The lionhearted preacher

Today, we Orthodox Christians remember the beheading of St. John the Forerunner. It is one of the six feast days for the devout man known also as John the Baptist, who was an ascetic, the cousin of Jesus, first preacher of the Kingdom of Heaven manifested by the appearance of Christ on the earth, the last of the Old Testament prophets, foreteller of the divine calling of the Gentiles, and universal apostle and first martyr of the New Testament.

One of my 10-year-old sons wrote a paper on John the Baptist last spring, so I thought I’d share it with you all on this commemorative day. He does an outstanding job of illustrating John’s outspokenness for truth, both in life – such as his warning tax collectors and soldiers against the evils of extortion and plunder – and in death, when tradition says that John even descended into Hell, still preaching that the Messiah was coming and that all people had better prepare for the Kingdom of God through repentance and the rejection of selfishness.

It was obvious that John was on fire for the Lord. Jesus even described him as a “burning and a shining light.” Man, could we use a few more devout men like John today – fervent warriors for Christ, who emanate the love of God through word and deed, and hold the corrupt authorities’ feet to the fire. All good peoples should rejoice in honoring this “Angel of the Desert.”

I bid you a blessed day with this Orthodox prayer:

“Saint John, prophet and martyr, Thou who wast a blessing unto the righteous Elizabeth and a friend of Christ the Lord, teach us to repent that we may also be a blessing unto others and that we may prepare a straight path from this sinful world to the Kingdom of Heaven. Correct us if we stray from truth, deliver us if we fall into passions, and purify us if we love not our neighbor as Christ hath loved us. Baptist John, let us bring forth fruits worthy of repentance – fruits from the barren deserts and fruits from the dark forests which are transfigured only by reconciliation in Christ our God. We thank thee, O voice in the wilderness, for proclaiming the message of salvation unto all people. Amen.”

St. John the Forerunner baptizes Jesus.

The Lionhearted Preacher”

Like a lion, John the Baptist roared the truth. In solitude, he lived wildly out in the desert. He was different. People thought he was strange. But he didn’t care. John was set apart in birth and in life. Valiantly, he protested important rulers who mistreated God. Since he was so determined in his mission, this would soon get him killed. Paving the way for the Lord, John the Baptist is one the Bible’s most prestigious heroes and should instill pride in all Christians.

John was a contemporary of Jesus, and he came to be known as John the Forerunner. John the Baptist was miraculously born to Elizabeth and Zechariah when they were both over 80 years of age. The archangel Gabriel surprisingly appeared to them and declared that they would bear a child who would be God’s messenger and they shall name him “John.” When Mary the mother of Jesus visited Elizabeth, John leapt in her womb. John’s parents both worked in the temple, so that meant he could’ve been a priest and led a comfortable life. Instead, he decided to go out in the desert because God had a special plan for him: to prepare the world for Christ and preach that God’s Kingdom would soon come.

John was a radical for God. He ate locusts. He devoured wild honey. He wore camel’s hair. Having been prophesied, he dressed and talked like Elijah. Throughout all of Judea, people came to him for advice and to be baptized. Courageously, John shouted to the sinister Pharisees and Sadducees:

“You are snakes! … You must do the things that show that you have really changed your hearts and minds. And don’t think that you can say to yourselves, ‘Abraham is our father.’ I tell you that God can make children for Abraham from these rocks. The ax is now ready to cut down the trees. Every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown in the fire.”

John, the miracle-born child, would soon become one of the most outspoken saints to walk the earth. “This is a voice of a man who calls out in the desert. Prepare the way for the Lord,” remarked the grand prophet Isaiah about John the Baptist. Amazingly, many prophets foretold about John, who was uncompromising and gallant. In the Old Testament, Malachi was one of the several who prophesied about John, while Elijah preached his same message: that all men should repent of their sins.

