CNN’s Ugly Behavior

By Morten Rolland

CNN scrambles to cover themselves during the 4D-chess match they can’t seem to understand:

How appropriate: fake wrestling with fake news

“His ugly behavior”!? You are the only one with an ugly behavior here, CNN! You are threatening to dox a kid for making a joke gif about a huge media company (which, btw, means you’re blackmailing him for using his freedom of speech) – a world wide giant felt intimidated by a kid on Reddit and had to shut him down? Wtf is up with that! This is absolutely insanity!

You disgust me, CNN. You are a bunch of hateful, worthless, lying assholes, and I hope you will go bankrupt as soon as possible. All CNN journalists should be without a job, effective immediately. Your days of relevance are over.

To quote Thomas Jefferson:

“I deplore the putrid state into which our newspapers have passed and the malignity, the vulgarity, and mendacious spirit of those who write for them… These ordure’s are rapidly depraving the public taste and lessening its relish for sound food. As vehicles of information and a curb on our functionaries, they have rendered themselves useless by forfeiting all title to belief.”

And by newspapers, he most certainly meant companies like yours, CNN.

How to Lose Credibility for Dummies

For the history you didn’t learn in school, check out Liberty Classroom:

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On The Federal Reserve | CNN vs. Murray Rothbard

Friend of the show, Mike Tilden (, recently saw the following on Pravda (CNN) while walking through an airport:

(h/t: Battle For Liberty

Here is the the short Pravda version of how the Fed works:

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Murray N. Rothbard on how it was formed and what it does:

A speech by Murray N. Rothbard. Presented at the Mises Institute’s 1984 “Seminar on Money and Government,” in Houston, Texas.


For the history you didn’t learn in school, check out Liberty Classroom:

Get the equivalent of a Ph.D. in libertarian thought and free-market economics online for just 24 cents a day….

You Should Not Join Politics. This is why.

If you believe that you possess a good conscience with devilish motives, then politics is a vocation meant for you because it gives you the monopoly on accessing unaccountable power for performing sadistic activities at the expense of your exchequers.

I know many people believe that “one should join politics to do ‘greater good’ for the society” but they fail to consciously understand that politics is a profession designed to degrade, dictate and debauch the liberties of all individuals except for the establishment.

Therefore, politics is a medium to organically achieve the disastrous conclusions.

It’s the power that attracts the miscreants toward politics, otherwise, why wouldn’t you become an entrepreneur, social volunteer, educator, anarchist or an agorist to serve the economic needs, anthropological desires and empathetic expectations of the people?

I am sure that you would not join the Taliban group to “change” the theme of Islamic terrorism “from within”. Similarly, what’s so magical about ‘joining politics to change politics from within’?

In this case, the only good thing about Taliban terrorists is that:

1) they do not fund the media,

2) camouflage people’s opinion,

3) fake electionery promises,

4) lobby with cronyists and

5) deliver unaccountable GDP results.

Whereas, politicians enjoy the monopoly on terrorizing the system. Continue reading “You Should Not Join Politics. This is why.”

3 Reasons Why Discussing Politics is Waste of Time

Different people possess different opinions, definitions and comprehensions about politics. Many individuals continue to [vociferously] express and discourse their stagnant views and loud perspectives about politics, respectively. They “feel good” about what they say, no matter how incoherent their statements are. They wouldn’t mind shunning others’ “political opinion” without realising that the inherent quality of any political debate is cyclically poor.

What matters to them is their own “political ego” and nothing else.

But, it isn’t my business to decide the best political opinion, statement or scientist because ‘politics is inherently a waste of time, energy, mind and wealth’.

Read the following reasons to know why, and figure them out at your discretion without feeling guilty, low and manipulated: Continue reading “3 Reasons Why Discussing Politics is Waste of Time”

Misunderstanding Anarchism

It is fashionable to misunderstand the theory, character, principles and applications of anarchism, in the age of alt-internet. Due to this, anarchism is considered as a ‘ludicrous illusion’ whereas government (the idea so mandatory that violence can civilise people without their consent) is considered to be the best gift of reality.

Misunderstanding anarchism is also an auxiliary activity of the mainstream media, public schools, bureaucrats, politicians, and the ignorant populace.

Their imagination isn’t only limited to the belief that ‘government is a magical institution’ but it also extended to the practice that everyone else should also survive within the limits of their perspectives.  If you attempt to reason or discourse with them then they will ensure that you’re ashamed and defamed.

Thus, the burden of proof is not on the anarchists to prove “why freedom is vital” but on the pro-slavery advocates to prove “why people should be forced to live in a system of organised chaos (government)”. 

Worse, some who call themselves “anarchists” don’t even know the meaning of the term. These people fall, in general, into three classes:

1) advocating that state should be abolished and then replacing the society with collectivism spirit, wherein “anarchists” should not be allowed to reap fruits from their own labor,

2) advocating that state should be abolished and then replacing the ‘welfare policies of Stalin’ with the ‘welfare policies of Mao’, and

3) advocating that the state should be abolished and then replacing the society with ‘Trump’.

Therefore, it is also necessary to save anarchism from such “anarchists”. Continue reading “Misunderstanding Anarchism”

Fake News About Sweden Gives Aid and Comfort to Socialists

By Anarcho-Viking

In lieu of the “fake news” hysteria invented by the left “liberals” after their excruciating defeat in the recent 2016 elections, let us take a close look at some actual fake news that has been circulating in social media lately. The circulating myth that I’m referring to is a short video about Sweden generating the false narrative of a government mandate, passed to enforce a compulsory transition from an eight hour work day to a six hour work day. It is difficult to decide what the most upsetting part of the video is, the fact that it’s a flat out lie, or the indisputable ignorance in regards to the laws of economics as well as the economic history in Sweden, from people displaying support for such legislation.

It’s not a huge surprise that misinformation like this gains traction in social media outlets. After all, it does give aid and comfort, even though it’s a false sense of comfort, to socialists who champion a failed ideology, which should have been thrown in the dustbin of history. The minions of Karl Marx are desperate and they will latch on to anything they can these days, and they certainly won’t let the truth or empirical evidence stand in their way.

It is very popular, to say the least, for Bernie Sanders supporters and other left wing liberals to point to Sweden as a successful case of democratic socialism, but the rationale behind this conclusion is astonishingly trivial. These people will look at a snapshot in time, namely the present economic and social conditions in Sweden, and they will not spend an ounce of energy to research the historical actions by the Swedish people, leading up to the current situation.

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If You Can’t Fake It, Downplay It

Hahahahah…. oh Yahoo.

So dumb.

Yahoo News looking at the bright side

The bad news:  All your internet-connected devices can be used to spy on you

The good news:  It’s not as bad as we thought

What are they waiting for, some woman to come up on your screen and tell you to start doing your morning exercises like in 1984?


The Media is the Little Spoon

There is nothing wrong with being the little spoon. I think everyone should enjoy being the little spoon at some point.

Life is all about balance!

What happens when you come to expect it? Or worse — when you’re forced to always be in that position?  Being unwillingly taken advantage of isn’t something anyone wants.

Creepy Guy


When it comes to the relationship between the media and the US government, the government isn’t even the big spoon. The big spoon is “access”.

The problem is we have a government that is extremely secretive giving access cards only to media outlets willing to carry water for them.

This turns news media outlets into more of a prostitute service than an actual news organization. Which is actually an insult to prostitutes, and for that I apologize.

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