Episode 148 – Spirited Away (1:13:59)

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We welcome back Olof the Anarcho Viking to discuss a movie he claims is so awesome that he’s watched it 20 times. “Spirited Away” is an award-winning visual masterpiece with a coming-of-age story fused with the Shinto religion… Asian Fusion if you will.

It’s not exactly good for young kids, but it does have some interesting and somewhat confusing things happening that might be great if you’re on an acid trip.

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Regulatory Bait & Switch: Vaping Laws Don't Aim To Fix Recent Illnesses and Deaths


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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, kids have gotten sick from the use of flavored vaping products.  This story and many like it were immediately followed by demands that the government ‘do something’ about this ‘epidemic’.  

This series of events leading to calls for government intervention are not unique.  But if we take a look at these events below the surface, we find the narrative is quite different.

These kids got sick and some even died because they used cartridges obtained from the black market.

It’s clear now that these people who were sick and in this wave of vape-related incidents were using THC cartridges in which an adulterant had been illegally added.  So the government’s response to this has been “We should move a whole lot of other vaping products into the black market”?

Where do YOU want to buy drugs from? The guy on the corner in a trench coat? Or CVS and Walmart where that product will be insured to be safe (or it’s not on their shelves)?

I want to buy all my products from companies, because if it’s wrong they make it right. I want to buy nothing from the government where there is no responsibility.

ESPECIALLY DRUGS. I’d prefer to buy them from companies where, when the slightest inference arises that they may not be safe, they are OFF the shelves. This is not applicable with the FDA.

The idea that we’re going to push into the black market (or gray market) products that prevent people who don’t want to smoke cigarettes (lung darts) is asinine.

The Michigan executive order that has latched onto this hysteria, amongst others, has made it punishable by 6 months in prison the possession of “4 or more flavored vape products”.
It’s absurd.

This is a classic Regulatory Bait and Switch. The FDA increasingly becomes outspoken and concerned about the use of youth vaping but it’s not specifically because of its ill effects. Instead, teachers and adults are inconvenienced about the ease to which students vape. It can be done and hid more easily than actual smoking due to lack of smell.

So what they have done is use the excuse of adulterated black market marijuana vapes to ban the flavored products that they believe appeal to minors. So their solution doesn’t even match up to the harm they are selling you.  They do this all of the time.

This is, in fact, a solution that they came up with previously, but didn’t have the political willpower or public outcry to pass easily.  Whip up a crisis and grease the skids for your prepackaged solution.

It’s instructive and revealing that regulators and public health officials will go after something that isn’t the problem and, once banned, will actually become a problem because it is now only sold on the black market where it isn’t regulated.

Let’s not even discuss that the FDA gave a monopoly, ahem, I mean permission, to sell new vaping devices this summer to Philip Morris…

Check out I Vape, I Vote or the LP’s Vape page to get active and tell legislator’s to get out of the crony business.


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Source: Liberty LOL – Regulatory Bait & Switch: Vaping Laws Don't Aim To Fix Recent Illnesses and Deaths

Episode 147 – The Mule (1:11:26)

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Go ahead, get off my lawn. We talk about Clint Eastwood’s latest and last motion picture, “The Mule”.

Earl Stone worked too much and neglected his family, he even missed his daughter’s wedding. The internet wiped out his business as he failed to innovate. Now, old and broke, he attempts to make amends by paying for things with his new side-job running drugs for the cartel from the American Southwest up to Chicago. Meanwhile, a new hotshot agent has to make a big splash and show results to get out of there. Perverse incentives abound.

Our guest is Rocky Ferrenburg and we will have a lively discussion on the drug war, police violence, the drug trade, choosing work over family, regret, redemption and the man with no name himself.

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Episode 146 – Straight Outta Compton (1:18:11)

We are back to discuss “Straight Outta Compton” with the Afrolibertarian. NWA unleashed a whole new genre of music, telling stories of how it is in their neighborhood and with a brash tone that called immediate attention to their daily plight. They found a large audience, even out in suburban America, to make an indelible impact that stays with us to this day.