John started his ministry in 30 A.D. Jesus came to be baptized. John thought himself unworthy. Jesus insisted, so John agreed. When John humbly baptized Jesus, Heaven opened and God’s spirit came out in the form of a dove. A voice came from Heaven that proclaimed, “This is my Son and I love Him. I am very pleased with Him.” Jesus called John “the greatest of men.” John was divinely picked to be the one who would baptize the Son of God.

John the Baptist is an noble example for all Christians today. At the time of John’s ministry, Herod was the ruler over Galilee. Herod liked John. His evil wife Herodias didn’t. Breaking Jewish law was common for the couple, so John called them out, which enraged Herodias. Sadly, Herod promised her anything she wanted, so she demanded John’s head on a plate. John was bold and brave, preached the Good News, and dared to challenge sin. And for that, he was executed.

John invented baptism and Christians still do it today as a ritual. Isaiah explained that John would make straight the way for the Lord. Since John exemplified what it means to have both strength and humility, modern Christians should honorably revere him.

John, who was a herald for Jesus, deftly challenged corruption and chided sin. Like a soldier, John battled the enemies of God. During his mission, John explicitly influenced ancient people. He should be exalted by all Christians because of his resolute faith. Preaching that the Savior is coming, John got people ready for Jesus. Adroitly, he spread the message of separating “the good grain from the chaff.” If you get baptized and repent for your sins, you can have salvation. Truly, John was a lionhearted preacher.

Source: Dissident Mama – The lionhearted preacher

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No just peace

There is no just peace in our post-modern war. As discussed in my blog Societal sodomizing, ceding any ground through goodwill measures only results in dangerous nihilist conquest. Politely tolerating private hedonism among consenting adults was never good enough.

So now, the differences between the sides – traditionalists vs. the rainbow mafia – are too stark to ignore. People’s worldviews are just too diametrically opposed. The queer combatants’ quest for victory at all costs is too drastic and deadly. There is no turning back.

They’ve taken the hill. They’ve taken the whole damn countryside and those with systemic power do their bidding. Their weaponized coercion is the lubricant necessary for our tacit or willing submission.

They want the heavy hand of the law, corporate media, and big business to browbeat people into doing what they wouldn’t voluntarily do. And by couching their banal arguments in the language of liberty, it makes folks reminiscent of the West’s past glories of “righting wrongs” and “correcting the errors of history.”

“As an African-American in the United States, I am painfully aware of the history of what happens when people are treated differently under the law,” Barack Obama said in 2015 when promoting “gay rights” to Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta.

Ah, “pride” month – the ultimate in virtue signaling, the degradation of virtue, and globohomo arm-twisting.

This is how well-meaning people are duped into social-engineering schemes time and time again, and then subsequently lose freedom of association and freedom of conscience. One day you wake up, and you’re living in a woke nightmare in which even “conservatives” are chirping how LGBT “progress” must be “reflective of the law of the land as it has been declared by the Supreme Court.”

Case in point: Comparing gay marriage to interracial marriage was part of the altruistic lure for many a red-blooded America who prides himself on fairness and rule of law. This is how the neocon think-tanks made the argument against biblical marriage back in the day and on allegedly Constitutional grounds.

The great free-market economist F.A. Hayek once said, “Private practice among adults, however abhorrent it may be to the majority, is not a proper subject for coercive action for a state whose object is to minimize coercion.”

But what’s happening today is not private, and it’s not limited to adults. It’s foisted into the public square, and even into aspects of the private sphere, specifically via intimidation and maximized coercion.

This why LGBT activists use civil-rights-era language like “pride,” sex-“segregated,” “access,” “fundamental rights,” “democratic values,” and “equality” when arguing that males should be able to use bathrooms meant for females, for example. It’s about “protecting” trans people from those mean ol’ homophobes. It’s about “preserving a peaceful and free social order,” says National Review columnist J.J. McCullough.

