in October is possible blowback. These are just a few of the several reasons this mission, like all COIN operations, failed. Daily Beast Article

Source: Foreign Policy Focus – FPF #125 – Why American Foreign Policy Fails