Take away opportunity, divide the community, persecute with the drug war which takes away much of the remaining opportunity and then throw in welfare to make all of those perverse incentives kick in – and lo and behold, you destroy a community in a very specific and targeted way.

This is a sentimental journey that only scratches the surface of all the topics we wanted to discuss. Per our guest’s recommendation in our post-show bonus content, if you want a fuller picture of the story check out “The Defiant Ones” on HBO.

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Nicholas Sarwark's positions on Racism and War are Inconsistent



Nicholas Sarwark appeared on Dave Smith’s Part of the Problem podcast this week following the debate between them on Gene Epstein’s Soho Forum.  The podcast is embedded below.

The exchange begins respectfully between the two and it only really breaks down when they begin discussing what each describes as the #1 issue facing America and the Libertarian Party. 

Sarwark believes this to be “Racism” while Dave Smith believes it’s “Foreign Policy / The War State“. 

This is when things get heated.  

Sarwark argues that President Trump’s Wall on the southern border is racist because it disproportionately affects Mexicans, who have brown skin, and not Canadians who are white.  For simplicity, we’ll ignore the other implications of the southern wall for now (ie., open borders, the movement of drugs that exist in the south which isn’t a problem on the northern border).

He also notes that President Trumps “Muslim Ban“ was racist because the people in those countries are brown skinned, even if, admittedly, not all countries on the list were Muslim, nor were all Muslim countries added. 

He even claims that the death of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville during the “Unite the Right” protest is proof that racism exists and that it is more important than the death of thousands overseas.  

Dave Smith pushes back against this well moral inequivalence, but my focus is on something different.

At this point, Nick Sarwark doesn’t understand his own contradiction. Who are we at war with? The bombs that we drop, who dies when they explode?

If, very overwhelmingly, we are only killing brown people isn’t our foreign policy just as racist as the Wall?  Isn’t it just as racist as the Muslim ban?  Is our foreign policy only killing Norwegians? Or is it killing brown people in the Middle East?

Nick, if you want to stay consistent please keep beating the drum against these policies that overwhelmingly affect minorities. Your conversation regarding our failed justice system because it inordinately affects minorities is ON POINT. 

Take that point to its logical conclusion though.  Our foreign policy also disproportionately affects minorities.  And by “affect“ I mean it kills them, ruins families, eliminates entire family trees, destroys cities, introduces famine, and also just happens to executed with OUR tax money.

The episode ended well with a dual call from Nicholas Sarwark and Dave Smith for people to join the Libertarian Party.

The Libertarian Party isn’t just made up of people who talk about liberty on the Internet, quite the opposite. Libertarian party is made up of those who actually show up.

Show up. Oust Nicholas Sarwark.  Principles over Party.

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Source: Liberty LOL – Nicholas Sarwark's positions on Racism and War are Inconsistent

Episode 145 – Back to the Future (1:15:32)

Great Scott! We smash that accelerator to hit 88 MPH as we analyze “Back to the Future” with our friend, Doc Brown. No, not the Doc Brown from the movie, but the one who joined us for “The Shining” and “It” almost two long years ago. Prepare to generate 1.21 Gigawatts and get your damn hands off her.

We get into some conspiracy and predictions from the film and also talk about whether we’d be willing to go back to 1955 ourselves – and give up all the improved standard of living since then. We also talk about how even the DeLorean was a casualty of the drug war.

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Voluntaryist Origins III – Sneak Peek 3

Hello, Voluntaryist fans!

I hope you are doing well and that you’re having a well-rested labor day!

Everything is going well with production so far and I have been enjoying the pencils/inks process.

This next sneak peek is from one of the stretch goal bonus items.

Can you guess who it is?

sneak peek 3 voluntaryist origins III

(Hint: Rothbard called him the first libertarian intellectual.)

I hope you enjoy this teaser and I look forward to sharing another one as production continues.

In liberty,

-J ( :

Source: Volcomic – Voluntaryist Origins III – Sneak Peek 3

Life with a Rainbow Mafioso

My children and I were recently subjected to the strong-arm tactics of the Rainbow Mafia, which shares many characteristics with the real-world mob. LGBT tyranny is coercive, powerful, debased, domineering, and greedy, all while attempting to convince those in “the family” that it’s wholesome and loving.