Globohomo does not promote my family’s freedom nor my children’s peace, nor is calling me “boorish and petty” tolerant of my beliefs and and a “bigot” respectful of my human dignity. Interestingly, this neocon’s “part two” consists of advising progressives to “sacrifice.” But why should anarcho-tyrants “halt in the use of state authority to impose accommodation of transgenderism” when they’re winning.

“A politics that rejects Christian Truth must acknowledge ‘the people’ as sovereign and understand authority as proceeding from below upwards, in a formally ‘egalitarian’ society,” wrote Father Serpahim Rose. “It is clear that one is the perfect inversion of the other; for they’re opposed in the conceptions both of the source and of the end of government.”

Democracy is “Nihilist rule,” he continued, whereas traditional Christian culture is “directed, ultimately, to the other world … with the teaching of Christian Truth and the salvation of souls as its profoundest purpose.” Thus, we can worship the cult of self and suffer the very real consequences (both here and eternally), or we can worship God.

Just what are the progressive mob’s terms of surrender? Well, to achieve the ultimate destruction of faith and family, we must relinquish our children, of course. That’s what it’s always been about.

Just look at a current prime example of societal sodomizing: Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv, a dude who claims to be a lesbian and seeks to hang out with young topless girls and in his spare time watch them change their pads and tampons.

Yaniv came into media prominence a while back after he filed 16 complaints with British Columbia’s “Human Rights Tribunal.” (Yep, that’s an actual Orwellian organ of the state for our friends to the north.)

In short, Yaniv wants his private parts waxed by female beauticians who rightfully refused him service. In the most recent case, Marcia Da Silva closed her home-based aesthetician business after being sued by Yaniv.

She testified to the tribunal that she has “no problem with LGBT,” but simply didn’t want to provide the intimate service on someone with male genitalia. Apparently, Da Silva and most normal people really do have a problem with globohomo coercion because it attempts to make everyone complicit in the grand lie – that night is day, wrong is right, boys are girls, and everything is about choice. Your perception is reality, as they say.

The irony is that women like Da Silva and feminist Julia Beck are shocked when there are predators within an ideology based upon breaking down gender and familial norms, biologic fact, and time-honored tradition. This is not men’s fault, ladies. The blame lay with anyone condoning any part of this nihilism.

When traditional Christian males are castigated as haters and homophobes, what did you expect? That the remaining men would be gentlemen? If you wanna tear down Robert E. Lee, you will build up Yaniv. If you wanna purge society, toxic masculinity, and gender roles, aberrant behavior will result. Deny truth, and this is what you get.

If you wanna bully those unwilling to bake the cake, host the gay wedding, or celebrate drag kids, you must then wax the balls, my dears. There can be no female-only spaces because gender is a social construct, remember? It’s all about “being true to yourself,” so predators like Yaniv are simply taking that selfishness to its logical conclusion.

“‘Democracy‘ is one of the sacraments of modernity … (and) Modernity is an efficient war machine,” explains Father Stephen Freeman. He is correct, yet he quotes Sherman’s “War is hell” to elucidate his point. Yet, it’s from the Jacobin Yankees that American “democracy” was born. Sherman was a puritanical progressive, just as are today’s rainbow mafia. They use the same language (equality, unity, reform) and the same tactics (invasion, brute force, reconstruction).

Without the patriarchy, there are no white knights to save you, grrrrls. Y’all can’t expect chivalry and honor when a mob you helped create is tearing it down.

The archetype is the low-hanging fruit in this war, just as are Confederate symbols in the ongoing destruction of history its unfolding cultural genocide. This is precisely why “Yaniv compared the denial of service to neo-Nazism.” Because he’s leveraging the boogeyman. And it works. It’s how a white (or possibly Jewish) man can shut down a brown-skinned immigrant’s business.

It’s reported that LGBT “acceptance rates” have fallen as of late. I see no evidence of this, but still, the activists conclusions are telling. It doesn’t dawn on them that people are sick of being barraged with gay imagery or lectured to about “pride” and “empathy.”

Rather, they say this supposed decrease in support is due to our “toxic age,” “divisive rhetoric,” and the “rise in hate and discrimination.” It could never in a thousand years be the fault of the nihilists, you see.

Flashback to the Cato Institute‘s argument for “marriage equality.” Cato calls itself a pro-liberty think-tank. Yet, they kick off this video of “experts” pushing for a centralized, one-size-fits-all federal law, and with John freakin’ Podesta no less … or should I say, Pedo-esta.

Remember him? Podesta was the chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, and is a high-level Washington insider with connections to former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, and the left-wing Center for American Progress and Georgetown University Law Center.

Andrew Breitbart tweeted in 2011, “How prog-guru John Podesta isn’t a household name as a world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me.” Breitbart’s contempt for the perverted power player was evident when he declared in a reporter’s mic, “Fuck you, John Podesta. What’s in your closet, John Podesta?”

Breitbart was eluding to not only Podesta’s far-reaching Deep State tentacles, but also his ties to pedophilia. In fact, it was Podesta’s emails that led to Pizzagate.

If you’re not familiar with Pizzagate, the gist is that alternative media began connecting the pedophilia dots which run amok in the highest levels of government and beyond. The corporate press dutifully dubbed it a “conspiracy theory” and the Wikileaks-released emails as the work of Russian hackers.

But this real-life glimpse into the seedy underbelly of the elite power structure is one of the reasons why the West hates Julian Assange and why journalist Ben Swann got canned from his job at CBS.

I don’t want to go too far down the Pizzagate rabbit hole. Dive down at your own risk. I have. It’s horrifying but necessary research, in my opinion. Or it could be “insane, with zero basis in reality,” as Rolling Stone genuflected in 2018. You decide.

But what used to be written off as just the desperate anti-statist musings of deplorable basement-dwellers is now seeming a little more plausible due to the revelations coming to light regarding pederast sex-trafficker Jeffery Epstein, who was found dead in his jail cell this morning. Official reports are that he hanged himself. Yeah, right.

Is it really so impossible that the man who knew so many of the oligarch’s sick secrets didn’t off himself, but that he was killed in order to keep safe the pedophiles in power? Is it really so unthinkable that the same people who push globohomo as “rights” and “love” may have an agenda that’s both political and personal?

I’m not “fanning the flames of far-right pedophilia panic,” as described by Vice’s Allie Conti in 2018 when she interviewed a professor who studies “extremism” and “how white men radicalize on the internet.” In an attempt to convince readers of the illegitimacy of Pizzagate, while also still discussing Epstein’s first round of sexual crimes, the two predictably use the word “conspiracy” nearly 30 times as they try to distract with the boogeyman narrative.

What is known for sure is that children are being groomed for sexual deviance every day, everywhere, and by nearly everyone. This is how homosexuals breed: by normalizing nihilism, they grow their ranks. And it’s happening right in front of our eyes.

Let’s “not get too freaked out” that preschool and elementary-age kids are putting each other’s private parts in their mouths. It’s “a normal part of development,” says Jezebel’s Laura Beck, so stop having such a “sex-negative attitude,” prude.

At the top of this post is a photo of Avery Jackson, who was only 9 years old when he appeared on the cover of National Geographic’s “Gender Revolution” issue in 2016. Apparently, Avery lived as a boy until 2012, but now he’s “all girl.”

Look what popped up as a preferred ad during my pedophilia research. Wow, that looks like a wholesome vacation destination for my husband, me, and our three sons.

I hang out with a lot of kids Avery’s age, and I don’t know any girls who enjoy parkour, coding, and playing video games, especially ones like Minecraft and Roblox. He pretty much just seems like your typical adolescent boy, other than the pink hair, the trans activism, and the obviously adult-controlled marketing.

I don’t know any children who have their own website and have allegedly written a book which sells for $17.95 and is featured on the American Library Association’s “Rainbow Book List.” Really, this’d all be so silly, if it weren’t so diabolically serious.