Unlike the secretive and illegal underworld of organized-crime syndicates, the Rainbow Mafia isn’t in the shadows. Societal sodomizing is ruling most of our institutions, although it doesn’t necessarily demand our money first and foremost. Rather, the globohomo gangsters want our minds, bodies, and souls, and without question. That’s why I say the T in LGBT more aptly stands for “totalitarian.”

Sure, one of the reasons Hitler rose to power was his promise to smash the anarchic and perverted Marxists wreaking havoc in the Weimar Republic, but why should leftists be the only ones who can take a historical leap or use artistic license to hammer home a point? I celebrate diversity in memes.

Case in point: My 17-year-old niece “Katie” is undergoing hormone-replacement poisoning. Her voice is changing, and she’s growing patchy facial hair. Katie doesn’t want to be called by her birth name anymore, but instead wants to be addressed as “Alan,” along with all the male pronouns that are inherent in the English language for referencing a boy.

All that’s necessary for you is to ignore reality, biology, facts, your instincts, your eyeballs, the civilizing forces of time-honored norms, and linguistics which took nearly two millennia to unfold. But hey, we got a guy to do a thing. No big deal. It’s just business.

Katie’s brother and sister call her Alan, as does her mother, who is my sister and the legal guardian who has been allowing Katie to become a socially engineered guinea pig in the pursuit of “happiness.” My parents, and my other sister and her husband don’t really call Katie anything. They painstakingly parse their words, simply avoiding reference whenever she’s around.

No one ever consented, yet they’re all expected to adhere to the progressive program. I do know that my opinions and knowledge were never sought, nor are my beliefs respected now. True liberty requires nothing of other people, yet life with a mafioso demands full submission. Or else.

My mother tells me that she self-censors to avoid conflict, whereas I believe this travesty must be confronted ceaselessly, especially before Katie takes the horrifying next step to “sex-reassignment” surgery, or the final step to suicide, as do more than 40% of transsexuals.

“Assigned female at birth, Hunter Keith, 17, has felt himself to be a boy since 5th grade. Two weeks before this photo was taken, his breasts were removed.” This soon could be Katie. And don’t even get me started on phalloplasty and the butchering of a person’s forearm in order to create a fake penis, or how trans “men” see this senseless self-mutilation as a badge of courage. I dare you to do the research. Check out vaginoplasty while you’re at it. People should know what they’re supporting if accommodating this celebrated psychosis.

My sane sister and brother in-law say they self-censor because Katie’s going to have a rough time out in the real world, and they don’t want to tweak her already-fragile nature. Plus, they say, what good would it do?

They’re partially right. Katie has always been a delicate flower. But I’m not sure they’re correct about there being increased social challenges for trans. I wish it were the case because maybe then duped teens wouldn’t think LGBT was so darn cool.

Really, gender dysphoria is an extremely rare condition. Yet, our weak society has turned this mental illness into a fashionable fad with appeal-to-authority power, peer-pressure influence, and the backing of all social institutions.

For instance, Katie attends public high school, where the teachers call her Alan and she’s allowed to use the boys’ bathroom. Katie goes to the gym, where she’s allowed to use the men’s locker room. She visits to a shrink who is the one championing this ruinous “lifestyle” and has a mother who is paying for it. Katie goes about like teens do and really hasn’t faced much of a hassle because most Americans are conformists. Can’t offend. Gotta virtue-signal.

Honestly, the real world is Katie’s safe space, although one that’s not based on actuality. I think this is why she got so enraged when I wouldn’t play along with her dangerous charade. I may have been the first person Katie encountered who was not willing to bend the knee.

“Never rat on your friends, and always, always keep your mouth shut,” goes the Robert De Niro line in Goodfellas. I suppose Katie saw me as a rat who wouldn’t fall in line.

If good people don’t speak up, it’s not only enabling Katie’s downward spiral, it’s also perpetuating a cultural revolution of increased censorship, the stifling of conscience, separation from God, and heightened social and legal ramifications for those who resist the madness.