Pedophilia is most certainly at the bottom of this slippery sodomizing slope down which we’ve all been shoved. But the nihilists were right about one thing: it is indeed about protecting the children.

The war is here whether we like it or not, and our sons and daughters are on the front lines in this conflict. The question then becomes will we stand together? Will you stand for other resistors? Will you take the risk? I pray you will.

There is no just peace in this struggle. So unless you’re willing to hand over your children to the enemy, you’d well better start fighting with the Sword of Truth. Democracy be damned.

Stay tuned for my next blog, in which I’ll dig into a little history of the roots of the gay “rights” movement.

Source: Dissident Mama – No just peace


Daily Wire columnist Matt Walsh wrote that “we have become a country filled with numb, detached, and desensitized people. Mass shootings are the ultimate manifestation of that detachment.”

“These are empty, numb, detached people slaughtering their fellow humans because they are bored and frustrated with their meaningless lives,” he continued. But if it’s “detachment and desensitization causing these attacks, the next question is, what causes the detachment and desensitization?”

Walsh goes on to name the internet, social media, cable news, feminism, video games, psychiatric drugs, atheism, and broken homes as some of the underlying reasons for the “cultural emptiness” and the violence it inspires. He calls them “culprits,” but he’s putting the horse before the cart. America’s “cultural emptiness” is the cause, not the effect.

America is meaningless. She is a false god – a mythos that is steeped in totalitarian leftist ideology, and coercively implements the untenable and dangerous dogma of cultural Marxism on the masses, and then has the gall to call it “society.” It’s no wonder she’s falling apart at the seems. Walsh aptly captured this sentiment back in 2015 when he blogged that “No, America is not a great nation.”

“Eradicate” is a pretty genocidal word. But so it goes when anti-whiteness has become one of America’s most fashionable and influential identities.

“Judge America by any measure – moral, political, economic, social, cultural – and none of it points to greatness,” Walsh wrote. “Not by a long shot. Not even close. Not anymore. Progressivism dominates all of these spheres, and with its rise our greatness diminishes.”

“Not anymore.” Hmm, that certainly implies that something must have changed. Well, let’s look at the much-bandied-about word “nation.” Biblically, a nation isn’t a political entity, but rather one based upon people groups with a shared religion and history, time-honored norms, and familial ties. And nationhood even up until about the mid-19th century was still shaped by commonalities, like language, culture, faith, and ancestry, and was always defined within borders – some geographic, some political.

Before the “Civil War,” the conglomerate of peoples which comprised America each had its own distinct regional culture. Different brands of Christianity. Different customs. Different roots. Most people considered their state or even their local community their “country.” But that all changed in 1861 for these United States.

“We must honor the sacred memory of those we have lost by acting as ONE PEOPLE. Open wounds cannot heal if we are divided. We must seek real, bipartisan solutions that will truly make America safer and better for all.”

— Donald J. Trump

“We” became a nation-state forged in oneness, indivisibility, and equality by force of war. And though centralization has diligently goose-stepped along its long, steady “forward” march over the year, people are still tribal by nature.

So America began to create new identities, but not through shared tangibles, but instead through empty ideas like pluralism, materialism, and egalitarianism, and fictional communities like multiculturalism, LGBT, and Apple vs. Android. In other words, nothing remotely similar to what traditionally and historically made a nation.

It’s so Orwellian, that the cultural Marxists had to make up a new word to comprise all these new, shiny identities: intersectionalism. It’s all the rage.

Gone are the real ties that bind. Gone is the passing down of history and respect for forefathers. Gone are the bedrock institutions like the nuclear family and Christianity. Gone is any culture in the truest sense of the word. We are atomized radical individualists drowning in “humanitarian” warfarism and cold globalism. Be patriotic, citizen, and just remember that it’s “In GDP we trust.”

“The strength or weakness of a society depends more on the level of its spiritual life than on its level of industrialization.”

— Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

All that remains is consumerist demographics. No wonder Americans are experiencing a crisis in identity, although it is particularly pointed for young white men, for they are the single demo which isn’t allowed to forge bonds with any other tribesmen. Male-only spaces are already on the endangered species list, especially if you’re a non-leftist. I mean, only a misogynist wouldn’t want to not have enlightened females around to harangue them, right?

And God forbid they want to hang out with (gasp!) … other white people who may be fellow Christians or Southerners or share some other connection or like-mindedness. Don’t they know that kind of identitarianism is meant for everyone but them? Can’t they just be good boys and fall in line with feminism, anti-racism, transgenderism, and woke capitalism like the America cultists want them to do?

Nothing like a little “national unity” after some mass shootings. And still some people claim I’m overreacting when I say gulags are on the horizon for people who believe in real identity forged by faith, family, and a common history. Yep, they’re worse than ISIS, say the “experts.”

Progressives have made it near to impossible for normal young white men to gather in the public sphere, much less have open and honest conversations in private spaces like church, work, and even family gatherings. So is it any wonder that they vent and bond with one another on social media? And the whole point of video games is to escape reality and feel as if you have some semblance of control, so it really surprising that gaming is an alluring activity for those who’ve been marginalized? When you’ve been cast to the shadows, you may as well make the most of it.

After all, post-modern America has derided and smashed the things with which they most identify (masculinity, provider instincts, roots) and most need (respect, stability, faith). There would be no “gamification” or “internetification” of terror, if not for Archetype Derangement Syndrome. It’s a hateful hoax of most epic proportions.

Yet now, even typically-common-sense Walsh has gotten on the #WhiteSupremacistTerrorism bandwagon, along with typical neocon hustlers like David French, Ben Shapiro, Jack Posobiec, and Ivanka (Trump) Kushner.

“We” absolutely would do this if he was a Muslim or Antifa. That is precisely the problem. Just look at the Dayton shooter, Connor Betts. He was an Antifa socialist and a satanist (is there really any difference?) but all the collective hand-wringing is focused on El Paso, especially the “Mexican nationals” who were killed.

Here’s what I consider to be a fair retort to Walsh’s above tweet:

And then here’s a typical American reply to Lee Jackson:

This exchange reminds me of that interview CNN’s Fareed Zakaria did with American Renaissance editor Jared Taylor last month, when his first question was “What is white?” before proceeding to spend an hour condescendingly claiming that it’s difficult to tell whether or not someone is white and then following up by discussing shrinking white demographics. Huh? Plus, the segment is entitled, “State of Hate: The Explosion of White Supremacy,” which further erodes Zakaria’s illogical “colorblind” fiction.

Hey, Gary and Fareed. If we lived in a society based upon meritocracy, and NOT affirmative action, racial and gender quotas, HUD scams, social engineering in public schools, globohomo corporatism, victim-obsessed media, critical-theory brainwashing in universities, welfarism, BLM worship, racial “reconciliation” in churches, special rights for “aggrieved minorities,” the razing of real history, and censorship, maybe ol’ Lee Jackson wouldn’t be so defensive about being white.

But instead, white people who are not guilt-ridden about being white, liking it, and loving their white kids somehow “speaks volumes.” Stunning and brave there, Gary. Only in America.

Truly, we are immersed in a society of identity politics. Any person who denies that is a either fool or a fraud. It’s not true identity, of course. It’s purely political. But for some odd reason, it’s only white identity politics that’s the “real problem.”

When Trump tweeted, “Republicans and Democrats must come together and get strong background checks, perhaps marrying this legislation with desperately needed immigration reform,” charlatan Ben Shapiro quipped, “What the hell does any of this have to do with immigration reform?”

Uh, everything, Benny. The 1965 Immigration Act was one of the final steps in killing the foundations of America’s once-authentic identity and natural settlement patterns, and replacing it with government-designed multicultural madness. Who da thunk that manufactured demographic changes would be the death knell of an already dying culture? Shocker! Or that this political calculation would result in increased social division, the proliferation of debt bondage for producers, and the infringement of freedoms for resistors? But hey, tacos trump hate.