Above is a comment made to me last winter on a Christian homeschooling board when the topic of transsexuals as co-op members was being debated. I’d explained a bit of Katie’s backstory, and said that I didn’t want to normalize LGBT for our sons, nor did I want to foster Katie’s wide path.

Funny thing is, an openly trans “man” (or just a leftist troll infiltrating the group) said I was “hurtful” and suggested that if I simply didn’t make it a big deal, my kids wouldn’t even notice the elephant in the room: that their cousin with whom they used to laugh out loud with during “Sponge Bob Square Pants” is pretending to be some put-upon “boy” named Alan. Oh yeah, and she’s also taking body-and-mind-altering drugs during her early pubescent years in a vain attempt to alter nature and material reality. My kids aren’t idiots, dude.

My retort to the Evangeleftists who thought it loving and empathetic to lecture me about my lack of woke-ness.

But where’s the respect for my children? Or for my rights as a parent, a Christian, or a human being? Or for Katie as a person born beautiful and healthy in God’s image? Or for her salvation, or at the very least her psychological well being?

Katie’s trying to act like a man, yet exhibiting none of the characteristics of manliness. I know this because during my family’s recent trek to Virginia, Katie came to my parents’ house specifically to carry out a hit. She didn’t stop by for supper or hanging out. She didn’t plan on staying, as her friend had driven her over and was waiting outside in the getaway car.

Nope, Katie strolled in and immaturely brushed past me to get a Coke from the fridge. She plodded around and didn’t even speak to my sons/her cousins. I was on the back deck as she wrapped up her performance, and after telling my mom goodbye, Katie proceeded to call me (her nearly 50-year-old aunt) “Bitch” under her breath and then scurried back inside. This, folks, is the definition of pride in 2019.

Livid at her arrogant rudeness, I immediately confronted her in the house, saying “Call me a bitch to my face.” She did, then rolled her eyes like a typical spoiled teenage girl and dashed away. Seriously, a real man would have the balls to deal with his adversaries eye to eye, but Katie doesn’t have balls, figuratively or literally. Also, a real man wouldn’t call a woman a bitch. (Can “Alan” even be a sexist if “he” still has female plumbing? Ah, the philosophical fun of clown world.)

Katie had also better thank her lucky stars that my husband wasn’t there. Being the protector of his family, my burly, red-bearded Scotch-English Texan of a husband would have clocked her square in the jaw. I bet Katie would have cried like a girl. And you know damn well my husband would have gotten in trouble for hitting a girl, but since he believes in St. John Chrysostom’s teaching to “Love your wife more than you love your own life,” he would have without a doubt defended my honor.

I can hear the globohomo godfathers now, decrying such “injustices,” even though this lunacy is all a direct result of the dystopian world they themselves created and have foisted upon an unwilling, but feeble populace. Yet somehow, I’m the bigot and the hater.

The hubris is too much to bear. Real young men like my sons have had boyhood experiences that Katie will never understand. My sons will deal with challenges, contention, and strife during puberty and in manhood that Katie will never have to face.

My sons will have to register for selective service when they’re 18. Katie won’t. My boys will not receive any affirmative action ever in any sphere of society. Katie will. My boys will be called misogynists for being masculine in our feminized culture and tagged as toxic for being true to their nature, while Katie will be deified by the masses.

As strong men, my sons will do whatever it takes to provide for their families. Will Katie? Will she even have a family? How can she support anyone when she’s a girl playing adult man who can’t even take care of herself? Who takes care of the victim when you’re surrounded by a “community” of other caterwauling victims?

Will this perpetual child even be able to have children? If so, how will she rear her sons and daughters? Am I the only one thinking about these important questions? I’ve been told that I’m overreacting, but personally, I think most everyone is under-reacting to the Rainbow Mafia’s reign.

It’s not only the media, all levels of government, and corporations feeding us the pro-LGBT narrative, it’s also many everyday Americans, including Christians.