The very same people who created and benefit from our identity-less-ness now get to define what is a “hate crime” and then kill you speedily for it. I guess this makes the multiple life sentences given to James Fields seem like a walk in the park. God bless America, my home, sweet home. I wish.

Abundant ethnic food or dollar stores in every strip center along every generic street in every once-unique Southern town cannot make up for the loss in commonality and customs once shared by citizens in their various regional homes. Invasion, reconstruction, and political tribalism (for all but the ones who still happen to be the majority in this country) has a way of putting the kibbutz on high-trust community and knowing your place in it.

It is the centralized state which over-medicates with prescription drugs through its sick care system, miseducates our youth in the poison of secular-humanism, promotes the globohomo agenda, and undergirds the rampant dysfunction of single motherhood. Let’s take a closer look at just one of these numbing cultural ailments.

An article from 2018 claimed that nearly all of the deadliest mass shooters have been fatherless. Now, the author may use a broad definition of “fatherlessness” (not being raised by a bio dad in the same home or simply having an “absent father”), but the larger point is that broken families play a role in the frustration and detachment felt by young men, who need fathers and strong male role models to help them mature into strong, healthy adults. No wonder suicide and drug abuse is on the rise among our youth.

Now, couple that with white boys being told every part of their identity is evil (their skin color is racist, their ancestry is white supremacist, and their gender is toxic), AND that there’s no mention of God in many young men’s lives and upbringing, of course hopelessness and disconnection are bound to result. And even when dads are present, they are often kowtowed by their feminist wives or penalized by the children’s mothers in anti-male family courts.

Interestingly, it is the very nation-state which has made possible and profits off of this societal degradation which now wants to take my guns. The very progressive system which initiated this general malaise now wants to tag indentity-less-ness and skepticism of our governmental overlords as a mental disorder. Funny how that works.

Apparently diversity is our strength when it comes to the truth about “mass shooters.” Shhhh, don’t tell the neocons, the corporate media, the lying politicians, and unhinged Antifa that I’m challenging the narrative, or they may “red flag” me. If the feds can’t pull off disarming normal folks, leftist governors and attorneys general will have their back.

When a “news” outlet asks members of North Carolina’s congressional delegation “Do you believe white nationalism is driving more mass shootings recently? Should hate-filled websites [meaning alt-right sites, of course] be policed?” you know I’m not being hyperbolic. This is deadly serious stuff, y’all.

And it’s not only selective outrage over which gun violence gets covered and which remains endlessly in the news cycle, but it is the the hyper-hysteria over guns themselves. Forget the fact that gun violence has gone down and that mass shootings are exceedingly rare. Even some leftists get that.

But forget the real cause of our cultural emptiness. Forget the facts. Forget the real damage being perpetrated on real people. Forget that to be a modern American, you must be a deracinated cog in the machine of the nation-state.

But who cares? We’ve got immediacy and lots of stuff, like cell phones where we can virtue-signal to strangers about how woke, anti-racist, and empathetic we are, giving us that much-needed sense of belonging which we humans all crave. That should numb us to our identity-less-ness at least for a while, or at least until the next “national” tragedy.

Source: Dissident Mama – Identity-less-ness

Episode 140 – Star Trek: TNG – S3E16 The Offspring (56:04)

We venture back to the neutral zone and boldly go where no man has before to discuss another episode of Star Trek: the Next Generation with Pat MacFarlane of Liberty Weekly.   This is our continuing mission to cover a few key episodes of this thought-provoking series for this summer.

Picking up decades after Gene Roddenberry’s original Star Trek series, The Next Generation follows the intergalactic adventures of Capt. Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) and his loyal crew aboard the all-new USS Enterprise NCC-1701D, as they explore new worlds.

Hoping to further his creator’s work and perpetuate his species, Data creates an android named Lal, who identifies as female.