I find it odd that the same mafiosos who claim gender is a social construct are also the same ones imposing gender stereotypes on Katie. Why can’t she just be a girl who’s not ultra-feminine? I was a tomboy growing up. Should my parents have put me on experimental hormones because some witch doctor convinced them it would bring me personal fulfillment? Of course not. Some little girls just like to climb trees, walk fences, and prefer Star Wars action figures to Barbies. So what?

I also wasn’t allowed to follow Lizzie the Lezzy on social media when I was 10, as did Katie. My parents would’ve never participated in my sexualization. Difference is, I wasn’t raised in an age when LGBT grooming is the new normal. Katie was.

I had a fallout with my sister back when I told her I thought she should more carefully monitor her daughter’s Internet consumption. She quipped that Lizzie was fine for her impressionable sheep of a daughter, and then Katie proceeded to unfriend me. Bold. Yet, everyone was shocked, shocked I tell you, when Katie became a lesbian a few years later. Yeah, no shit.

It’s as if life just happens to my sister and Katie, and they have no free will, no autonomy, no reason, no inner dialog. Seems they’re always acted upon, never the actors in their own destiny, so they desperately choose oppression over liberty time and time again. It’s a type of Stockholm Syndrome from which many post-moderns suffer.

Like the real mafia, the Rainbow Mafia is also hierarchical, and my sister’s in “the family” as an ally, attending “Free Mom Hugs” LGBT events, telling people she has “two sons and a daughter,” and obviously paying for the hormone “therapy,” which is meted out by the crew capo: the psychiatrist, who actually is getting rich. The unquestioning compliance and obedience of it all is mind-blowing.

For instance, Katie was allowed to date a college student when she was only 14. This “girlfriend” was fawned over because she was polite, smart, and a “good influence” on Katie. Uh, no. This chick was a pedophile, but when it’s girl-on-girl, it’s somehow cute and cuddly. In fact, this chick was one of the first people I ever heard calling Katie “Alan” and “he/him.” Grooming grows the ranks.

“Truly loving a person does not necessarily involve supporting them in all their decisions or never challenging them to change their mind,” explains Father Lawrence Farley. “As those who answer suicide hotlines know only too well, sometimes it involves trying to talk them out of their desires and decisions and pointing them in a better direction.”

“How dare you pass judgment” and “leave my child alone” were two of the emotional pronouncements my sister sent me in a text after the showdown. Interesting how the mere existence of an opposing view is “judgment” and how I was somehow the aggressor for simply standing there not kowtowing. I responded with a pretty heated voicemail, and then cooled down and sent her a more composed text, asking her to call me so that we could talk. So far, no dialog has taken place.

I pray my sister reaches out. I pray she sees I’m coming from a place of love and concern for both her child and my sons. I pray she realizes that her daughter is trapped in a prison of sin. I pray they escape the clutches of the cruel Rainbow Mafia and run toward freedom. I pray they seek the deliverance and healing we all need from the Physician of our souls, Christ Jesus, and that they cease the destruction of Katie’s body, which is a dwelling place of God.

But if no one’s allowed to dissent, speak their minds, share facts, or is even willing to tell Katie “No!” how will they ever even hear the truth? I pray the Lord softens the hearts of the mafiosos and all in “the family.”

Source: Dissident Mama – Life with a Rainbow Mafioso

Episode 144 – The Warriors (1:14:42)

We’re hitting up “The Warriors” this time around with one of our favourite returning guests, Mike C.

The armies of the night number 100,000; they outnumber the police 5 to 1; and tonight they’re after the Warriors. Gang members blamed for the murder of a charismatic street leader are forced to fight their way back to their turf. We also talk about how the Cops are the biggest gang of them all.

Mike C. made a concept album called “Boys’ll Be Boys” using some clips from “The Warriors” film in tracks 3 and 4, you can check it out on SoundCloud:

The album also features clips from The Lord of the Rings, Any Given Sunday, Soldier, Independence Day, various video games, radio clips about the Jussie Smollett hate-crime-hoax, a former KGB agent discussing subversion of American culture, and even snippets of recently-passed, Ross Perot’s 1992 presidential bid presentations and more…


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