Is she a creation or an offspring? Do the rights afforded the father extend to his creation? There are some administrative fireworks between Picard and Admiral Haftel that are unfortunately defused by the plot convenience of Lal’s cascade failure, but this is still a fun episode that explores the concepts and situations around parenting, social interactions, and education.

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The Emergence of Sanatana Marxism

With the advent of Modinomics, there is a considerable decline in the process of intellectualisation in the economic sphere. It may be a new norm of new India. The production of arguments, generally led by a coterie of statists, is usually drenched with the hopeless spirit of incoherent reasoning, confirmation bias and straw man fallacies. Murray Rothbard has a quote for these imbeciles, “It is no crime to be ignorant of economics, which is, after all, a specialized discipline and one that most people consider to be a ‘dismal science.’ But it is totally irresponsible to have a loud and vociferous opinion on economic subjects while remaining in this state of ignorance.

I do not contrite to use the term ‘imbeciles’ for this privileged tribe, who happen to confuse their own ‘feelings with thinking’, ‘economics with sociology’ and ‘statistics with history’, and nevertheless ‘sanatana dharma’ with ‘sanatana marxism’. This tribe is into the vocation of policy making, cow vigilantism, trolling, chanting, cacophonous journalism, and nonetheless politics. One may spot them individually but one can verily identify their nescience, in public sphere. They were ‘coherently’ critical in their analysis of socialism, marxism, hinduphobia, leftism, liberalism, nehruvianism, fabian economics and ‘license raj’ epoch, but [unfortunately] the cards got painted in the same colour that they used to condemn it once. This is to say that, saffron is the new red.

Some even dare to proffer credit to Modinomics for doing something ‘new’, but little do they know that their socialistic ‘grandmaster’ simply renamed the title of public policies (19, out of 22) after coming to power in 2014. The theme of UPA govt. or the Congress govt. always leaned towards the left spectrum. What India is witnessing today is political right-ism and economical left-ism at the same time, which is a perilous combination than carbon monoxide. This tribe, loving saffron colour, are nothing but cowmunists (not communists), who are simply and obediently OK with their grandmaster’s take on orwellian ‘Aadhar’ card, increasing taxation, ‘nationalization’ of cash holdings (aka demonetisation), general slavery tax (GST), taxes on profits (success) and cashback, beef ban (India being the 2nd largest exporter of beef, even today), illegalization of cryptocurrencies and the symmetrical regulation of right-to-information.

Ceteris Paribus (other things being equal), Modinomics came to power with a sweet promise “minimum government, maximum governance” but it turned out to be the case of “maximum government, minimum governance”. In my article on The Quint, I ratiocinated this case with facts. The government was supposed to leave people and market ‘free’. That’s the sanatana dharma.

But, bloggers like Arun Jaitley, and Piyush Goyal, and the most hon’ble cowmunist Nirmala Sitharaman seems to keep Indian economy upside-down. If Chanakya were alive today, he would die from brain hemorrhage by looking at the art of tax collection, GDP calculation and bailout structures.

The era of vedic India (Bhaarat) actually civilized the economic societies within India. It was mainly due to the then existence of ‘janpada’ system (decentralization of power and economic activities), which caused prosperity and collective growth. The year 2014 was assumed as 1947 part-II, begetting independence to India again, but the travesty of Modinomical civilization is poorly reflected on India’s ranking on the indexes of capital formation, job creation, obtaining construction permit, speedy trials, property rights, black wealth creation, start ups, etc.

The results speak louder than speeches, thus making India a nation of sanatana marxism (in short, socialism + cow). The rising debt, fiscal fascism, collectivism thought and rampant monetary apoplithorismosphobia are ‘ravana’ enough to grill the ‘ram rajya’ honeymoon story of Indian economy.


About the Author

Prof. Jaimine Vaishnav is an anarcho-capitalist based in Mumbai, India. His hobbies are about defending the liberties of all his dissents without charging any fee at the cost of nobody.

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